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Your Ultimate Guide to a Hair Extension Consultation

Getting the hair you really want starts with a hair consultation. Since COVID there has been a push to virtual consultations, and whilst they are easy and quick, to get the most from a consultation you need to head in salon. Having researched the look you want, the colours you love, the different types of extensions available and the stylist you want, the consultation will really help bring everything together, answer all your questions and get you a step closer to that new style you crave. Here’s our guide as to what to expect and some tips to make the most of your consultation.

Book in advance and allow around an hour so you have time to ask all you want, even those questions you might think are too silly and would rather google later, but honestly, the stylist is there to help you get the most from your hair and they have probably been asked everything you can think of, so ask away! Plus, Google doesn’t give you the answers that are specific to you.

Essentially the consultation is a process for the stylist to assess your suitability to hair extensions in terms of your current hair strength, density, scalp health and your lifestyle. You will go through a Consultation Questionnaire with your stylist who will ask some personal questions too, such as any medication, and it is really important to answer these honestly. You will also look at how you like to wear and style your hair, which might even be important for your job, for example. In fact, Remi Cachet Super Stylist, Asya Cannur recommends “My tip to clients would be to arrive with their hair how they wear it day-to-day for the consultation.”

Together, these factors determine the type of application and where the placement of those extensions can be to create the best results for you. For example, wearing your hair up is not an issue at all, but the stylist needs to know this for where to place the bonds to be discreet and allow for more movement. If this is for your wedding, it’s worth bringing any hair accessories like tiara, to the appointment too.

When it comes to considering what you want to achieve from extensions, it is worth bringing with you some inspirational images for length, colour, volume and style you have seen. Screen shots of your favourite celeb, influencer, Instagram posts, Pinterest searches and maybe a previous colour you had. You can then discuss what is appealing to you on those looks to help the stylist get a good picture of what you want.

In terms of length, the extensionist can hold a tape measure from where they will be applying the extensions, to give you a guide as to where the hair will fall, and then maybe consider going shorter or even a little longer.

Choosing your colour might seem like the fun part of the consultation, with so many beautiful colours on the colour ring to play with. Despite having your inspiration, holding up the colours to the side of your face and your skin tone and eye colour will help you see for yourself if this colour is right for you. The extensionist will be great at advising you here and at blending colours to make effects such as balayage, highlights and face framing.

Picture by helenbutterflyhairrichie

Getting the right colour match is crucial for the extensions to look their best. You may need additional colour work to your own hair before applying extensions and they can advise you on this and where you want something truly bespoke, the hair extensions can also be coloured, but we always advise this to be professionally coloured.

Subject to your current style, it may be necessary for the stylist to cut your existing hair before application, removing your own split ends is also going to help your new extensions sit well with your own hair. An obvious example of this would be if you have a dramatic bob, then this allows the hair extensions to blend and look more natural.

Your extensionist will be able to guide you through the options available in terms of application method for what will work best for your hair type, your needs, and what products are available in terms of length as some products only come in certain lengths. They will be able to explain the application process and show you examples of their work with this application so you can see how this will look. If they don’t you may wish to ask to see examples of their previous work. If they are wearing extensions, you may even be able to see them yourself.

Whilst you may be focussing on the transformation with hair extensions, you need to know how to care for them properly and the extensionist will be able to take you through the at-home aftercare with the recommended products and brushes, as well as returning to the salon for maintenance appointments to remove and refit the extensions and how all that works.

With so many factors involved, you can now appreciate that a stylist needs to see you to also be able to offer you a quotation based on the hair, application, and aftercare. We can all be price-sensitive, especially if comparing to another price, but consider if the hair quality and expertise are the same level and if you will be getting hair extensions that could potentially last up to 12 months.

Finally, you may be asked to sign a consultation form to agree to the information you have provided and has been given to you, and to book the application appointment. You may be given a copy of this form and it may also have some aftercare guidelines as a reminder.

Consultations for hair pieces such as clip-ins will not need to be as detailed but are equally as important especially when it comes to getting the colour match right and tips to help you fit them correctly.

Many consultations are free, but with some people not showing up to appointments with little or no notice, some salons do put a small charge on these appointments and then credit this off your application appointment if you move forward. Check with your extensionist how they work this.

It’s worth also keeping your stylist updated with your information, especially if you have changed medication and if you are looking to change your style again in the future, so it may be worth having a new consultation in the future.

Our professional hairdressers have a wealth of experience they can share with you at a consultation to get you the look you really want, offer suggestions, and there to support you so that you care for your extensions properly for healthy hair days. If you are looking into extensions and not yet booked a consultation, use our Find A Stylist to find someone near you and head to the Remi Cachet Pinterest for inspiration to get you excited for your next look.

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