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What Is The Difference Between Balayage & Ombré?

The two main hair colour trends that have got people in the beauty world talking in the last couple of years has to be balayage and ombré. With their exotic sounding names and the number of celebrities jumping on board the hair trend, rocking those dip dye tresses could be the way to go for your new hair look in 2019.

So, do you know your balayage from your ombre? Knowing the differences between balayage and ombré will help you decide which to ask for when you’re sat in the hairdressing chair. Let’s look at decoding the hair trends individually.

What is Balayage?

Taken from the French word meaning ‘to sweep’, balayage is related to the technique of the hair dye application. Mirroring its French meaning, hair colourists will sweep the colour through sections of the hair to give the finished result of a natural, and long, transition of colour from dark to light. The lighter colour, be it a honey blonde or caramel shade, can be brought through to the front to highlight the face for a flattering addition to the balayage hair look.


The result of the balayage means that you’ll get a natural, sunkissed hair colour finished with beautifully blended lighter tones stretching upwards to a darker shade at the roots. With balayage hair, you’ll have stunning multi-tonal finish because the lighter colour application is focused on the top layers of the hair. Bayalage looks fabulous on mid-length to long hair and is extremely popular among celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus.

What is Ombré?

Ombré is another lovely sounding French word meaning ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’, and in hair colour terms, means a striking transition between light and dark shades. The two-tone colour effect has been popular for years and can suit a whole host of hair colours if you wish to keep your natural hair as the root colour. If you’re feeling adventurous, an alternative ombré look is opting for a bold colour for the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. The lightened section of the hair will boost the vibrancy of whichever colour you go for, whether its a temporary pop or pink or a tempting teal.


Should I get balayage or ombré?

Both hair dye styles are great for those looking for a low maintenance look. If the root colour is similar or the same as your natural hair, you’ll be visiting the salon a whole lot less than if you took the lighter colour up to the root! A dip hair dye look is also great for those looking to test out a new colour without going the whole way with all-over colour. Ombré hair also offers a more striking look than the softer balayage hair colouring technique, so if you’d like a natural looking hair update, we’d recommend the balayage technique.


Get the popular balayage or ombre hair look without the hair dye by opting for high-quality human hair extensions from Remi Cachet here at Additional Lengths! We stock beautifully blended Remi Cachet Elegance full weft hair extensions in an array of multi-tonal options. Feel free to contact us to speak to a friendly salon professional who can help you with any hair extension colour matching.


Top LFW Hairstyles

All eyes look to the catwalks of London Fashion Week when it comes to scoping out the hottest upcoming trends in fashion, makeup and hair. London Fashion Week is certainly not disappointing us this year and here at Additional Lengths, we’re excited to share with you some of our favourite hair trends from the best designers around.

Whether you’re a fan of the amazing iconic hairstyles that are definitely destined to stay on the catwalk due to their outlandish looks, or interested in incorporating some designer inspired hair trends into your own hairstyles this year – read on for inspiration.

Playing with textures

Contrasting undone mid-lengths and ends with a polished front section of the hair, the hairstyles displayed by models walking the Jamie Wei Huang show are easy to replicate. Reminding us of a ‘morning after the night before’ look, we can just imagine trying to tame the back of our hair whilst the front has loyally remained in place after being hairsprayed the evening before! The hair is parted in the centre and smoothed back before being treated to a backcombing at the crown and mid-lengths for an interesting mix of textures. Not necessarily an iconic hairstyle in itself, but certainly one we could imagine replicating!


To create a wearable version of this look, comb hair back to the crown and smooth down with hairspray and secure with hairgrips behind the ears. Next, backcomb hair gently at the crown with a brush such as a Tangle Teezer to avoid damaging the hair. A generous spritz of hairspray will keep the volume in place and you’ll have a 60’s inspired hairstyle!

Baby fringes

A big hair trend for 2019 is the short blunt fringe and it was perfectly executed in the fashion industry newcomer Matt Bovan’s show on the first day of LFW. Complimenting a short bob beautifully, choppy bangs frames a face perfectly and allows expressive eyebrows to be seen. For a glossy dark bob and blunt fringe, use a hair oil from Moroccan Oil to smooth the hair and add a light reflecting shine.


Feminine low ponytails

No hairstyle could be easier or more simple, but the low ponytails at the Victoria Beckham LFW show were a fine example of understated elegance that worked perfectly. Centre partings and loose ponytails were a feminine contrast to the sharp structures of the clothes, and tendrils of hair pulled around the face softened the look further. A very basic hair trend for spring but a classic that will never go out of fashion!


What were your favourite hairstyles from London Fashion Week 2019?

If you’re planning on taking inspiration from the glamorous catwalk trends for your spring and summer hair looks, we have everything you need right here at Additional Lengths to create the very best hairstyles. Treat yourself to luxurious locks with our human hair extensions from Remi Cachet or style up a storm with our various ranges of hairstyling tools and products from brands such as ghd and Cloud Nine. With the London Fashion Week hairstyles, you can take elements of the looks to work with your own hair type and personal style!