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Choosing The Correct Hair Extension Length

Hair being combed

Hair extensions are the perfect choice for adding a little bit of glamour, volume and density to your natural hair. But when you’ve never had them before, it can be difficult to know which length will work best alongside your natural locks. Don’t worry, our dedicated team of hair experts at Additional Lengths have put together this useful guide to make it super easy to find the perfect hair extensions length for your hair. From how to measure your natural hair, to which types of extensions will work best for you, we’ve got all bases covered to make choosing your extensions a breeze!

Do hair extensions come in different lengths?

Hair extensions lengths do vary and the lengths they’re available in is dependent on the type that you choose.  Not all hair extension lengths are suitable for every hair type, as applying too much length and weight to your natural hair could ultimately result in problems further down the line including head strain and hair loss further. That’s why it’s always important to choose a hair extension length that your natural hair can manage. Hair extensions are available in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 or 30 inches, but again, not all types of extensions are available in all lengths.

Which lengths of hair extensions do I need?

It’s important to refrain from wearing hair extensions that are significantly longer than your own hair length and as a general rule, any extensions you choose should be no more than 3-4” longer than your natural hair length. Although there are hair extensions that are suited to shorter hair, having a natural hair length of 4-5” is also advisable in order to create a seamless blend.

How to choose the correct length of hair extensions

Before you choose your hair extensions length, it’s important to correctly measure the length of your natural hair. For this, all you’ll need is a measuring tape. Measure your hair length from the top of your head from your natural parting to the ends of your hair. Record the length of your hair in inches (you’ll need to know this later when you’re choosing your hair extensions). As an example, if your hair length is 16”, we’d recommend that you choose hair extensions in either 18 or 20”, since they would be no more than 4” longer than your natural hair. If you want to apply a longer length than the recommended measurements, always speak to a stylist or book a consultation so they can determine whether your natural hair would be able to sustain the extra length. We’d also recommend buying an extra pack of extensions if you’re aiming for a longer length, for a more natural look.

How to correctly identify the length of your own hair

Just to break it down even further for you, here’s a quick guide into how to identify roughly where your natural hair should sit if it’s a certain length. This should also help you to determine the right length of extensions most suitable for your hair type;-

  • 6” hair length: A bob
Woman with a bob hair cut

If your hair measures 6”, you’re probably sporting a bob (depending on how straight or curly your hair is). With this length, extensions that measure no more than 10” would be perfect for your hair and because your natural length is more than 5”, you’ve got the perfect length to create a seamless blend. Hair extensions tailored to short hair, such as our pre-bonded Remi Cachet Elegance Micro Tapes would be a great choice for your hair.

  • 10” hair length: A transitional cut
Close up of woman with short hair

A 10” hair length is somewhere between short and medium. Your hair should lie around the nape of your neck and is probably long enough to pull into a ponytail. The perfect pairing to 12” and 14” extensions depending on your preference, many of our pre-bonded hair extensions are available in 12” lengths including our brand new, Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips. There’s also the option to choose a Remi Cachet Elegance full flat weft, available in base, mixed and ombre colours.

  • 12” hair length: Slightly longer than shoulder length
Just past the shoulder hair cut

12” hair is the perfect match for hair extensions up to 16” in length. Your natural hair should be a bit longer than shoulder length, either touching your shoulders or brushing the tops of your shoulder blades. Most of our pre-bonded hair extensions come in 16” lengths including our best-selling Remi Cachet Elegance Mini Tips®, which are installed into your natural hair using our Remi Cachet Mini Locks® for a seamless, natural blend. With the correct aftercare, the hair can be reused again and again, for a lifespan of 12+ months. 

  • 16” hair length: Mid-back length hair

16” hair naturally sits in the centre of your shoulder blades and can take up a 20” hair extension length.

20” hair extensions would sit around the waistline (as seen in the photos above).  Again most of our pre-bonded hair extensions are available at 20” lengths, or you may prefer an Elegance full flat weft, half weft or super weft. Wefts are attached to the natural hair via a track made from rings, with the hair being passed through small rings in the weft by a loop wand to secure it to the natural hair. As they lay perfectly flat to the head, they’re easy to cover for a seamless finish and can be reused, if cared for correctly. Most clip-in extensions would also be easily concealed in 16” hair, for a more temporary look.

  • 20”+ hair: Long Hair

If you have 20”+ hair, then you officially fall into the long hair category and will probably be looking for at least 24” hair extensions, for stunning, long-flowing locks! Most of our hair extensions, both temporary and permanent, are available in 24” lengths, in a range of base, ombre and mixed colours. If you’re searching for princess-inspired locks, our 30” Luxury hair weft could be the perfect step towards your dream hair! 

Choosing the correct hair extension lengths

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of how to measure and choose the correct hair extension lengths for your hair. If you’re unsure of which type of hair extension to choose, there’s lots of advice on our blog to help you make the right decision for your hair. If in doubt, we’d always recommend booking a consultation with an experienced stylist who can help you choose the correct length and weight of your hair extensions and the correct methods of aftercare,  ensuring you get the most out of your new hair. Once you’ve had your hair extensions fitted, don’t forget to show us your gorgeous new Remi Cachet hair by tagging us @additional_lengths for your chance to be featured on our page!

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What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair?

Woman having a hair extension consultation

If you’ve been fantasising about full, flowing locks, hair extensions can definitely help you achieve your dream hair! A great solution for fine or thin hair, extensions can give you the volume and length you’ve always dreamed of, for a natural and enviable look. But just what are the best hair extensions for fine hair? In this guide, we offer our advice on the best choices to make to get Rapunzel style hair even if your hair’s on the thinner side, and the ones to avoid to prevent your natural hair from damage.

What are the best extensions for thin hair?

When choosing the best hair extensions for thin hair, you need to consider two main factors, weight and how well your natural hair can conceal them. Your hair extension technician will advise you on the best choice for your hair type during your consultation appointment but as a general rule of thumb, avoid weighty extensions as this will add stress and tension to your natural hair which could result in hair loss. We’ve rounded up the best types of hair extensions for fine hair, to give you an insight into what could work most successfully for your hair.

Tape hair extensions

Tape extensions are the best type for fine hair. Their flat bond offers a natural look that is easily blended in even the thinnest of hairs. Wefts are sandwiched between the natural hair and are secured in place with polyurethane tape secured close to the root. Easy and quick to apply and remove (the application process takes roughly 30-90 minutes), they are semi-permanent and last up to six weeks. Tape-in extensions can also be reused for up to eight weeks after the first application when a new tape is added. With even distribution across the head and no stress being placed on individual strands, they are thin and lightweight and don’t damage the hair. For very fine hair, the sandwiching method of application can even be adapted to bond a single weft in place with a piece of tape rather than with a second weft, to reduce the weight and thickness of each piece.

Things to consider: tape-in hair extensions need 48 hours for the tape to cure after application, so you should avoid bathing, showering or any exercise that would cause you to sweat during this time. Oil-based products can cause tapes to slip and if you’re a keen swimmer, it’s worth bearing in mind that tapes can weaken from the chemicals used in the pool.

Micro tape extensions

As an additional option to tape-in extensions, micro tape extensions are a great option for thin hair, if you want to add volume to a shorter style. The same rules apply to micro tapes as tape-ins, but coming in 10” lengths, with a 2cm width tab top, they’re perfect for adding extra thickness to a bob or any other short cut.

Remi Cachet Elegance Pro Tips®

Elegance Pro Tips® are part of the Ultra Tip® range but have been developed to be smaller and more discreet. Pro Tips® are joined to the hair with Remi Cachet Ultra Locks® which are a type of micro ring specially designed to take this type of extension. Fitted by threading natural hair through the Ultra Lock®, the Pro Tip® is then added and clamped into place, giving a secure and discreet bond. Because the extensions are lightweight, they don’t add strain to fine hair and their fan tips lie flat to the head, making it easy to conceal them under the natural hair. If correctly fitted and removed, Pro Tips® shouldn’t damage the natural hair and when cared for correctly with maintenance checks and fittings, should last over 12 months. Available in a multitude of colours and in both 16” and 20” lengths.

Nano Tips

Nano Tips are another great option for fine hair because nano rings are roughly 90% smaller than most micro-rings making them discreet and seamless and very easy to blend with natural hair. Installed in the same way as Pro Tips®, the natural hair is threaded through the nano ring, before the unique tip of the Elegance Nano Tip extension is threaded through and clamped into place. Most nano tip extensions should last around 6-9 months but can slip if your hair is too soft or oily (Elegance Nano Tips by Remi Cachet, can last over 12 months with the correct aftercare, making them one of the best options of Nano Tip on the market). As they’re thin and lightweight, they don’t add too much weight or strain to the hairline making them a good pick for naturally finer hair.

Things to consider: you may read that micro rings can cause damage to finer hair, but this will only happen if they are improperly fitted. Your hair technician will know how much weight your hair can handle, so it’s important to get a consultation appointment first. Some micro ring extensions may be too wide or heavy for your hair to conceal, but as Pro Tips® and nano tips are quite discreet, they’re a safe bet if properly fitted and cared for.

What are the best hair extensions to avoid with fine hair?

As a general rule, any hair extensions that put unnecessary strain and weight on your head and hairline should be avoided if you have fine or thin hair. Your hair technician will be able to properly advise you on the best course to take when it comes to your extensions, so always seek professional advice before your first application or if you’re having problems whilst wearing them. Here’s a quick round-up of some types of extensions which can generally be difficult for those with fine hair to wear:

Clip-in extensions

Although they’re semi-permanent, unnecessary pulling and tugging on the hair can make clip-ins a bad choice for those with fine hair as the clips can be difficult to conceal under your own locks.

Hot fusion hair extensions

A tried and tested traditional method for adding hair extensions to hair, extension hair is bonded to the natural hair using a heat tool and glue. Whilst modern extensions use keratin which dries clear and looks natural, the process of removing fusion hair extensions is incredibly intricate and sometimes requires pliers. If not removed correctly by a professional this method could cause damage and breakages to finer hair.

With correct fitting, care and aftercare, hair extensions can be a great option for anyone looking for a hair boost, regardless of their hair type. Whichever option you prefer, be sure to book a consultation appointment before your fitting, to make sure your choice is the right one for your hair. 

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What Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

Woman with long hair

Nano tip hair extensions are one of the most popular choices of hair extension on the market today. Attached to the hair using nano rings, they create a discreet bond that blends seamlessly with natural hair, making them a great choice for those with thin or fine hair. But just what are nano tip hair extensions? At Additional Lengths, we’re here to answer all of your nano tip related questions so you can decide whether nano tip hair extensions are the perfect choice for your hair. 

What are nano tip hair extensions?

Nano tip hair extensions are small wefts of pre-bonded hair that are attached to the client’s natural hair using nano rings which are 90% smaller than most micro rings, making for a seamless bond. Nano tip hair extensions don’t require any heat in their attachment, the natural hair is simply threaded through a nano ring at the tip of the nano extension before being clamped into place. This application method reduces the risk of damage to natural hair, making it a popular extension choice. Nano tip hair extensions are thin and lightweight, adding little stress or strain to the natural hairline and making them a perfect pick for thin or fine hair.

How long do nano hair extensions last?

With the correct aftercare, as a general rule of thumb, nano tip hair extensions should last around 6-9 months in your hair. At Additional Lengths, however, our Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips have been developed to last even longer! Created as part of our Elegance Hair range, from high-quality Russian and Mongolian hair, with the correct aftercare and maintenance, our Elegance Nano Tips should last up to 12 months. 

What are Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips?

Nano tip hair extensions are usually fitted with a silicone, plastic or metal tip which means the bond can often be seen against the natural hair. Often fiddly to fit, the constant bending of the tip during fitting can result in the tip breaking during normal wear. With our Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips, however, their unique, design-protected tip is made from a twisted thread that is coated in adhesive for a much stronger and more durable bond that is built to last. Much easier for the stylist to fit too, the twisted tip can also be trimmed down to a smaller size if desired, whilst its design also aids the grip of the nano rings for a more secure fit that is less prone to slippage.  Giving a completely seamless blend, the thread tip is colour matched to the extension hair for a perfectly natural look. Available as part of our Elegance Hair collection, in over 50 shades and four lengths ranging from 12 to 24 inches, they’re the perfect choice for completely transforming your look, whatever your colour shade or hair type.

Are nano tip hair extensions good for fine hair?

Nano tip hair extensions are a great choice for fine hair when fitted properly by an experienced hairstylist. Always book a consultation appointment first before choosing any type of hair extension, as your stylist will be able to colour match your hair perfectly and will help you determine how heavy your extensions should be and how much weight your hairline can handle. When correctly fitted, the uniquely twisted tips of our Elegance nano tips are incredibly discreet and make for a completely seamless finish in even the finest of hair.

What are the pros and cons of nano tip hair extensions?

So now you know what nano tip hair extensions are, it’s time to look at the pros and cons of this hair extension method, to see whether or not these are the right extensions for you and your hair.

Pros of nano tip hair extensions

  • Nano tip hair extensions are small, discreet and easy to fit. 
  • Perfect for fine hair, after a proper first consultation to determine the amount of weight your natural hair can carry, your nano tip hair extensions shouldn’t add any stress or strain to your hairline after your fitting. Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips fitted with nano rings, create the most seamless bond and are ultra-discreet in fine hair
  • No heat application method makes for minimal damage to hair when fitted by a proper extension stylist
  • Long wear time; with the right aftercare and maintenance appointments your Elegance Nano Tips will last up to 12 months
  • Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips are strong and durable and create a long-lasting bond in your hair

Cons of Nano Tip Hair Extensions

  • All Nano tip hair extensions require regular maintenance appointments to refit bonds and to check on the overall health of the hair. However, this con isn’t specific to nano tip hair extensions, as all types of permanent hair extension require maintenance. To ensure the longevity of your extensions, it’s really important to stick to the aftercare advice from your stylist and attend your re-fitting appointments.
  • Avoid applying oil-based products to the roots of your hair when wearing nano tip hair extensions, as these can cause the bonds to slip. Even though our Elegance Nano Tips make for a stronger bond, it’s still important to follow this advice to preserve the longevity of your extensions.

Why should I choose nano tip hair extensions?

Nano tip hair extensions are a great type of permanent extension to choose to ensure flawless, natural-looking hair. Seamless bonds that are fitted easily and cause little to no damage to the natural hair, they’re very easy to maintain as long as you stick to your aftercare plan and regular fitting appointments. Our Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips provide extra security that you can rely on, giving you a strong, long-lasting bond that’s barely visible in your hair. Available in a wide range of colours, weights and lengths explore the full Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tip range now, and start planning your enviable hair transformation today!

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What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

two women looking at extensions

If you’ve been thinking about hair extensions but you’re not sure where to start, tape in hair extensions could be the perfect choice for you. Quick to install, they give instant volume and length to your natural hair, for a flawless, natural finish. But just what exactly are tape in hair extensions and how do they differ from other types on the market? At Additional Lengths, we always want you to be able to make the best choices for your hair, that’s why we’ve pulled together this guide containing everything you need to know about tape in hair extensions, from the pros and cons, through to application and aftercare. 

What are tape-in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions is a semi-permanent hair extension method that usually lasts around 6-8 weeks before needing adjustments. More permanent and less bulky than clip in extensions, they are favoured for their quick and easy application time and for their natural-looking finish. Applied close to the root with tape, small amounts of natural hair are sandwiched in between small wefts creating a flat, natural finish and an instant, strong bond. A great choice for thick locks and everyday styling, they are also a perfect choice for fine hair, as each flat weft can be easily concealed by the natural hair. For those with finer hair, you can apply one taped weft and secure with a single sided tape.

Tape in hair extensions by Remi cachet

How long do tape in hair extensions last?

From your first fitting, you can expect your tape in hair extensions to last for up to eight weeks before they’ll need adjusting and refitting. If you’re someone that’s been thinking about getting extensions but are worried about how well you will be able to look after them, the great thing about tape ins is that they aren’t a long term commitment so are a great way to test the water! And the great news is that if you do love them and look after them correctly your extension hair can easily be reused if it’s removed professionally and re-taped with fresh tape.

The full lifespan of your tape-in hair extensions, with refitting and adjusting included, is determined by which extensions you choose and how well you commit to the aftercare process. Our Remi Cachet Elegance Injection Tape® Hair, available in over 50 colours and in 3 lengths, can last over 12 months with the correct aftercare, proving that if you stick to recommended aftercare and maintenance appointments, your extensions will be worth every penny!

How are tape-in hair extensions applied?

Tape in hair extensions are applied close to the root, where a thin section of natural hair is sandwiched between the extension wefts and secured in place with tape hair pliers. The whole application process can last as little as 30 minutes to 90 minutes and is dependent on how many wefts you are having attached to your hair. Quick and easy with no heat required, there’s a very low risk of damage to your natural hair, provided that you get your tape in extensions installed and removed professionally. Professional application also plays a crucial part in achieving a natural-looking finish, as correct tape placement ensures that your extensions will lie flat to your head. Always book a full consultation appointment to determine the right extension colour, weight and application method, with any choice of extension.

How are tape in hair extensions removed?

Removing tape in hair extensions is a really simple procedure when carried out by an experienced technician. The technician will rub specialist solvent tape remover into the taped bonds of the extensions to dissolve the glue, making for easy removal without causing damage to the natural hair. Extensions will be removed row by row and any residue left on the natural hair will be brushed or shampooed away. If they’ve been correctly cared for, the tape-in extensions can then be cleaned and re-taped with new tape, ready for their next application.

How do I look after my tape in hair extensions?

If you want your tape in hair extensions to stay in the best condition possible, it’s really important that you follow the recommended aftercare. From the best products to use and things to avoid, your stylist will be on hand to advise you of the best way to correctly care for your extensions, but it is also your responsibility to ensure that these procedures are put in place and that you attend all of your follow-up maintenance appointments. Here are some top tips to help you best care for your tape in hair extensions:-

  • After application, your tape in hair extensions will need to be kept dry for at least 48 hours to give their tape time to cure. Bathing, showering or any strenuous exercise that may cause you to sweat should be avoided during this time to prevent the bonds from weakening, potentially causing the extensions to slip. 
  • Always wash your tape-in extensions whilst in an upright position with specialist extension shampoo and conditioner and avoid using conditioner on the tape. Avoid daily washing and aim to wash no more than three times a week.
  • Tape-in hair extensions should never be brushed when wet. Always blow-dry first on a slightly cooler setting, then hold the hair at the root and use a hair-extension brush to brush through your extensions to prevent any unnecessary pulling.
  • Avoid applying straightening irons directly to the taped in bonds as heat may damage the tape and cause your extensions to move or slip out. Use a heat protector to prevent your extension hair from splitting.
  • Avoid using oil-based products on the bonds as this too can cause slippage.
  • Never sleep on wet hair extensions, always dry before going to bed.

What are the pros and cons of tape in hair extensions?

So now you know exactly what tape in hair extensions are, how they are applied and how to care for them, we thought we’d summarise our guide with some handy pros and cons so that hopefully you can decide whether or not these extensions are the right choice for your hair.


  • Quick and easy application method of 30-90 minutes without any need for heat
  • Semi-permanent extensions last up to 8 weeks before needing adjustments
  • Wefts lay completely flat to the head for a natural look that works great in both thick and thin hair
  • Can be reused multiple times if removed correctly and re-applied with new tape
  • Application method that won’t damage natural hair
  • Easy to remove.


  • No bathing, showering or strenuous exercise for the first 48 hours to prevent bonds from slipping whilst tape cures
  • Everyday washing could damage bonds; aim to wash your extensions no more than three times a week
  • Semi-permanent means your extensions will need adjusting every 6-8 weeks
  • Not a great choice for swimmers as the chemicals in the pool could weaken the polyurethane bonds
  • Avoid conditioner, serum and oil-based products coming into contact with the tapes as your extensions may slip over time

To find your perfect colour, length and style, browse our full range of tape in hair extensions today, then read our guide on booking your first consultation appointment for more information on your fitting and to find a professional stylist near you.

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What Are Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions?

pre bonded hair extensions taped together

If you’ve ever had or are thinking about getting hair extensions for the first time, you’ve probably come across the term pre-bonded hair extensions before. But do a little bit of research into what the term means and you’ll find that there are lots of differing opinions as to what they are and how they are applied to your hair. At Additional Lengths we want to clear up the confusion, so we’ve put together this definitive guide to pre-bonded hair extensions detailing what they are, their methods of application and how long you should expect them to last.

Pre-bonded hair extensions: method or extension?

The confusion starts as to whether pre-bonded refers to the hair extension itself, or the application method. Traditionally, extension hair was sourced in raw form and had to be pre-bonded to a client’s natural hair using the hot fusion glue method, where hair is bonded close to the root with a heat tool. This is why some salons still refer to the fusion method as pre-bonded. Flat-tip hair extensions can be pre-bonded ready for application and since they are also applied using hot fusion; when some salons talk about pre-bonded hair extensions, this is what they are referring to.

At Additional Lengths, pre-bonded hair extensions refer to the actual extensions themselves. Our pre-bonded Remi-Cachet hair extensions are pre-tipped with at the top of each of the hair sections, easily fitted to natural hair using either micro-rings or glue. So even though flat-tips are part of this group, there are many other pre-bonded hair extensions that don’t require glue.

How are pre-bonded hair extensions applied?

The question of how to apply pre-bonded hair extensions depends on the option that you choose. Here we’ll discuss each type in turn to give you a much better understanding, so if you’re considering pre-bonded, you can make the choice that’s right for your hair.

Ultra Tips®

The most popular choice of pre-bonded hair extension available at Additional Lengths, Ultra Tips® are attached to the hair using Remi Cachet Ultra Locks®, a type of oval micro-ring that is fed through the natural hair and clamped over the extension to hold it securely in place. Because of its oval shape and the shape of the extension tip, Ultra Tips® lay flat to the head giving full coverage and a completely natural look. 

Two types of Ultra Tip® are available at Additional Lengths, Elegance Ultra Tips® which come in four lengths and the smaller and lighter Elegance Pro Tips® which come in two lengths and give a slightly more subtle finish. Both are available in a multitude of colours and are made from high-quality Russian Mongolian Elegance hair which is double-drawn giving equal hair distribution from root to tip. Ultra Tips® are a great choice of extension because when cared for properly, they can be reused again and again without the need for re-tipping.

Mini Tips®

Another of our popular pre-bonded hair extensions, Mini Tips® are favoured for their slim appearance and blendable qualities that give a beautiful, natural finish. Made from double-drawn, Russian and Mongolian Remy hair, they are soft, beautiful and stay tangle-free. Available in four lengths and in a range of base, mixed and ombre colours they are attached in a similar way to Ultra Tips®, using Remi Cachet Mini Locks®, which are designed to hold the hair securely without causing damage. As a result, the hair can be reused but may need to be retipped occasionally, depending on wear and tear. 

Nano Tips

Nano Tips are also attached using Nano Rings which have been specifically designed to create a tiny, subtle bond in natural hair. Made from ethically sourced, luxury Chinese hair, they should last up to 6-9 months with proper care. 

Nail Tips and Flat Tips

Nail Tips and Flat Tips are pre-bonded hair extensions that require glue and the hot fusion method. Their names are derived from the shape of their bonds; Nail Tips because they look like a false nail and Flat Tips because they’re flat! Much like the Ultra Tips® and Mini-Tips®, our Flat Tips are made from Russian and Mongolian Elegance hair for beautiful quality and come in a range of shades and in base, mixed and ombre colours. 

The bonds are dipped with Italian Keratin for strength and subtlety and should last up to twelve months with proper care and when removed with carefully formulated Remi Cachet remover to prevent damage. Our Luxury Nail Tips are also bonded with Italian Keratin, so require the same application and removal as our Flat Tips. Made from ethically sourced Chinese hair, with proper aftercare they can last from 6-9 months. 

How are pre-bonded hair extensions removed?

Pre-bonded hair extensions that are attached with micro rings are easily removed without causing any damage to the hair. A simple squeeze to each ring loosens it and allows the pre-bonded extension to be freed without damage, allowing the hair pieces to be used again and again. In the case of Nail-Tips and Flat-Tips attached with glue, the Keratin needs to be carefully removed with pliers and the correct remover. This can be a lengthy and difficult process, but Remi-Cachet hair can be re-tipped for multiple uses.

How long do pre-bonded hair extensions last?

The length of time that your pre-bonded hair extensions last really depends on the option of extensions you go for and how well you take care of them. It is also worth noting here that your bonds may not last as long as your extension hair, making maintenance appointments for retipping and repositioning a vital part of the aftercare process. Remember to take advantage of all of your hair extension maintenance appointments so that your technician can provide you with the best aftercare advice throughout, to achieve the maximum lifespan for your extensions.

Ultra Tips® and Mini Tips® should last over twelve months with the correct aftercare, whereas Nano Tips can last up to a year. With Flat Tips and Nail Tips, you should expect the tip to last around 6-9 months, due to re-tipping and the intricate and lengthy removal process. Visit our aftercare guide to learn more about how to protect and care for your pre-bonded hair extensions and visit our guide on how to prevent your hair extensions from damage for more handy tips and advice.

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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Back of hair in a gown

Do a quick internet search, and you’ll discover hundreds of unsettling stories regarding the damaging effects of wearing hair extensions. However, the harsh reality is that the damage that comes from hair extensions often results from improper fitting and poor aftercare. 

At Additional Lengths, we’re passionate about hair extensions, so we’ve decided it’s time to bust the myths surrounding their unfair press. 

Do hair extensions ruin your hair?

If you choose the correct hair extensions for your hair type, have them professionally fitted by a trained technician and take good care of them, your hair extensions won’t damage your hair. 

Hair extensions get a bad reputation because they were low in both quality and style options when they were first made available. Attached to poorly designed clips that pulled on the hairline and caused strain to the scalp, it was visibly noticeable when someone was wearing them. Nowadays, there are so many excellent options of hair extensions available that are high-quality and discreet, which is why they’re such a popular choice. 

Choose a trustworthy technician right from the start to guarantee perfect and seamless extensions. They’ll also be able to offer great advice and guidance before, during and after their application. 

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

The majority of hair extensions are attached to (or close to) the root of your natural hair, either by tape, glued bonds, wefts or micro rings. Anything attached to your hair root that causes constant tugging of the scalp or root tension can result in hair loss. Excessive strain on your hair follicles can cause them damage, but this isn’t caused by wearing hair extensions alone. 

No, hair loss from hair extensions usually results from improper fitting, where they’ve fitted too tightly, to the wrong hair type or were too heavy. Always choose a professionally trained technician and get a full consultation from them before having your extensions fitted; that way, you should never experience any unnecessary hair loss.

Do hair extensions damage your hair? Other myths busted!

We’ve picked some of the most common misconceptions associated with hair extension damage and given you our honest answers to put these myths to bed so that you can wear your extensions without any worries!

Will my hair extensions tangle?

Hair with extra thickness needs extra care and should be treated in the same way as normal hair. Hair extensions will only tangle if they’re not properly cared for, so dedicate some of your time to a brushing routine, using proper tools such as a good hair extension paddle brush or waving comb. Never go to bed with wet hair and always brush properly after washing and drying.

Are hair extensions safe?

We’ve already mentioned this, but research is key here. Finding a good hair extension technician who will provide you with good advice and aftercare will keep your hair and extensions damage-free – it’s as simple as that!

Will I get headaches?

A common misconception with hair extensions is that they cause headaches, but again, this comes down to improper fitting. You should only get headaches if your extensions are fitted too tightly or you’re wearing too heavy a weight for your natural hair. A fully trained professional will weigh and measure your extensions during your fitting so that when you’re wearing them, they should be unnoticeable and feel normal.  

Will other people be able to tell that I’m wearing extensions?

If fitted correctly, your hair extensions should be so seamless that no-one will ever know you’re wearing them. Your technician will get to know your hair and its requirements in your first consultation appointment and will advise you on the best extension for your hair type from there. 

Your new hair will be properly colour matched and applied following your hair’s natural pattern for a flawless fit. Even though some extensions require a track, they shouldn’t be visible if they’re fitted properly. Technicians will fit these to the bottom half of the scalp, also known as the safe zone (the area level and below your eyebrows), leaving enough hair above to cover tracks, beads or rings. 

How can I prevent my hair from damage when wearing my extensions?

If you’ve taken the plunge and have already had your hair extensions fitted, the best way to ensure that they don’t damage your natural hair is to give them some TLC. Hair extensions don’t come cheap, so if you want them to last a long time, you need to invest in some good aftercare. Here are our top tips to prevent damage:

Keep on top of your maintenance appointments

Just like you wouldn’t miss a health check, your hair extension maintenance appointments are an essential way to protect your hair from damage. Your stylist will check the health of your extensions, scalp and for signs of pulling, matting or tangling. They’ll also check on your normal hair to see how much it’s growing and if you’d benefit from an uplift, where the extensions are re-lifted back to their original positions.

Wash your extensions correctly

After your fitting, your stylist will recommend the best products to keep your extensions at their best, and it’s important you follow this advice to protect the health of your natural hair too. Use a special extension shampoo on your head and roots and a recommended conditioner on the middle and ends of your extensions for best results. Washing in the shower can prevent tangling, as the water follows the natural flow of your hair. Always avoid washing your extensions over the side of the bath, as this can result in severe tangling which may be difficult to brush out.

Take care when brushing

Failing to brush your hair correctly is one of the biggest causes of damage to hair with extensions. Pulling and tugging the hair can hurt the scalp and roots and cause your extensions to slip, tangle or come out completely. Use a proper hair extension brush or comb and gently brush through your hair, working from the bottom sections to the top.

Always dry your hair after washing

Always dry your hair after washing and never go to bed with damp or wet hair when wearing extensions. Hair is particularly fragile when wet and can easily snap or tangle when you’re moving around in bed, so always brush and dry your extensions before a good night’s sleep!

Which extensions do not damage hair?

Answer: all of them! The hair extensions that won’t damage your hair are the ones that are best suited to your hair type, properly fitted and looked after with the recommended aftercare. If in doubt, always book a consultation with a qualified technician for the best advice and ultimately the best way to protect your hair from damages.

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How long do hair extensions last?

If you’re dreaming of flowing waist-length locks, beachy summer waves, or a sleek, long ponytail, then hair extensions can give you the transformation you’re looking for. Hair extensions instantly uplift fine hair, providing you with healthy-looking longer lengths that offer you so much more scope for hair experimentation. 

When making such a hair change, it’s important to consider the aftercare process, and ultimately what you’re getting for your money. Here at Additional Lengths, we stock a fabulous range of real hair extensions, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best results, as well as the right care for your hair. Whether it’s the first time you’ve considered hair extensions or you’re seeking advice after taking the plunge, we’re on hand to take you through how long hair extensions last,  as well as offering a handful of helpful hints and tips for maintaining your new head of hair.  

What types of hair extensions can you get? 

Temporary hair extensions 

Temporary methods such as clip-in pieces or wefts are where large pieces of hair are added for an instant transformation. Temporary methods are great if you’re looking for occasional wear, they are usually used by those who are happy with their own hair but just want a bit of enhancement for a night out or special occasion. 

How long do clip-in hair extensions last? 

Clip-in extensions are great as they can be clipped in and styled in minutes, then removed just as easily. They are probably the easiest to use, however, are the least permanent type of extension available. They come in wefts that have discrete clips attached to the base that can be simply attached to your natural roots. 

If you get regular use out of your clip-in hair extensions and take good care of them, they can last anywhere between 3-12 months. If you only wear your clip-in extensions for occasions or events, then that can last a very long time with good maintenance. 

How do you take care of clip-in hair extensions?

When it comes to caring for clip-in extensions, there’s a little bit to consider. Firstly, as they are not permanently attached to your head, you need to think about where to store them when not in use. Ensure they are hung or laid flat and are protected. After 5-7 wears depending on frequency, we recommend washing them with sulphate free natural products and applying hair serum or oil to lock in moisture. Be careful not to brush them out when wet; you must ensure they are dry then brush thoroughly with a hair extension brush, not doing so could cause damage and even breakage, meaning they wear out quicker. 

Semi-permanent hair extensions 

Semi-permanent hair extensions can include tape-in pieces that usually last around 6-8 weeks before a maintenance appointment is needed. These are smaller pieces of hair in comparison to clip-ins and are great if you’re looking for longer, thicker locks to style every day. 

How long do tape in hair extensions last? 

4-8 WEEKS (Between fittings)

Tape in hair extensions do exactly as the name suggests, they literally tape onto either side of your natural hair using adhesive weft tape. They are perfect for those looking for instant volume and a hair lengthening solution. They are a particularly popular choice as they don’t require heat to apply. 

They can last anywhere between 4-8 weeks between maintenance periods, depending on how often they are styled or how well they are cared for. A great option for a quick transformation as fitting can be very quick 

How to take care of tape in hair extensions 

When it comes to caring for tape in hair extensions is to remember never to comb or brush when wet. The trick is to dry well and then brush through with a hair extension brush. This will not only help them last longer, but they will sit more naturally in your hair. 

Permanent hair extensions 

Permanent hair extensions are strand-by-strand where many small attachments are added, such as micro rings or micro bonds. Permanent extensions are best for those who are disappointed with their fine hair and want that extra volume, and length on a day-to-day basis. 

How long do stick tip / Mini Tip hair extensions last? 


Also known as micro bead and micro loop hair extensions, these permanent hair extensions are applied by taking small sections of natural hair and attaching tiny tips of hair to it. The micro ring method is particularly popular as it is a reusable method; this means you can have the same hair refitted many times. No heat or glue is involved in this method. They can last anywhere between 2-4 months between maintenance appointments; nevertheless, you should get micro rings refitted when your stylist suggests depending on your hair type and natural growth rate.

How to care for micro ring/micro loop extensions? 

You can care for these hair extensions just as you would your natural hair, however, as they have been attached at the roots of it would be valuable to treat them with extra caution by opting for natural products. 

How long do flat tip hair extensions last?


Flat tip hair extensions sometimes referred to as fusion hair extensions, are attached to the root of your hair with a tool that has a similar appearance to a hot glue gun. This tool attaches hair to individual strands of your natural hair for a thicker, more full looking appearance. 

Depending on how well you treat your pre-bonded hair extensions, they can normally last up to 3 to 4 months between maintenance appointments. How you wash your hair or how often you style your new locks with heating tools can affect this. It’s also essential to you to think about the type of brush you use, as pre-bonded extensions are attached at the root of your natural hair – a  hair extension brush should help maintenance. 

How to take care of pre-bonded hair extensions

While your regular hair care routine and everyday shampoos and conditioners should provide the care, you need. You do need to get this type of hair extension repositioned every 3-4 months.  

How long do weave hair extensions last? 


Weft hair extensions are used for those who want thicker hair but can also be used for adding length – really quickly. There are loads of different ways that wefts can be installed from the traditional braids, to the more modern ring method. A ring is secured to your hair and the weft is sewn onto your hair using this track of rings.

Weave extensions are fairly permanent and can last between 6-8 weeks between maintenance appointments.  

How to take care of a weave 

It’s essential to maintain your new head of hair by moisturising your new hair with oils or serum at every wash to help keep your hair healthy. 

How do you prolong the life of hair extensions? 

Providing you’ve chosen good quality natural hair extensions, and you’ve followed the individual guidelines for each extension type above, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to caring for your hair. Washing, drying and styling extensions is very much similar to your natural hair. You should, however, consider no aggressive pulling when blow-drying and we would advise avoiding high ponytails that pull on the underside of the connection. Another tip to note is to avoid oiliness at the roots to prevent connections slipping, as well as using heat protection spray when using hot irons to style your hair. Always ask your stylist if you have any issues, as they are your chosen professional so they should be able to offer aftercare guidance or demonstrations. 

When should you remove hair extensions? 

Permanent hair extensions should never be left in for longer than 4 months. Always return to your salon to have them removed professionally to prevent damage to your natural hair. 

Where to buy natural hair extensions

Natural hair extensions are created to provide longer lengths that offer reliable volume and workable fullness. Here at Additional Lengths, we have developed luxury hair extension brand Remi Cachet to provide our customers and stylists with the best quality human hair extensions on the market. This incredible range has a style to suit every hair need, from pre-bonded hair extensions, versatile weft hair extensions, and tape extensions to convenient clip-in hair extensions. There’s a wide selection of shades and applications that effortlessly blend with your natural hair colour and style. With haircare products for use on hair extensions, we are on hand to not only keep your hair in the best condition but to ensure you can enjoy your longer, fuller lengths for longer.

Hair Tips Remi Cachet

Transform Your Look With Remi Cachet Ultra Tips Extensions

They’re back, and they’re better than ever!

If you’re a fan of the stunning real human hair extensions collection from Remi Cachet, we’ve got some good news for you. The award-winning Ultra Tips range is back, just in time for you to transform your looks, and your locks, for summer!

And not only that, in addition to the regular 16” and 20” human hair extensions, Ultra Tips are now available in a glorious 24” length. So, if you’re looking to create long, flowing beach babe tresses for the new season then look no further!

Never tried Ultra Tips? Here’s all you need to know…


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How do Ultra Tips extensions work?

Remi Cachet Elegance Ultra TipsⓇ are a re-usable human hair extension – this means there is no need to re-tip. Ultra Tips are unique in that they are fitted in place with the specially designed Remi Cachet Ultra Locks®. 

This method allows Remi Cachet Ultra Tips to be easily removed and refitted after your natural hair has grown: you can simply open the Ultra Locks and slide the extensions out. This means you can rotate and refit your Ultra Tips extensions without the need to replace them, and also ensures the same support hair is not always holding the extensions – leaving you with healthier hair. So, wonderful news for the maintenance of both your extensions and your natural hair!



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Why choose Ultra Tips extensions?

The tips of your hair extensions play a vital component in the overall look of your finished do – after all, this is how your extensions are attached, so it is important that they are completely secure and discreet. This is why Remi Cachet offers the Ultra Tips extensions range, with extra special care given to the hair extension tip to ensure a natural, luxurious look.

The tips of these professional hair extensions are designed to sit completely flat to the head, for a natural fit with no unsightly lumps or bumps. As an added bonus, Ultra Tips are positioned like a fan, with the hair dispersed in such a way to give maximum coverage and a flawless finish. Remi Cachet really does mean it when they say Ultra Flat, Ultra Light, Ultra Coverage!


From jet black to champagne blonde, there is an extensive range of shades and tones to choose from across the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips hair extensions collection, guaranteeing a seamless match to your existing hair. Whether you’re looking to create long, flowing locks or you want to give your hair a boost with some extra volume, explore the full Remi Cachet Ultra TipsⓇ collection at Additional Lengths to discover the perfect option for you.

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Hair Extensions For Beginners

With a new year often comes the urge to change up a few things in our lives to reflect the fresh start. It may involve hitting the gym, clearing out our bulging wardrobes, or dreaming of transforming our appearance with a new hairstyle. At Additional Lengths, we love the power hair extensions can have on completely reinventing your look. So if you’re considering hair extensions as part of your new year look, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide on hair extensions for beginners to help you choose the best type for you.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

We stock a fabulous range of hair extensions from leading brands such as Remi Cachet that offer temporary or more long term hair extension options to suit your preferences. A good place to start with when it comes to hair extensions for beginners is to familiarise yourself with the different types of extensions on the market, so you can hopefully find the right kind to suit your lifestyle and your hair.

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions: The perfect solution for those ladies looking for instant volume and length without the commitment! Securely attach the pieces of clip in hair extensions to transform your hair for a special occasion or for a bridal hairstyle, or as a cost-effective hair extensions option.
  • Tape Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension is ideal for those with fine hair. Easy to attach, tape hair extensions involve a strip of hair which is applied either side of a section of your own hair, with the adhering strip securing the hair near the root.
  • Weft Hair Extensions: Another more permanent hair extension type is weft hair extensions which involve a long section of hair which has been sewn into a weft strip that is then attached to your own hair by sewing, glueing or plaiting techniques. For a more natural finish, the weft can be cut into strips and applied where needed.
  • Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: Opt for pre-bonded hair extensions if you’re looking for a long term extension product to change up your look in 2019. Pre-bonded hair extensions can be safely applied to your hair in several different ways, including hot or cold fusion and micro-ring method, and can last up to a year with maintenance appointments. At Additional Lengths, we stock Flat Tips, Stick Tips, Nail Tips and micro ring hair extensions, like Remi Cachet Ultra Tips® and Mini Tips® hair extensions.

What are hair extensions made from?

Naturally, there are pros and cons of the various kinds of hair extensions and what they are made from. Synthetic hair extensions are a cheaper material, but you’re limited with styling as applying heat to synthetic hair extensions may result in damage. Human hair extensions and Remy hair extensions are a more costly but worthwhile option.

So, what is Remy hair?

Remy hair is human hair and it’s a popular hair extension choice for those looking for a natural look with their hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are smooth and less prone to tangling because the cuticles of the hair remain and they flow in the same direction from root to tip. Another benefit of human hair extensions is that they are easy to blend with your own hair due to the natural texture they provide. Human hair extensions are also great for those who love using heated stylers such as straighteners and curling wands, with the styles being easily washed out without damaging the hair.

Key points to consider:

  • Choose the right hair extensions for your needs: Whether you’re looking for something temporary for your dream bridal hair, or an everyday look you can rely on, you’ll need to consider either clip in hair extensions or permanent hair extensions accordingly. Consider the maintenance (cost and time) required with more permanent types of hair extensions, and what you’d prefer your new locks to be made from to get the best results.
  • Style of extensions: This is where you determine the length and thickness of the human hair extensions to suit your personal style.
  • Colour match: How to colour match hair extensions will depend on the different shades in your natural hair, as many of us have highlights or balayage to consider. Colour matching is the key to blending hair extensions seamlessly, with no giveaway differences in hair shades, so that it looks natural.
  • Maintenance: No matter the type of hair extensions, they are an investment and should be looked after so that they remain in top condition. Be sure to take the time to wash them with appropriate hair care products and take note of your hair extensions aftercare guide.

If you’re considering clip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions or weft extensions, be sure to take a look at our Additional Lengths Instagram page for beautiful hair inspiration.

For more info, take a look at our Hair Extensions FAQ post, or get in touch with the Additional Lengths hair extension experts for friendly advice on where to get started!

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How To Buy The Right Hair Extensions For You Online

If you’ve always dreamt of having luxuriously long hair, or would like to thicken up your fine locks, then hair extensions may be the right solution for your needs! There are so many benefits to discover when opting for hair extensions, from a transformation in physical appearance to an infinite confidence boost, making it a special investment should you choose to go ahead. At Additional Lengths we stock a fabulous range of hair extensions and we’re on hand with this guide on how to buy the right hair extensions for you online to make sure you’re getting the best product for you.

Which hair extensions should I buy?

If you’re a beginner in the world of hair extensions, we understand that it can be overwhelming learning about the various types of hair extensions available, and knowing which to buy. Before committing to buying your hair extensions, you should be asking yourself some key questions about what you’d like them to do for you. Would you like them to be a temporary look, or a more permanent addition to your hair? Having an idea of what you’d like to get out of your new hair extensions, as well as having a budget in mind, will certainly guide you to making the right choice when it comes to buying hair extensions online.

Temporary hair extensions

If you’d like an instant length and volume boost for a special occasion, but don’t want the commitment of sewn in or bonded hair pieces, then clip in hair extensions can be a great option. Easy to secure and remove yourself, clip in hair extensions can work well for ladies wanting a quick hair transformation for one night only! Our range of clip in hair extensions features so many different styles for you to choose from, including the Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe set of 100% high quality human hair in three pieces which can be attached to the hair with no damage. Designed to give you instantaneous results, you can get thick and luxurious hair in minutes!

Longer lasting, more permanent hair extensions

Those who are dedicated to the longer hair life and would like a more permanent hair look, then pre bonded or weft hair extensions may be for you. Applied close to the root using hot or cold fusion techniques; or micro rings or silicone locks, or sewn in if using weft extensions; this type of hair extensions requires a lot more commitment than clip ins. If purchasing your pre bonded hair extensions online, you can select your hair colour and application type before taking them to a stylist to install for you.

Considering the cost

Hair extensions can be an expensive investment, but one that is worthwhile to get the best quality hair. Weft hair extensions and pre bonded hair extensions have a higher cost than the clip in hair extensions, the reasons being include the amount of time it takes for a stylist to install the hair plus the quality. Don’t forget to invest in the correct aftercare products to keep your hair regime pristine.

Time for maintenance appointments

It goes without saying that you want your hair to remain looking its best! With pre bonded hair extensions, the extensions will need to be refitted at least every 3 months by a professional stylist to keep up with the hair regrowth, so take this into consideration if you’re thinking of going for this type of hair extensions.

What are the best hair extensions?

The best hair extensions for you will all depend on your hair type and what you’re wanting from your new extensions. There may be instances where a certain hair extension product may not be best with your natural hair type and scalp condition, which may prevent you from opting for pre bonded hair extensions. Opt for a consultation with a professional extensionist to go through your options.

The difference between remi hair and synthetic extensions

When looking to buy hair extensions online, you may see remi hair and synthetic hair options, but what is the difference between the two hair types? Remi hair is human hair which has come from ethical sources and provides the natural looking movement and shine of natural hair. The processing technique that happens to get the hair looking beautiful is also related to the end result of the high quality and strength of the hair. Nowadays, synthetic hair can look incredibly natural and takes little effort to style as synthetic hair extensions often come pre-styled in a wave, curl or a straight style. Only special heat-friendly types of synthetic extensions can be styled with heated hair tools, whereas straighteners and curling wands can be used whenever you like on remi hair!

How do I colour match my hair extensions?

When buying hair extensions online, you will need to colour match by referring to a colour chart which is a dedicated page with images of the hair shades available for each hair extension product. With Additional Lengths, you’re able to narrow down the hair colours by base and mixed colours, plus blends such as ombre, dip dye and root stretch colours. If you’re considering having pre bonded hair extensions fitted, a stylist will conduct an informal consultation with you prior to your appointment where they will assess your current hair and ensure a good colour match. This is an important step to get wonderful, natural looking hair extensions that is well blended with your own hair for a beautiful finish!

At Additional Lengths we understand that buying hair extensions, especially pre bonded hair extensions which is a long lasting option, can be a major investment and that you’re bound to have plenty of questions. If you’re still unsure about choosing the right hair extensions for you, take our fun interactive quiz to get an idea of which hair extension method may be right for you and your current hair!

We’ve also put together a helpful hair extensions FAQ blog post which contains even more valuable answers to any hair extensions question you may have. Feel free to get in touch with us for further advice!