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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

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Do a quick internet search, and you’ll discover hundreds of unsettling stories regarding the damaging effects of wearing hair extensions. However, the harsh reality is that the damage that comes from hair extensions often results from improper fitting and poor aftercare. 

At Additional Lengths, we’re passionate about hair extensions, so we’ve decided it’s time to bust the myths surrounding their unfair press. 

Do hair extensions ruin your hair?

If you choose the correct hair extensions for your hair type, have them professionally fitted by a trained technician and take good care of them, your hair extensions won’t damage your hair. 

Hair extensions get a bad reputation because they were low in both quality and style options when they were first made available. Attached to poorly designed clips that pulled on the hairline and caused strain to the scalp, it was visibly noticeable when someone was wearing them. Nowadays, there are so many excellent options of hair extensions available that are high-quality and discreet, which is why they’re such a popular choice. 

Choose a trustworthy technician right from the start to guarantee perfect and seamless extensions. They’ll also be able to offer great advice and guidance before, during and after their application. 

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

The majority of hair extensions are attached to (or close to) the root of your natural hair, either by tape, glued bonds, wefts or micro rings. Anything attached to your hair root that causes constant tugging of the scalp or root tension can result in hair loss. Excessive strain on your hair follicles can cause them damage, but this isn’t caused by wearing hair extensions alone. 

No, hair loss from hair extensions usually results from improper fitting, where they’ve fitted too tightly, to the wrong hair type or were too heavy. Always choose a professionally trained technician and get a full consultation from them before having your extensions fitted; that way, you should never experience any unnecessary hair loss.

Do hair extensions damage your hair? Other myths busted!

We’ve picked some of the most common misconceptions associated with hair extension damage and given you our honest answers to put these myths to bed so that you can wear your extensions without any worries!

Will my hair extensions tangle?

Hair with extra thickness needs extra care and should be treated in the same way as normal hair. Hair extensions will only tangle if they’re not properly cared for, so dedicate some of your time to a brushing routine, using proper tools such as a good hair extension paddle brush or waving comb. Never go to bed with wet hair and always brush properly after washing and drying.

Are hair extensions safe?

We’ve already mentioned this, but research is key here. Finding a good hair extension technician who will provide you with good advice and aftercare will keep your hair and extensions damage-free – it’s as simple as that!

Will I get headaches?

A common misconception with hair extensions is that they cause headaches, but again, this comes down to improper fitting. You should only get headaches if your extensions are fitted too tightly or you’re wearing too heavy a weight for your natural hair. A fully trained professional will weigh and measure your extensions during your fitting so that when you’re wearing them, they should be unnoticeable and feel normal.  

Will other people be able to tell that I’m wearing extensions?

If fitted correctly, your hair extensions should be so seamless that no-one will ever know you’re wearing them. Your technician will get to know your hair and its requirements in your first consultation appointment and will advise you on the best extension for your hair type from there. 

Your new hair will be properly colour matched and applied following your hair’s natural pattern for a flawless fit. Even though some extensions require a track, they shouldn’t be visible if they’re fitted properly. Technicians will fit these to the bottom half of the scalp, also known as the safe zone (the area level and below your eyebrows), leaving enough hair above to cover tracks, beads or rings. 

How can I prevent my hair from damage when wearing my extensions?

If you’ve taken the plunge and have already had your hair extensions fitted, the best way to ensure that they don’t damage your natural hair is to give them some TLC. Hair extensions don’t come cheap, so if you want them to last a long time, you need to invest in some good aftercare. Here are our top tips to prevent damage:

Keep on top of your maintenance appointments

Just like you wouldn’t miss a health check, your hair extension maintenance appointments are an essential way to protect your hair from damage. Your stylist will check the health of your extensions, scalp and for signs of pulling, matting or tangling. They’ll also check on your normal hair to see how much it’s growing and if you’d benefit from an uplift, where the extensions are re-lifted back to their original positions.

Wash your extensions correctly

After your fitting, your stylist will recommend the best products to keep your extensions at their best, and it’s important you follow this advice to protect the health of your natural hair too. Use a special extension shampoo on your head and roots and a recommended conditioner on the middle and ends of your extensions for best results. Washing in the shower can prevent tangling, as the water follows the natural flow of your hair. Always avoid washing your extensions over the side of the bath, as this can result in severe tangling which may be difficult to brush out.

Take care when brushing

Failing to brush your hair correctly is one of the biggest causes of damage to hair with extensions. Pulling and tugging the hair can hurt the scalp and roots and cause your extensions to slip, tangle or come out completely. Use a proper hair extension brush or comb and gently brush through your hair, working from the bottom sections to the top.

Always dry your hair after washing

Always dry your hair after washing and never go to bed with damp or wet hair when wearing extensions. Hair is particularly fragile when wet and can easily snap or tangle when you’re moving around in bed, so always brush and dry your extensions before a good night’s sleep!

Which extensions do not damage hair?

Answer: all of them! The hair extensions that won’t damage your hair are the ones that are best suited to your hair type, properly fitted and looked after with the recommended aftercare. If in doubt, always book a consultation with a qualified technician for the best advice and ultimately the best way to protect your hair from damages.

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