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How often should I update my colour ring?

Colour rings are an essential tool in any Hair Extensionists or Colourists tool kit. Our Remi Cachet and Additional Lengths colour rings are made using the same hair that you will find when buying all of our products; including our pre bonded human hair extensions, tape hair extensions or weft hair extensions. This means that the colour on the ring is produced to the quality standards of the hair that you order, as well as this the feel and texture of the hair should match the human hair extensions that you buy.

For our professional clients, we recommend the purchase of a Super Ring over a standard ring. What makes it so super? It’s easy – the sample of hair on our Super Ring is over 6 times bigger than that of a standard ring, allowing you to swatch a wider area giving you a more precise colour match. They also make a great hair wall display in a salon.

From time to time we receive enquiries from our customers when they receive their purchase to find that the colour may be slightly different. What we need to remember is that human hair extensions are a natural product, not only is every batch different but each hair could be from different donors.  Each batch takes the colour slightly differently, and this explains the variation. If you think of wallpaper, you’re always advised to use the same batch to avoid any differentiation between batch prints.

When we introduced all of our new Remi Cachet root stretch colours we sold a separate root stretch and dip-dye colour ring for those new colours but we are pleased to say that when you purchase a new ring now you receive all of our colours on the one ring.

Because our colour rings are made from real human hair we have some tips on how to keep your colour ring in top shape to avoid having to replace it sooner than you need to but to also to keep the colours as true to production colours as possible. Although we do recommend changing every 12 to 18 months depending on your usage and storage habits. 

  • Reduce Handling – Your hands and specifically your fingertips can deposit oil onto the hair, which has nowhere to go.  
  • Reduce Light exposure – Light exposure (specifically UV) can break down proteins making the hair look dull. If you have your colour ring on display try to have it away from direct sunlight.
  • Reduce Moisture – If you have frizzy or unruly hair that just won’t do as you tell it; you know that moisture can have a big impact on how your hair feels. If your colour ring is left to sit in the open for long lengths of time this could affect your colour ring that isn’t being washed and maintained like your hair. 

Taking care of colour ring can help prevent frustration, the cost for shipping back returns and loss of time due to rescheduling your client. We recommend storing your colour ring away from light in a container or zip lock bag that you can squeeze the air out of once you put it away to prevent any of the above causing an effect on your colour ring. 

Another factor is time and in such a busy salon environment, time passes us so quickly. Before you know it, your colour ring is 2 years old and you may be experiencing some differences. If so, it is time to consider purchasing a new colour ring to ensure more accuracy and avoid delays in replacement colours being ordered. 

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