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London Fashion Week 2019 The Latest Hair Trends to Hit the Catwalk With London

With London Fashion Week still fresh in our minds, the latest hair trends have never seemed more relevant. Here at Additional Lengths, we believe that feeling your best starts with good hair, so if you’re struggling for hair inspiration or are simply wondering what hair is going to be on trend this season then this is the blog for you.
This season, the catwalk was home to a multitude of different hairstyles, colours and lengths to give you that added hair inspiration. 

The designers kicked things off in New York before London and then moved the proceedings to Milan, and the hairstyles showcased were ones that we know will be hitting Winter’s top trends this 2019.

So let’s kick things off with one of Burberry’s most talked-about trends right now…

Blonde bombshell

Kendall Jenner rocked the world of fashion this LFW with her brand new look. Blonde. The Kardashian/Jenners are renowned for their dark luscious locks but LFW showed Kendall Jenner sporting a complete hair transformation. Her shock of blonde hair has set the world of fashion on fire and we know that blonde will be at the forefront of this season’s hair trends. Jenner walked in Burberry’s SS20 runway collection, showcasing her new do. Although Jenner subsequently went back to her usual colour, the blonde nonetheless made a huge impact and taught us that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Pulled back bun

Emilia Wickstead showcased her SS20 collection at London Fashion Week walking in the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. The sleek hairstyle displayed a uniformity and sense of sophistication amongst the models, taking it back to the very basics of hairstyling. Wickstead proved that simplicity can be just as effective as going OTT. Pulling your hair back into a bun can be worn as a means of dressing up or down and therefore makes for the perfect hairstyle. It doesn’t take too much effort either (just a lot of hair grips)!

Power of the plait 

So, let’s talk about Rixo. Rixo stole the show this year at LFW showcasing their SS20 collection. They brought the peace and togetherness of Woodstock onto the catwalk for a slice of sheer happiness. Rixo brought back the power of the plait, demonstrating that the half plait-half down look still has that wow-factor. Channelling those 70s hippy vibes, Rixo are ahead of hair trends for 2019 as they showcased their SS20 collection. Plaiting is ideal for when you are wanting to keep on-trend whilst ensuring that your hairstyle requires minimum upkeep to remain perfect throughout the day.

Bandana babes

16arlington brought back the bandana in their SS20 collection. Perfect for winter 2019 hair trends, this look is on its way to making a comeback. The models’ short hair styled with bandanas made the perfect combo, enhancing the shape of their faces to make for a sleek and high-end look. There are so many ways to style your bandana, from wrapping it around your bun to creating a headscarf style look. Play around with different hair accessories, like bandanas – great for when your hair just won’t do as its told, and allowing you to look super on-trend.

Keeping it wavey

Katie Ann McGuigan put waves back on the hair map this London Fashion Week. The designer labels’ models rocked the wavy look, and she wasn’t the only one to do so. The 1920s inspired hairstyle is set to take over 2019’s top hair trends ahead of the collection’s release in SS20. If you want to achieve the illusion of fuller waves this season, be sure to check out our extensive range of extensions, perfect for those one-off events where you want to give off Great Gatsby vibes. If you can’t replicate the same process as McGuigan’s models, then try curling your hair and brushing it out.   

Slick chic 

The legendary Victoria Beckham’s LFW runway show had her models sporting a slicked-back hairstyle. Taking your hair back off your face can illuminate your bone structure and not to mention makes for hassle-free hair handling. Pull long hair back into a low bun or ponytail. Alternatively, if you have short hair then don’t worry! Don’t be afraid of experimenting with textures – hair gel is an ideal way to achieve a slicked-back wet-look on shorter styles.

Okay, so now you should feel spoilt for choice on how to style your hair! Whether you’re feeling like changing your hair colour drastically, or fancy adding something simple like a hair accessory, LFW has taught us to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hairstyles as part of your passion for fashion.

For further inspiration on hairstyling, be sure to check out our range of hair accessories and extensions!


What Is The Difference Between Balayage & Ombré?

The two main hair colour trends that have got people in the beauty world talking in the last couple of years has to be balayage and ombré. With their exotic sounding names and the number of celebrities jumping on board the hair trend, rocking those dip dye tresses could be the way to go for your new hair look in 2019.

So, do you know your balayage from your ombre? Knowing the differences between balayage and ombré will help you decide which to ask for when you’re sat in the hairdressing chair. Let’s look at decoding the hair trends individually.

What is Balayage?

Taken from the French word meaning ‘to sweep’, balayage is related to the technique of the hair dye application. Mirroring its French meaning, hair colourists will sweep the colour through sections of the hair to give the finished result of a natural, and long, transition of colour from dark to light. The lighter colour, be it a honey blonde or caramel shade, can be brought through to the front to highlight the face for a flattering addition to the balayage hair look.

The result of the balayage means that you’ll get a natural, sunkissed hair colour finished with beautifully blended lighter tones stretching upwards to a darker shade at the roots. With balayage hair, you’ll have stunning multi-tonal finish because the lighter colour application is focused on the top layers of the hair. Bayalage looks fabulous on mid-length to long hair and is extremely popular among celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus.

What is Ombré?

Ombré is another lovely sounding French word meaning ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’, and in hair colour terms, means a striking transition between light and dark shades. The two-tone colour effect has been popular for years and can suit a whole host of hair colours if you wish to keep your natural hair as the root colour. If you’re feeling adventurous, an alternative ombré look is opting for a bold colour for the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. The lightened section of the hair will boost the vibrancy of whichever colour you go for, whether its a temporary pop or pink or a tempting teal.

Should I get balayage or ombré?

Both hair dye styles are great for those looking for a low maintenance look. If the root colour is similar or the same as your natural hair, you’ll be visiting the salon a whole lot less than if you took the lighter colour up to the root! A dip hair dye look is also great for those looking to test out a new colour without going the whole way with all-over colour. Ombré hair also offers a more striking look than the softer balayage hair colouring technique, so if you’d like a natural looking hair update, we’d recommend the balayage technique.

Get the popular balayage or ombre hair look without the hair dye by opting for high-quality human hair extensions from Remi Cachet here at Additional Lengths! We stock beautifully blended Remi Cachet Elegance full weft hair extensions in an array of multi-tonal options. Feel free to contact us to speak to a friendly salon professional who can help you with any hair extension colour matching.


2019 Hairstyle Ideas

Get ready because there’s a new wave of 2019 hairstyle ideas coming your way. Combining fresh takes on old favourites and innovative looks that will transform your current locks, here at Additional Lengths we’ve been paying close attention to upcoming 2019 hair trends complete with the hottest colours you should be taking note of. If you’re stuck in a style rut with your tresses and wanting to use the new year as the right time to experiment with something new, get your inspiration here!

Hairstyle Ideas

As always, we love looking to celebrity style when it comes to searching for the next big thing in fashion, makeup and hair. The following hairstyle ideas aren’t complex in their creation, but they can offer something different to your existing go-to hairstyle by enhancing what you’ve already got.

Centre Partings and Braid Pressing

Those with textured natural hair will love the effortless nature of this first 2019 hair trend. A simple centre parting in loose hair which has been lightly crimped is a strong look for low maintenance girls. If you have straight to wavy hair, braid from root to tip and run hot straighteners over the braids to lock in the crimp. Volume and texture is key, so prep the hair accordingly with volumising shampoo and texturising spray.

Add Accessories

With the explosion of the popular Ashley Williamson diamante hair clips at London Fashion Week 2018, we’re seeing many adaptations of this fun hair trend. From large tortoiseshell clips that look straight from the 90’s, to hair slides adorned with powerful feminist diamante words, reinvigorate your standard top bun or updo with hair accessories to add another dimension to your hairstyle.

Straight and Glossy

Now is the time to get your faithful GHD straighteners back in action as luxurious waves are officially out and poker-straight is back! No matter your hair length, from blunt bob to extra long with human hair extensions, straight styling will be everywhere. Smooth a shine serum or hair oil from Moroccan Oil over straightened locks to enhance shine for a glossy hairstyle that is perfect for date night or a night out.

Take the straight and glossy hair trend and make it wearable for any occasion by opting for a hair piece. A wrap around ponytail can give you the sleek, long ponytail that glamour pusses like Jennifer Lopez showcase on the red carpet regularly. These are super easy to add to the hair and simple to remove once the party is over, so give it a try!

Hair Colour Trends For 2019

Whether you’re looking for a temporary change in the form of a semi permanent dye, or a complete and permanent switch-up with your hair colour, the following hair colour trends for 2019 could pique your interest.

Smokey Grey

You may remember that fashionable silver hair was all the rage a couple of years ago, but embracing grey hair is apparently a move forward in the hair world for 2019. Opting for dye instead of the painstaking wait of growing out potentially patchy natural grey hair can be a great option. Many celebs such as model Erin O’Connor and author Caitlin Moran have been seen rocking a stripe of grey in their otherwise dark manes for a quirky update in their hairstyle.

Lovely Lilac

Another trend that we seem to have just said goodbye to is coming back around, but with a more grown up flavour. Bold lilac hair, rather than the previous pastel shade, has shot up by 1077% in searches in late 2018, showing a major increase in popularity. Those with blonde hair could experiment with wash in-wash out lilac hair dye colours, or pop into your favourite salon and ask for this daring colour update.

Which 2019 hair trend will you be adopting this year? Whether you’re looking to add some hair extensions for length so you can get celebrity inspired glossy locks, or if you want to try out a new colour, there will be something for you to play around with in our collection of hairstyle ideas.

Head over to the Additional Lengths Instagram to find hairstyles and colours we’re loving, and browse our collections of hair extensions and heat tools to see how we can help you achieve your dream hair!


Luxury Hair Christmas Gift Guide

At Additional Lengths we love nothing better than getting our Christmas shopping done early, knowing that we’ve got our loved ones special treats they’ll love without the stress of last-minute-buying. To help you add to your Christmas shopping list, we’ve put together an Additional Lengths Christmas gift guide that includes the latest gift sets and products from some of our favourite haircare brands.

Whether you’re searching for gifts for hairdressers, friends, sisters or even yourself, our Christmas gift guide is packed with exciting haircare and hair styling products to suit all budgets! Because what’s Christmas Day without good hair?

The gift of healthy hair

Give loved ones the gift of soft, manageable hair with the Moroccanoil Styling Superstar Kit which contains four treatments; a Morroccanoil treatment, a Mending Infusion, a Dry Texture Spray and a Perfect Defense Mist. This kit is perfect for keeping your hair in the best condition, nourishing and helping you look your best. Our Moroccanoil Styling Superstar Kit is infused with argon-oil making hairstyling that little bit more luxurious. The kit offers hair hydration, moisturiser and added texture and is guaranteed to be a hit as a Christmas present. The popular Moroccanoil Styling Superstars kit comes in handy travel size bottle completes this kit and acts as the perfect foundation for hairstyling and finishing due to its shine-boosting qualities. An ideal gift for friends and family who want to step into the New Year with sophisticated, shiny tresses.

Upgrade their hair tools

If someone you know is in need of an upgrade when it comes to their beloved heated hair stylers, then GHD has got you covered with their exceptional range of hair tools. We love the GHD range of hair stylers for an award-winning hero hair tool that promises long-lasting results whether you want classy waves or poker straight locks. The heated hair tools here at Additional Lengths offer a super-fast, instant heat innovation for those who have no time to wait around on a morning! Long, thick hair will most definitely benefit from our GHD hair tools that help to create beautiful looks, no matter how unruly or thick your hair is. Whether you’re looking for a wave wand or an air hairdryer, we have the best products to make the perfect present.

Our GHD Gold Max Styler straighteners feature exclusive smooth plates that glide effortlessly over your hair, making it look thick and voluminous for longer. With a high-end sleep mode activated after the styler isn’t used for 30 minutes, it’s a great present for those who always forget to turn their stylers off!  

Stocking Fillers

Finally, no Christmas day is complete without some fabulous stocking fillers! Whether you’re looking to wrap up some of our best selling tangle teezers or know someone who has been after top of the range lashes, then we can help make someone’s Christmas that little bit more special.  Our top of the range accessories and tools are designed with top quality to make sure your Christmas is filled full of useful surprises.  

We’ve offered plenty of exciting hair-related Christmas gift ideas for the people in your life who love to keep their hair looking fabulous all year round.  Whether you’re looking for gifts for specific people, or even a cheeky Christmas gift for yourself after a hard day of gift shopping, you’ll find something here at Additional Lengths to satisfy everyone. We’ve offered an extensive range of exciting hair-related Christmas gift ideas for the people in your life who love to keep their hair looking on point all year round. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re bound to find some inspiration in this hair gift guide!

Events News Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Training 2017

With Remi Cachet, we are delighted to offer professional hairstylists two HABIA endorsed and approved training courses. We are also part of the Fellowship of British Hairdressers. We offer hair extension training courses at the Additional Lengths salons in Leeds and Stockton-on-Tees, and we can also deliver our courses at a hired venue. We have previously hired a space in London, and can use our educators salon ‘Hair by Abigail Nichols’ in Exeter. The Remi Cachet hair extension courses can also be delivered any salon in the UK – which is a cost effective solution for employers who wish to train multiple staff.

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Training Courses

Our training courses include the full hair extension kit and trainees will receive an official completion certificate. These training sessions are taken by a qualified Training Assessor and certified for 15 CPD hours. These courses are separate and trainees should clarify which course they wish to attend, confirming which application method they want to work with on the day.

Course 1 – Hot & Cold Fusion (Flat & Cylinder bonding using heat and Ultrasonic connectors)
Price: £1095 + VAT

Course 2 – Mini Tip™ & Ultra Tip™ System Using Mini Locks™ and Ultra Locks™
Price: £895 + VAT
(Additional stylists from the same salon are £250 + VAT per person booked onto the same course)

Course Duration: 2 Full Days

Day 1: Covers theory and practical elements including: client consultations, client hair type, preparation, sectioning, application, cutting & styling, equipment, colour matching, hair products and health & safety. You will also learn more about hair extensions – where our Remi Cachet hair extensions come from and more about the brand, as well as aftercare, maintenance, removal and troubleshooting. The practical work is carried out using a Sally block mannequin.

Day 2: Consists of applying hair extensions to a live model, where our professional trainers will be on hand to observe and assess your application. The trainer will also be available to assist you throughout the application where required and to help with any individual requirements clients may have. All hair required for this application will be provided and included in the training cost.

If you provide your own model for the second day, it is at your discretion if you ask for your client to pay a small fee (to you) for having hair extensions applied to which will help towards your total costs. All products and full kits are supplied within the training cost.

Additional trainees from a salon are required to pay £250 + VAT for each extra person for 2 days training. (Please note that only one kit is required per salon which is included in the initial price)

We also offer ongoing support and help after your training is completed for any questions or help you require at a later date.

To take part in any training with Remi Cachet, you must be a qualified hairdresser or, to take part as a beginner, you must be a trainee hairdresser working in a salon on an apprenticeship or at college working towards completing your NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing.

A deposit of £250 is required at the time of booking onto the hot fusion and/or Mini Tips course. This deposit is used to secure the date and place which you book for training and this charge will be deducted from the overall cost, when the remainder of the amount has been settled.

Advanced Training – Hollywood Weave Training

Course Duration: 7 hrs
CPD HABIA Approved
This training programme is specifically for hair extension professionals already using other application methods and who wish to extend their application techniques. We consider this an advanced level training course for those , so if you’re ready to build on your skills, sign up!

In order to take part in the Hollywood Weave hair extensions training you must hold at least your NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing and have obtained a HABIA endorsed extension course, as this course is workshop based. Please note we do not accept certificates from companies who provide training to non-hairdressers or offer more than one method in a day.

The cost of the Hollywood Weave training course is £240 PP at our own venues, or £300 PP at a hired venue throughout the UK, and we take a one-off payment. Trainees are provided with a professional manual and application equipment, but are required to bring their own mannequin head for the practical elements of the course.

Testimonials from the RC training courses

At Additional Lengths we work closely with Remi Cachet to deliver professional training sessions that will benefit our trainees by providing them with the knowledge and certification to expand their hair extensions skills back at their salons. You’re also bound to have a fantastic time learning or building upon your skills alongside other professional hairstylists!

“Our courses are created & taught by professional extensionists so that learners can get the very best possible experience and leave feeling confident in every aspect of hair extensions. The courses are designed for those new to extensions, as well as those who may have been applying extensionists for a while who want to improve their techniques and learn a new method. It’s so important to keep learning in our industry, especially as we introduce new products with more technology and extensionists are able to advance their work to keep up with trends.”
Victoria Lynch, owner of Additional Lengths & Remi Cachet

We’ve had some talented stylists come through our training programmes and their experiences will speak volumes if you’re considering signing up to one of our 2017 hair extension training courses.We know the importance of trainee feedback and are thrilled to be able to share the experiences of two stylist’s experiences of our 2016 Hollywood Weave training courses:

‘I trained with Abigail Nicholls back in April and I was really pleased that I waited to train with her. She is amazing and so patient! It was two days of intense training but she made us feel really at ease and we had a laugh too. I also know that if I needed to ask her anything now or needed advice that I could.’
– Amy Kelly

‘The wonderful Abigail trained me in the Remi Cachet Hollywood Weave at the fabulous Additional Lengths Store, had a brilliant day, it was so professionally run and enjoyable, my clients love their Hollywood Weave, it’s so secure & comfy with luxury hair, and Abigail’s knowledge is second to none!’
– Deena Houghton

As part of the RC hair extensions training courses, you’ll have the opportunity to join our private Facebook group which will be the place to find out the latest information about the courses, and ask questions to colleagues and educators.

2017 Hair Extension Training Dates Available:

(Foundation) Mini / Ultra Tip Course:

25th & 26th September 2017

27th & 28th November 2017

(Advanced) Hollywood Weave Course:

21st August 2017

30th October 2017

29th January 2018

To book your place on a hair extensions training course, please email

Please note: You will need to provide evidence of your NVQs in hairdressing along with your address so we can advise of your nearest venue.

Events News Remi Cachet

Real Housewives of Remi Cachet with Teresa Giudice

Earlier this month we took our favourite Remi Cachet hair extensions across the pond to the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event in Florida, USA for a weekend of exhibitions and live demonstrations of all things beauty. The event programme was packed with so many different stalls, live talks and competition opportunities from some of the best companies in the beauty and hair industries, so we felt right at home! We even had a very special guest join us…

The Remi Cachet team, including Judi Kay from Phoenix Hair Extensions, travelling in style to Florida

In the bright sunshine with tropical palm trees guiding the way, our destination for the Orlando Premiere Trade Show was the Orange County Convention Center

Setting up the RC stand ready for traders and customers to join us

All set up and ready to go, the Remi Cachet team get to work with live demonstrations

Yes, it’s true – we had a true star in our midst! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice attended the Premiere Orlando show with Remi Cachet on the Sunday, and she was so wonderful to work with. Looking every inch the glamour puss we know and love from the popular American reality TV show, Teresa is no stranger to beautiful locks, so she was the perfect lady to join us at this event. Teresa Giudice had the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips fitted personally by Victoria and assisted by Philly, and we think you’ll agree that she looked gorgeous!

Teresa Giudice at the Remi Cachet exhibition stand with our fabulous range of hair extensions

The lovely Judi Kay, owner of Phoenix Hair Extensions in Preston, Lancashire, travelled with us to the event as part of the Remi Cachet team!

Pulling in an amazing crowd at the RC booth with Teresa Giudice

The Orlando Premiere event was such a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our hair extensions to a new audience, and we’re delighted with how it turned out. We learnt a lot from other hair and beauty brands and met some excellent people along the way!

‘Just like the Beautyworld event last month in Dubai, the Orlando show was very busy. We have already seen numerous trade customers set up accounts and order from us, and the fact we had Teresa Giudice on the stand was amazing and went down really well with the visitors. We also got to fit our Remi Cachet hair extensions personally for Teresa, which she loved!’
– Victoria Lynch, owner of Remi Cachet & Additional Lengths

We’ve had such amazing experiences at the Dubai and Orlando tradeshow events, with each of them proving to be successful for our business and reputation, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with our exciting plans – @remicachet & @additional_lengths

News Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet in Dubai! Beautyworld Event 2017

Earlier this month, we took our Remi Cachet hair extensions to exhibit at the international Beautyworld event in Dubai. The Middle Eastern trade fair incorporated hair, beauty, fragrances, and wellbeing products with talks, exhibits and live demonstrations provided by companies from 59 countries. We met so many wonderful people who visited our stand, from fellow beauty business exhibitors and hair stylists, to prominent beauty industry figures. It was such an amazing networking experience for the brand, and we can’t wait to go back in 2018!

Our fabulous Remi Cachet stand displayed our sleek signature style, with the main focus on our hair extension samples and demonstration area. We took along some of our bestselling hair extension products, including the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips® and Indian Flat Tips, plus hair extension application tools to do some live demonstrations, which certainly attracted a lot of attention from visitors!

The Remi Cachet team; Victoria and her team of talented stylists ready for a day of exhibiting and networking

Victoria being interviewed for a beauty TV channel, showcasing the impressive range of hair extension shades available from Remi Cachet.

Victoria with super-stylist, Guy Tang

Phenomenal hair stylist and colourist Guy Tang, was also at the Dubai event and we couldn’t resist getting a picture and having a chat with him. Known for his stunning pastel-inspired hair shades (and his 2m Instagram followers!), he was at Beautyworld with the fantastic Olaplex brand. There truly were so many inspirational hair industry exhibits and talks that we were lucky enough to experience.

“Dubai was such an amazing event for the company and leading UK brand, Remi Cachet. Our aim was to make an impact and we certainly did that. Our stand and display made a huge impression on industry professionals, we got tongues wagging which resulted in us being selected for a video and interview for a beauty TV channel. It was truly amazing and we can’t wait until 2018. We’re taking over the Middle East!”
– Victoria Lynch, owner of Additional Lengths and Remi Cachet

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Next month, the Remi Cachet team is packing up its best tips and tricks again, along with the premium range of RC hair extensions, and heading across the pond to exhibit at the prolific Premiere Orlando international beauty event in Florida, USA. Not only that, we also have the lovely Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey working with us at what will be a truly amazing event!

News Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet & Teresa Giudice | Premiere Orlando Beauty Event

In June we have an exciting show organised at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event in Orlando, USA! The event will take place 3rd-5th June with the dedicated Remi Cachet team displaying their best hair extension techniques with the Remi Cachet hair extensions range with a very special guest indeed – Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! We’re huge fans of the stunning businesswoman and mum of four Teresa, so we’re looking forward to what we can get up to with her by our side at the Premiere beauty event.

Premiere Orlando is an international beauty event which aims to provide a fantastic educational show over three days, with a diverse selection of hair and beauty related presentations, training demonstrations, talks and special events on offer. Along with hair focused brands demonstrating colour techniques and barbering, to name but a few, plus live talks. Also taking the stage and exhibition spaces will be artistic nail design businesses and cosmetic dermatologists. Beauty advice and inspiration certainly will be flowing!

This trade show will no doubt benefit us as a brand due to the exceptional programme of educational events, forum discussions and opportunities to meet with other expert stylists and hair brands from our fast-moving and innovative industry. We’re excited to be bringing our beautiful hair extensions along for the ride and to display their styling possibilities.

The Remi Cachet team are heading to the sunshine state of Florida to showcase our high quality remy hair extensions, and pick up some inspiration from the event to bring back for our customers. We are delighted to be working with Teresa Giudice and cannot wait to meet everyone at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event!

Beauty News

Remi Cachet at Beautyworld Orlando!


We have some amazing news to share with all of our wonderful Additional Lengths customers! Our Remi Cachet team of stylists are heading to the awe-inspiring city of Dubai from 14th-16th May 2017 to showcase the range of Remi Cachet hair extensions and products at the Beautyworld Middle East event. We’ll be showcasing our fantastic ranges of high quality Remi Cachet hair extensions, from the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips, to the Remi Cachet Super Weft.

The Beautyworld event is the largest international trade fair for beauty products, haircare, fragrances and wellbeing in the Middle East, and we’re over the moon to be exhibiting our Remi Cachet products alongside other fabulous hair and beauty brands. With a packed schedule of workshops, conferences and educational exhibits, this event is populated by an array of international visitors who are hungry for new products from the beauty industry.

Remi Cachet will be just one of 1,500 companies featured on the programme of exhibitors this year, and we can’t wait to represent our brands to international businesses and trades. You can keep up to date with our stateside adventure on the Remi Cachet and Additional Lengths Instagram pages where no doubt we’ll be posting numerous updates throughout the three day event!

If you’re attending the event, you can find us at Stand No: 22 in Hall 1 – come and say hi to Vicky!

Not only that, but in June we have an exciting show organised at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event in Orlando, USA! On 3rd-5th June the Remi Cachet team will be displaying their best hair extension techniques with a very special guest indeed – Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! We are delighted to be working with Teresa and cannot wait to meet everyone at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event.