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What Are Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions?

pre bonded hair extensions taped together

If you’ve ever had or are thinking about getting hair extensions for the first time, you’ve probably come across the term pre-bonded hair extensions before. But do a little bit of research into what the term means and you’ll find that there are lots of differing opinions as to what they are and how they are applied to your hair. At Additional Lengths we want to clear up the confusion, so we’ve put together this definitive guide to pre-bonded hair extensions detailing what they are, their methods of application and how long you should expect them to last.

Pre-bonded hair extensions: method or extension?

The confusion starts as to whether pre-bonded refers to the hair extension itself, or the application method. Traditionally, extension hair was sourced in raw form and had to be pre-bonded to a client’s natural hair using the hot fusion glue method, where hair is bonded close to the root with a heat tool. This is why some salons still refer to the fusion method as pre-bonded. Flat-tip hair extensions can be pre-bonded ready for application and since they are also applied using hot fusion; when some salons talk about pre-bonded hair extensions, this is what they are referring to.

At Additional Lengths, pre-bonded hair extensions refer to the actual extensions themselves. Our pre-bonded Remi-Cachet hair extensions are pre-tipped with at the top of each of the hair sections, easily fitted to natural hair using either micro-rings or glue. So even though flat-tips are part of this group, there are many other pre-bonded hair extensions that don’t require glue.

How are pre-bonded hair extensions applied?

The question of how to apply pre-bonded hair extensions depends on the option that you choose. Here we’ll discuss each type in turn to give you a much better understanding, so if you’re considering pre-bonded, you can make the choice that’s right for your hair.

Ultra Tips®

The most popular choice of pre-bonded hair extension available at Additional Lengths, Ultra Tips® are attached to the hair using Remi Cachet Ultra Locks®, a type of oval micro-ring that is fed through the natural hair and clamped over the extension to hold it securely in place. Because of its oval shape and the shape of the extension tip, Ultra Tips® lay flat to the head giving full coverage and a completely natural look. 

Two types of Ultra Tip® are available at Additional Lengths, Elegance Ultra Tips® which come in four lengths and the smaller and lighter Elegance Pro Tips® which come in two lengths and give a slightly more subtle finish. Both are available in a multitude of colours and are made from high-quality Russian Mongolian Elegance hair which is double-drawn giving equal hair distribution from root to tip. Ultra Tips® are a great choice of extension because when cared for properly, they can be reused again and again without the need for re-tipping.

Mini Tips®

Another of our popular pre-bonded hair extensions, Mini Tips® are favoured for their slim appearance and blendable qualities that give a beautiful, natural finish. Made from double-drawn, Russian and Mongolian Remy hair, they are soft, beautiful and stay tangle-free. Available in four lengths and in a range of base, mixed and ombre colours they are attached in a similar way to Ultra Tips®, using Remi Cachet Mini Locks®, which are designed to hold the hair securely without causing damage. As a result, the hair can be reused but may need to be retipped occasionally, depending on wear and tear. 

Nano Tips

Nano Tips are also attached using Nano Rings which have been specifically designed to create a tiny, subtle bond in natural hair. Made from ethically sourced, luxury Chinese hair, they should last up to 6-9 months with proper care. 

Nail Tips and Flat Tips

Nail Tips and Flat Tips are pre-bonded hair extensions that require glue and the hot fusion method. Their names are derived from the shape of their bonds; Nail Tips because they look like a false nail and Flat Tips because they’re flat! Much like the Ultra Tips® and Mini-Tips®, our Flat Tips are made from Russian and Mongolian Elegance hair for beautiful quality and come in a range of shades and in base, mixed and ombre colours. 

The bonds are dipped with Italian Keratin for strength and subtlety and should last up to twelve months with proper care and when removed with carefully formulated Remi Cachet remover to prevent damage. Our Luxury Nail Tips are also bonded with Italian Keratin, so require the same application and removal as our Flat Tips. Made from ethically sourced Chinese hair, with proper aftercare they can last from 6-9 months. 

How are pre-bonded hair extensions removed?

Pre-bonded hair extensions that are attached with micro rings are easily removed without causing any damage to the hair. A simple squeeze to each ring loosens it and allows the pre-bonded extension to be freed without damage, allowing the hair pieces to be used again and again. In the case of Nail-Tips and Flat-Tips attached with glue, the Keratin needs to be carefully removed with pliers and the correct remover. This can be a lengthy and difficult process, but Remi-Cachet hair can be re-tipped for multiple uses.

How long do pre-bonded hair extensions last?

The length of time that your pre-bonded hair extensions last really depends on the option of extensions you go for and how well you take care of them. It is also worth noting here that your bonds may not last as long as your extension hair, making maintenance appointments for retipping and repositioning a vital part of the aftercare process. Remember to take advantage of all of your hair extension maintenance appointments so that your technician can provide you with the best aftercare advice throughout, to achieve the maximum lifespan for your extensions.

Ultra Tips® and Mini Tips® should last over twelve months with the correct aftercare, whereas Nano Tips can last up to a year. With Flat Tips and Nail Tips, you should expect the tip to last around 6-9 months, due to re-tipping and the intricate and lengthy removal process. Visit our aftercare guide to learn more about how to protect and care for your pre-bonded hair extensions and visit our guide on how to prevent your hair extensions from damage for more handy tips and advice.

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