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The Best Photos For A Hair Extensions Colour Match

Hair Extension colours

In order to achieve a flawless, natural-looking finish with your hair extensions, it’s important to get an accurate hair extensions colour match. If you’re finding it difficult to book a colour match consultation, don’t worry! As part of our service at Additional Lengths, we give our clients the opportunity to send photos to us, so our experienced hair extension specialists can assess your hair colour and advise you on the perfect colour match for your hair. In this handy guide, we’ve rounded up the dos and don’ts when it comes to photographing your hair, to guarantee the most accurate results. Get ready for your best colour match yet!

How to take good photos for a colour match 

Before you begin taking the photos for your colour match, it’s important to consider a few things. First of all, you want to be in the best place possible for natural light, so take your photos outdoors but try to avoid direct sunlight and shadows. Your hair should be down and visible from root to tip, so we can assess its length, colour and tone. And finally (before we teach you how to take the best possible photos ever!), avoid busy backgrounds that may distract from your hair colour. Remember, these photos aren’t supposed to be amazing model-worthy selfies of you striking poses! No, the main focus of each shot should be to show us your amazing locks in their truest form, no filters necessary!

The best hair extensions colour match photos

Front View

Front View

In total, you should aim to take three photos, the first being a good front view. In this photo, we should be able to see your hair’s full length, from root to tip. With your hair in its natural parting, bring it to the front of your shoulders so its length is clearly visible. Always photograph your hair in natural light so we can see all of its different colours and tones as this makes it much easier to match up your colours. If you have a stretched root or balayage, this can be matched up too. Notice there aren’t any filters or shadows on this photo and the light isn’t harsh, which helps to present your hair colour in its truest form.

Back View 

Back View

To photograph the back of your hair, it may be worth using a tripod and self-timer or asking someone to help you. For this view, it’s important that most of your hair is behind your shoulders, giving a clear view of its length. This view also shows your full colour more clearly and as hair extensions are matched at the ends rather than the roots, it’s a great photograph for accurately achieving this.

Side View

Side View

To give you your most accurate hair extensions colour match, it’s great for us to see your hair from different angles and a  good side view photo can really help with this. Try not to push your hair behind your ears and make sure that we can see it hanging naturally, for best results.

Hair extension colour match photo don’ts 

Don’t use your flash or add a filter

Flash View

Using the flash on your camera may seem like a good idea, but it can distort the colour of your hair, leaving you with an inaccurate colour match. If the natural light is good enough, you shouldn’t need a flash to brighten your photo. The same goes for applying filters too, as although they make you feel better about your photo, they don’t do much in the way of showing off your hair colour. We’re all guilty of applying filters to photos from time to time, but for best results, show us your natural beauty (we promise your hair will thank you for it later!).

Don’t take photos in the sun


This photo is a really good example of how too much sunlight can distort the natural appearance of your hair colour. As sunlight brightens everything, it can make your hair appear much lighter, blurring the lines between all of your mixed tones. Natural light is good, but if your photo appears too bright, take another photograph that’s out of the sun. For the perfect balance, don’t choose a place that’s too shaded either.

Don’t take a close-up selfie

Selfie View

Although you might think that we need a close-up of your roots for a colour match, we actually don’t! As hair extensions are colour matched to the ends and the mixed tones running through your hair, your root colour is less relevant. With a good front, side and back view, we should be able to clearly see all of the colours and tones running through your hair and as your bonds will be carefully hidden under your roots, colour-matching here is less important.

Don’t tie your hair up

Up do view

Your hair is beautiful and we need to see it in all of its glory, so don’t tie it up! Avoid messy buns, ponytails and unnecessary hair clips in your photos (even if you wear your hair that way all of the time). To assess your length and varying colours and tones, we need to see all of your hair, so make sure you have it down in all of your photos, for perfect colour-matching results.

Although we’ve rounded up the main dos and don’t for achieving seamless colour-matched hair, here are some other don’ts to consider;-

  • Don’t use ring lights or any artificial light to enhance your photos as they can distort your hair’s shades.
  • Don’t take photos indoors as the light can appear much warmer and can also distort the appearance of your hair colour
  • Don’t add filters or edit your photos

How to colour match hair extensions

For the best at-home colour match possible, take your photographs by following our guide, and then email them to us or tag us on our social channels, where our experienced stylists can advise you on the correct colour match and the extensions most suitable for your hair.


Simple Festival Hairstyles


Festival’s are back! Is there any better feeling than dancing and singing to your favourite artists in the summer sun?

We want to make sure you’re ready for your comeback, inspiring you with some fun festival styles. Whether you are just going for the day or spending several days in a field listening to your favourite music, we have created some easy festival looks that you can recreate yourself to make sure you’re channelling that festival vibe.

Are you looking for some simple on the go, festival hairstyle inspiration? We’ve got you covered. 

Here’s four looks we have created for you to get your hair festival ready! 

When your hair is still looking and feeling fresh, simple styles work well. Why not try our hippy plaits?

Go wild for the bubble half up pony!

Accessorize with flowers, glitter or hair gems for a fab festival look! 

If your hair is looking a little worse for wear, this pull through ponytail style is perfect. Keeping your hair off away from your face but still looks great.

We love this front braid style and you can’t go wrong. So many different ways to wear this style but here’s just one of them.

We’d love to see your festival hair, if you’ve recreated any of our festival styles show us by tagging us on instagram @additionallengths #FestivALhair #ALhair 

Simple Festival Hairstyles


Your Trade Account Has Moved

Your trade account with Additional Lengths has moved over to our new Professional’s only website at

Nothing else has changed, the Remi Cachet products you know and love will be available to purchase from

Have you received your email?

You should have received several emails from us recently regarding your trade account. As your trade account has now moved if you haven’t already accepted the email invite to activate your account on please ensure you activate this as soon as possible. Please get in touch if you have not received your invitation.

Please note; All orders placed after 16th July at 10am on the Additional Lengths site will no longer be available for a trade discount nor will we be able to refund any difference from the website prices or amend any orders that have already been placed without the trade discounts applied.

Changes from July 16th at 10am

  • Current discounts applied to orders placed on will cease. No orders made through will receive trade discounts and we will be unable to refund any difference between website prices and your trade discounts. 
  • Your account will remain active on so that you can continue to view your account history. 

Why are you moving my account?

We think that our new professional account website is going to improve checkout time, resolve issues some of you were experiencing at checkout as well as allowing us the opportunity to offer trade and professional accounts dedicated support.

Don’t currently have a trade account, but want one? You can apply for a trade account on our new professional-only website right now. Please give us a call, or email us if you have any questions.


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What do I need to do? 

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What is happening and when?

July 5th 

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July 16th at 10am

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Why are you moving my account?

We think that our new professional account website is going to improve checkout time, resolve issues some of you were experiencing at checkout as well as allowing us the opportunity to offer trade and professional accounts dedicated support. 

This allows us to offer several features and benefits which you’ll be able to find out about when the new Remi Cachet website launches on 5th July. 

What if I don’t receive my invite?

We will need to check if you still currently have an active trade account. Please give us a call, drop us a message, or send us an email and we can help get you up and running.

Look out for our emails in the coming days.

Don’t currently have a trade account, but want one?

You’ll be able to apply for a trade account on our new professional-only website from Monday 5th July at 9 am. Please give us a call, or email us if you have any questions.


Price Increase 1st August 2021

It’s the news that nobody wants to hear…

We last had a price increase in April 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held off increasing our prices until August 2020 to ensure that all salons, stylists, and customers could benefit from our previous pricing whilst they were getting back to work and rebuilding their businesses.

During this time, we’ve had several increases imposed on us by our factory partners due to the increase in costs associated with sourcing the hair, production, packaging, and delivery. We have, up until now, absorbed all these costs and these increases have not directly affected our customers, ensuring that they have had every opportunity to rebuild their business and offer the lowest possible price point for the highest quality product available.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to absorb these costs due to the continued and large increases that we face on a monthly and quarterly basis.

These costs are mainly associated with negative impacts caused by the pandemic. To put this into perspective, there has been a low supply of raw hair available due to illness as well as the inability for our hair purchasing agents to travel and purchase the raw hair braids. We have also seen a significant increase in production costs due to the measures our production facilities have had to put in place for social distancing (and) testing, as well as using less factory workers over a longer period of time to complete the same level of work that they did previously. There have also been increases to both sea and air shipping due to the increase in demand for sea shipping and the unavailability of planes due to the decrease in demand due to lockdowns around the world. All these factors have caused significant cost increases that we can no longer absorb.

An example of this can be seen with sea shipping. In April 2020 it cost around £4,100 to ship a container by sea from China to the UK, in April 2021 this rose to over £12,400 for the same journey. This is an increase of over 200% in under 12 months.

The biggest increases will happen with the longer length products due to these being low on supply and harder to source. If you think about it, hair that is sold at around 24″ in length has been growing for around 5 to 7 years, as this is a natural product, and not man made. Currently, demand is outweighing the supply that is available and the price must increase for the longer lengths due to the inaccessibility of them.

You’ll have probably noticed that many things that you use daily have gone up in price over the past 12 months or have even heard about it on the news. This is the unfortunate consequence and negative impacts of the pandemic and lockdowns that have occurred worldwide and doesn’t appear to be getting any better anytime soon.

Luckily, as we purchase in US Dollars, the increase is not as bad as it may have been due to the increase in strength of the GB Pound and the positive impact that it has had on the exchange rate over the past 12-18 months. However, this can also have a big impact negatively if it were to suddenly weaken and drop.

Although we see increases monthly that we try to absorb, we strive to offer the best quality product for the most affordable price that we can. We can’t promise that we won’t have to increase our prices again soon, but we can promise that we won’t compromise on the quality that you are used to and that we offer.

We hope that this gives you an insight into why we must increase prices and what variables impact the severity of the increase that we have, as well as what impacts us as a company behind the scenes that most of our customers are not aware of.

Our price increase will be effective as of 1st August 2021.

Hair Tips News Remi Cachet

What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair?

Woman having a hair extension consultation

If you’ve been fantasising about full, flowing locks, hair extensions can definitely help you achieve your dream hair! A great solution for fine or thin hair, extensions can give you the volume and length you’ve always dreamed of, for a natural and enviable look. But just what are the best hair extensions for fine hair? In this guide, we offer our advice on the best choices to make to get Rapunzel style hair even if your hair’s on the thinner side, and the ones to avoid to prevent your natural hair from damage.

What are the best extensions for thin hair?

When choosing the best hair extensions for thin hair, you need to consider two main factors, weight and how well your natural hair can conceal them. Your hair extension technician will advise you on the best choice for your hair type during your consultation appointment but as a general rule of thumb, avoid weighty extensions as this will add stress and tension to your natural hair which could result in hair loss. We’ve rounded up the best types of hair extensions for fine hair, to give you an insight into what could work most successfully for your hair.

Tape hair extensions

Tape extensions are the best type for fine hair. Their flat bond offers a natural look that is easily blended in even the thinnest of hairs. Wefts are sandwiched between the natural hair and are secured in place with polyurethane tape secured close to the root. Easy and quick to apply and remove (the application process takes roughly 30-90 minutes), they are semi-permanent and last up to six weeks. Tape-in extensions can also be reused for up to eight weeks after the first application when a new tape is added. With even distribution across the head and no stress being placed on individual strands, they are thin and lightweight and don’t damage the hair. For very fine hair, the sandwiching method of application can even be adapted to bond a single weft in place with a piece of tape rather than with a second weft, to reduce the weight and thickness of each piece.

Things to consider: tape-in hair extensions need 48 hours for the tape to cure after application, so you should avoid bathing, showering or any exercise that would cause you to sweat during this time. Oil-based products can cause tapes to slip and if you’re a keen swimmer, it’s worth bearing in mind that tapes can weaken from the chemicals used in the pool.

Micro tape extensions

As an additional option to tape-in extensions, micro tape extensions are a great option for thin hair, if you want to add volume to a shorter style. The same rules apply to micro tapes as tape-ins, but coming in 10” lengths, with a 2cm width tab top, they’re perfect for adding extra thickness to a bob or any other short cut.

Remi Cachet Elegance Pro Tips®

Elegance Pro Tips® are part of the Ultra Tip® range but have been developed to be smaller and more discreet. Pro Tips® are joined to the hair with Remi Cachet Ultra Locks® which are a type of micro ring specially designed to take this type of extension. Fitted by threading natural hair through the Ultra Lock®, the Pro Tip® is then added and clamped into place, giving a secure and discreet bond. Because the extensions are lightweight, they don’t add strain to fine hair and their fan tips lie flat to the head, making it easy to conceal them under the natural hair. If correctly fitted and removed, Pro Tips® shouldn’t damage the natural hair and when cared for correctly with maintenance checks and fittings, should last over 12 months. Available in a multitude of colours and in both 16” and 20” lengths.

Nano Tips

Nano Tips are another great option for fine hair because nano rings are roughly 90% smaller than most micro-rings making them discreet and seamless and very easy to blend with natural hair. Installed in the same way as Pro Tips®, the natural hair is threaded through the nano ring, before the unique tip of the Elegance Nano Tip extension is threaded through and clamped into place. Most nano tip extensions should last around 6-9 months but can slip if your hair is too soft or oily (Elegance Nano Tips by Remi Cachet, can last over 12 months with the correct aftercare, making them one of the best options of Nano Tip on the market). As they’re thin and lightweight, they don’t add too much weight or strain to the hairline making them a good pick for naturally finer hair.

Things to consider: you may read that micro rings can cause damage to finer hair, but this will only happen if they are improperly fitted. Your hair technician will know how much weight your hair can handle, so it’s important to get a consultation appointment first. Some micro ring extensions may be too wide or heavy for your hair to conceal, but as Pro Tips® and nano tips are quite discreet, they’re a safe bet if properly fitted and cared for.

What are the best hair extensions to avoid with fine hair?

As a general rule, any hair extensions that put unnecessary strain and weight on your head and hairline should be avoided if you have fine or thin hair. Your hair technician will be able to properly advise you on the best course to take when it comes to your extensions, so always seek professional advice before your first application or if you’re having problems whilst wearing them. Here’s a quick round-up of some types of extensions which can generally be difficult for those with fine hair to wear:

Clip-in extensions

Although they’re semi-permanent, unnecessary pulling and tugging on the hair can make clip-ins a bad choice for those with fine hair as the clips can be difficult to conceal under your own locks.

Hot fusion hair extensions

A tried and tested traditional method for adding hair extensions to hair, extension hair is bonded to the natural hair using a heat tool and glue. Whilst modern extensions use keratin which dries clear and looks natural, the process of removing fusion hair extensions is incredibly intricate and sometimes requires pliers. If not removed correctly by a professional this method could cause damage and breakages to finer hair.

With correct fitting, care and aftercare, hair extensions can be a great option for anyone looking for a hair boost, regardless of their hair type. Whichever option you prefer, be sure to book a consultation appointment before your fitting, to make sure your choice is the right one for your hair. 

News Remi Cachet

What Are Nano Tip Hair Extensions?

Woman with long hair

Nano tip hair extensions are one of the most popular choices of hair extension on the market today. Attached to the hair using nano rings, they create a discreet bond that blends seamlessly with natural hair, making them a great choice for those with thin or fine hair. But just what are nano tip hair extensions? At Additional Lengths, we’re here to answer all of your nano tip related questions so you can decide whether nano tip hair extensions are the perfect choice for your hair. 

What are nano tip hair extensions?

Nano tip hair extensions are small wefts of pre-bonded hair that are attached to the client’s natural hair using nano rings which are 90% smaller than most micro rings, making for a seamless bond. Nano tip hair extensions don’t require any heat in their attachment, the natural hair is simply threaded through a nano ring at the tip of the nano extension before being clamped into place. This application method reduces the risk of damage to natural hair, making it a popular extension choice. Nano tip hair extensions are thin and lightweight, adding little stress or strain to the natural hairline and making them a perfect pick for thin or fine hair.

How long do nano hair extensions last?

With the correct aftercare, as a general rule of thumb, nano tip hair extensions should last around 6-9 months in your hair. At Additional Lengths, however, our Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips have been developed to last even longer! Created as part of our Elegance Hair range, from high-quality Russian and Mongolian hair, with the correct aftercare and maintenance, our Elegance Nano Tips should last up to 12 months. 

What are Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips?

Nano tip hair extensions are usually fitted with a silicone, plastic or metal tip which means the bond can often be seen against the natural hair. Often fiddly to fit, the constant bending of the tip during fitting can result in the tip breaking during normal wear. With our Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips, however, their unique, design-protected tip is made from a twisted thread that is coated in adhesive for a much stronger and more durable bond that is built to last. Much easier for the stylist to fit too, the twisted tip can also be trimmed down to a smaller size if desired, whilst its design also aids the grip of the nano rings for a more secure fit that is less prone to slippage.  Giving a completely seamless blend, the thread tip is colour matched to the extension hair for a perfectly natural look. Available as part of our Elegance Hair collection, in over 50 shades and four lengths ranging from 12 to 24 inches, they’re the perfect choice for completely transforming your look, whatever your colour shade or hair type.

Are nano tip hair extensions good for fine hair?

Nano tip hair extensions are a great choice for fine hair when fitted properly by an experienced hairstylist. Always book a consultation appointment first before choosing any type of hair extension, as your stylist will be able to colour match your hair perfectly and will help you determine how heavy your extensions should be and how much weight your hairline can handle. When correctly fitted, the uniquely twisted tips of our Elegance nano tips are incredibly discreet and make for a completely seamless finish in even the finest of hair.

What are the pros and cons of nano tip hair extensions?

So now you know what nano tip hair extensions are, it’s time to look at the pros and cons of this hair extension method, to see whether or not these are the right extensions for you and your hair.

Pros of nano tip hair extensions

  • Nano tip hair extensions are small, discreet and easy to fit. 
  • Perfect for fine hair, after a proper first consultation to determine the amount of weight your natural hair can carry, your nano tip hair extensions shouldn’t add any stress or strain to your hairline after your fitting. Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips fitted with nano rings, create the most seamless bond and are ultra-discreet in fine hair
  • No heat application method makes for minimal damage to hair when fitted by a proper extension stylist
  • Long wear time; with the right aftercare and maintenance appointments your Elegance Nano Tips will last up to 12 months
  • Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips are strong and durable and create a long-lasting bond in your hair

Cons of Nano Tip Hair Extensions

  • All Nano tip hair extensions require regular maintenance appointments to refit bonds and to check on the overall health of the hair. However, this con isn’t specific to nano tip hair extensions, as all types of permanent hair extension require maintenance. To ensure the longevity of your extensions, it’s really important to stick to the aftercare advice from your stylist and attend your re-fitting appointments.
  • Avoid applying oil-based products to the roots of your hair when wearing nano tip hair extensions, as these can cause the bonds to slip. Even though our Elegance Nano Tips make for a stronger bond, it’s still important to follow this advice to preserve the longevity of your extensions.

Why should I choose nano tip hair extensions?

Nano tip hair extensions are a great type of permanent extension to choose to ensure flawless, natural-looking hair. Seamless bonds that are fitted easily and cause little to no damage to the natural hair, they’re very easy to maintain as long as you stick to your aftercare plan and regular fitting appointments. Our Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tips provide extra security that you can rely on, giving you a strong, long-lasting bond that’s barely visible in your hair. Available in a wide range of colours, weights and lengths explore the full Remi Cachet Elegance Nano Tip range now, and start planning your enviable hair transformation today!

Hair Tips News Remi Cachet

Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Back of hair in a gown

Do a quick internet search, and you’ll discover hundreds of unsettling stories regarding the damaging effects of wearing hair extensions. However, the harsh reality is that the damage that comes from hair extensions often results from improper fitting and poor aftercare. 

At Additional Lengths, we’re passionate about hair extensions, so we’ve decided it’s time to bust the myths surrounding their unfair press. 

Do hair extensions ruin your hair?

If you choose the correct hair extensions for your hair type, have them professionally fitted by a trained technician and take good care of them, your hair extensions won’t damage your hair. 

Hair extensions get a bad reputation because they were low in both quality and style options when they were first made available. Attached to poorly designed clips that pulled on the hairline and caused strain to the scalp, it was visibly noticeable when someone was wearing them. Nowadays, there are so many excellent options of hair extensions available that are high-quality and discreet, which is why they’re such a popular choice. 

Choose a trustworthy technician right from the start to guarantee perfect and seamless extensions. They’ll also be able to offer great advice and guidance before, during and after their application. 

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

The majority of hair extensions are attached to (or close to) the root of your natural hair, either by tape, glued bonds, wefts or micro rings. Anything attached to your hair root that causes constant tugging of the scalp or root tension can result in hair loss. Excessive strain on your hair follicles can cause them damage, but this isn’t caused by wearing hair extensions alone. 

No, hair loss from hair extensions usually results from improper fitting, where they’ve fitted too tightly, to the wrong hair type or were too heavy. Always choose a professionally trained technician and get a full consultation from them before having your extensions fitted; that way, you should never experience any unnecessary hair loss.

Do hair extensions damage your hair? Other myths busted!

We’ve picked some of the most common misconceptions associated with hair extension damage and given you our honest answers to put these myths to bed so that you can wear your extensions without any worries!

Will my hair extensions tangle?

Hair with extra thickness needs extra care and should be treated in the same way as normal hair. Hair extensions will only tangle if they’re not properly cared for, so dedicate some of your time to a brushing routine, using proper tools such as a good hair extension paddle brush or waving comb. Never go to bed with wet hair and always brush properly after washing and drying.

Are hair extensions safe?

We’ve already mentioned this, but research is key here. Finding a good hair extension technician who will provide you with good advice and aftercare will keep your hair and extensions damage-free – it’s as simple as that!

Will I get headaches?

A common misconception with hair extensions is that they cause headaches, but again, this comes down to improper fitting. You should only get headaches if your extensions are fitted too tightly or you’re wearing too heavy a weight for your natural hair. A fully trained professional will weigh and measure your extensions during your fitting so that when you’re wearing them, they should be unnoticeable and feel normal.  

Will other people be able to tell that I’m wearing extensions?

If fitted correctly, your hair extensions should be so seamless that no-one will ever know you’re wearing them. Your technician will get to know your hair and its requirements in your first consultation appointment and will advise you on the best extension for your hair type from there. 

Your new hair will be properly colour matched and applied following your hair’s natural pattern for a flawless fit. Even though some extensions require a track, they shouldn’t be visible if they’re fitted properly. Technicians will fit these to the bottom half of the scalp, also known as the safe zone (the area level and below your eyebrows), leaving enough hair above to cover tracks, beads or rings. 

How can I prevent my hair from damage when wearing my extensions?

If you’ve taken the plunge and have already had your hair extensions fitted, the best way to ensure that they don’t damage your natural hair is to give them some TLC. Hair extensions don’t come cheap, so if you want them to last a long time, you need to invest in some good aftercare. Here are our top tips to prevent damage:

Keep on top of your maintenance appointments

Just like you wouldn’t miss a health check, your hair extension maintenance appointments are an essential way to protect your hair from damage. Your stylist will check the health of your extensions, scalp and for signs of pulling, matting or tangling. They’ll also check on your normal hair to see how much it’s growing and if you’d benefit from an uplift, where the extensions are re-lifted back to their original positions.

Wash your extensions correctly

After your fitting, your stylist will recommend the best products to keep your extensions at their best, and it’s important you follow this advice to protect the health of your natural hair too. Use a special extension shampoo on your head and roots and a recommended conditioner on the middle and ends of your extensions for best results. Washing in the shower can prevent tangling, as the water follows the natural flow of your hair. Always avoid washing your extensions over the side of the bath, as this can result in severe tangling which may be difficult to brush out.

Take care when brushing

Failing to brush your hair correctly is one of the biggest causes of damage to hair with extensions. Pulling and tugging the hair can hurt the scalp and roots and cause your extensions to slip, tangle or come out completely. Use a proper hair extension brush or comb and gently brush through your hair, working from the bottom sections to the top.

Always dry your hair after washing

Always dry your hair after washing and never go to bed with damp or wet hair when wearing extensions. Hair is particularly fragile when wet and can easily snap or tangle when you’re moving around in bed, so always brush and dry your extensions before a good night’s sleep!

Which extensions do not damage hair?

Answer: all of them! The hair extensions that won’t damage your hair are the ones that are best suited to your hair type, properly fitted and looked after with the recommended aftercare. If in doubt, always book a consultation with a qualified technician for the best advice and ultimately the best way to protect your hair from damages.


Your Ultimate Guide to a Hair Extension Consultation

Getting the hair you really want starts with a hair consultation. Since COVID there has been a push to virtual consultations, and whilst they are easy and quick, to get the most from a consultation you need to head in salon. Having researched the look you want, the colours you love, the different types of extensions available and the stylist you want, the consultation will really help bring everything together, answer all your questions and get you a step closer to that new style you crave. Here’s our guide as to what to expect and some tips to make the most of your consultation.

Book in advance and allow around an hour so you have time to ask all you want, even those questions you might think are too silly and would rather google later, but honestly, the stylist is there to help you get the most from your hair and they have probably been asked everything you can think of, so ask away! Plus, Google doesn’t give you the answers that are specific to you.

Essentially the consultation is a process for the stylist to assess your suitability to hair extensions in terms of your current hair strength, density, scalp health and your lifestyle. You will go through a Consultation Questionnaire with your stylist who will ask some personal questions too, such as any medication, and it is really important to answer these honestly. You will also look at how you like to wear and style your hair, which might even be important for your job, for example. In fact, Remi Cachet Super Stylist, Asya Cannur recommends “My tip to clients would be to arrive with their hair how they wear it day-to-day for the consultation.”

Together, these factors determine the type of application and where the placement of those extensions can be to create the best results for you. For example, wearing your hair up is not an issue at all, but the stylist needs to know this for where to place the bonds to be discreet and allow for more movement. If this is for your wedding, it’s worth bringing any hair accessories like tiara, to the appointment too.

When it comes to considering what you want to achieve from extensions, it is worth bringing with you some inspirational images for length, colour, volume and style you have seen. Screen shots of your favourite celeb, influencer, Instagram posts, Pinterest searches and maybe a previous colour you had. You can then discuss what is appealing to you on those looks to help the stylist get a good picture of what you want.

In terms of length, the extensionist can hold a tape measure from where they will be applying the extensions, to give you a guide as to where the hair will fall, and then maybe consider going shorter or even a little longer.

Choosing your colour might seem like the fun part of the consultation, with so many beautiful colours on the colour ring to play with. Despite having your inspiration, holding up the colours to the side of your face and your skin tone and eye colour will help you see for yourself if this colour is right for you. The extensionist will be great at advising you here and at blending colours to make effects such as balayage, highlights and face framing.

Picture by helenbutterflyhairrichie

Getting the right colour match is crucial for the extensions to look their best. You may need additional colour work to your own hair before applying extensions and they can advise you on this and where you want something truly bespoke, the hair extensions can also be coloured, but we always advise this to be professionally coloured.

Subject to your current style, it may be necessary for the stylist to cut your existing hair before application, removing your own split ends is also going to help your new extensions sit well with your own hair. An obvious example of this would be if you have a dramatic bob, then this allows the hair extensions to blend and look more natural.

Your extensionist will be able to guide you through the options available in terms of application method for what will work best for your hair type, your needs, and what products are available in terms of length as some products only come in certain lengths. They will be able to explain the application process and show you examples of their work with this application so you can see how this will look. If they don’t you may wish to ask to see examples of their previous work. If they are wearing extensions, you may even be able to see them yourself.

Whilst you may be focussing on the transformation with hair extensions, you need to know how to care for them properly and the extensionist will be able to take you through the at-home aftercare with the recommended products and brushes, as well as returning to the salon for maintenance appointments to remove and refit the extensions and how all that works.

With so many factors involved, you can now appreciate that a stylist needs to see you to also be able to offer you a quotation based on the hair, application, and aftercare. We can all be price-sensitive, especially if comparing to another price, but consider if the hair quality and expertise are the same level and if you will be getting hair extensions that could potentially last up to 12 months.

Finally, you may be asked to sign a consultation form to agree to the information you have provided and has been given to you, and to book the application appointment. You may be given a copy of this form and it may also have some aftercare guidelines as a reminder.

Consultations for hair pieces such as clip-ins will not need to be as detailed but are equally as important especially when it comes to getting the colour match right and tips to help you fit them correctly.

Many consultations are free, but with some people not showing up to appointments with little or no notice, some salons do put a small charge on these appointments and then credit this off your application appointment if you move forward. Check with your extensionist how they work this.

It’s worth also keeping your stylist updated with your information, especially if you have changed medication and if you are looking to change your style again in the future, so it may be worth having a new consultation in the future.

Our professional hairdressers have a wealth of experience they can share with you at a consultation to get you the look you really want, offer suggestions, and there to support you so that you care for your extensions properly for healthy hair days. If you are looking into extensions and not yet booked a consultation, use our Find A Stylist to find someone near you and head to the Remi Cachet Pinterest for inspiration to get you excited for your next look.

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Your Selfcare Guide to Healthy Hair

The Autumnal weather is here and whilst we’ve been waiting all year for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the change of season (and the on-going pandemic situation) can leave us feeling a little low. Like never before, selfcare has become our saviour and we definitely have more time on our hands right now. So, no more excuses, we’ve got our top tips for some self-care to really benefit your tresses and we all know good hair – makes us feel good!

First up you may like to try something specifically designed to clean your scalp removing product build-up and soothe any areas dry areas. Malibu C’s Scalp Therapy, as the name suggests, will clean and nourish the scalp too. Your scalp is literally the root of healthy hair so well worth adding this to your homecare routine every week.

Malibu C Scalp Therapy for that tingly clean feeling

Whilst washing your hair, try a little extra scalp massage. Keep it gentle, especially if you have your extensions in, and concentrate on stimulating your scalp to ease those stresses away and boost the blood’s circulation to your hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.

Post bath time, then wrap you your tresses in a hair towel to help absorb the excess water and keep your head warm whilst you grab your loungewear and a cheeky hot chocolate. Well, the calcium from the milk helps feed your hair with plenty of protein, and Cocoa is packed with vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Like you needed that excuse to enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate!

Before settling in front of Netflix, comb your tresses through to remove any knots and indulge in some extra TLC. Have the sharp cold winds dried out your locks? Maybe the central heating has brought out the frizz? That leave-in treatment is your next step to rescue your hair and create healthy, shiny locks by morning. We love Moroccan Oil’s Masks and Oils for this.

Remember to avoid your extension bond areas with any product and for those of you with bonds or micro rings, it’s always wise to put your hair dryer on a low heat setting and gently dry the bonds to stop water ingress from breaking them down.

GHD’s Helios Hair Dryer

Don’t you feel better already? “I’m washing my hair tonight” has real benefits for your overall wellbeing, taking time out to nourish yourself as well as your hair. Making this a part of your life each week will give you the beautiful healthy hair you crave.