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2019 Hairstyle Ideas

Get ready because there’s a new wave of 2019 hairstyle ideas coming your way. Combining fresh takes on old favourites and innovative looks that will transform your current locks, here at Additional Lengths we’ve been paying close attention to upcoming 2019 hair trends complete with the hottest colours you should be taking note of. If you’re stuck in a style rut with your tresses and wanting to use the new year as the right time to experiment with something new, get your inspiration here!

Hairstyle Ideas

As always, we love looking to celebrity style when it comes to searching for the next big thing in fashion, makeup and hair. The following hairstyle ideas aren’t complex in their creation, but they can offer something different to your existing go-to hairstyle by enhancing what you’ve already got.

Centre Partings and Braid Pressing

Those with textured natural hair will love the effortless nature of this first 2019 hair trend. A simple centre parting in loose hair which has been lightly crimped is a strong look for low maintenance girls. If you have straight to wavy hair, braid from root to tip and run hot straighteners over the braids to lock in the crimp. Volume and texture is key, so prep the hair accordingly with volumising shampoo and texturising spray.

Add Accessories

With the explosion of the popular Ashley Williamson diamante hair clips at London Fashion Week 2018, we’re seeing many adaptations of this fun hair trend. From large tortoiseshell clips that look straight from the 90’s, to hair slides adorned with powerful feminist diamante words, reinvigorate your standard top bun or updo with hair accessories to add another dimension to your hairstyle.

Straight and Glossy

Now is the time to get your faithful GHD straighteners back in action as luxurious waves are officially out and poker-straight is back! No matter your hair length, from blunt bob to extra long with human hair extensions, straight styling will be everywhere. Smooth a shine serum or hair oil from Moroccan Oil over straightened locks to enhance shine for a glossy hairstyle that is perfect for date night or a night out.

Take the straight and glossy hair trend and make it wearable for any occasion by opting for a hair piece. A wrap around ponytail can give you the sleek, long ponytail that glamour pusses like Jennifer Lopez showcase on the red carpet regularly. These are super easy to add to the hair and simple to remove once the party is over, so give it a try!

Hair Colour Trends For 2019

Whether you’re looking for a temporary change in the form of a semi permanent dye, or a complete and permanent switch-up with your hair colour, the following hair colour trends for 2019 could pique your interest.

Smokey Grey

You may remember that fashionable silver hair was all the rage a couple of years ago, but embracing grey hair is apparently a move forward in the hair world for 2019. Opting for dye instead of the painstaking wait of growing out potentially patchy natural grey hair can be a great option. Many celebs such as model Erin O’Connor and author Caitlin Moran have been seen rocking a stripe of grey in their otherwise dark manes for a quirky update in their hairstyle.

Lovely Lilac

Another trend that we seem to have just said goodbye to is coming back around, but with a more grown up flavour. Bold lilac hair, rather than the previous pastel shade, has shot up by 1077% in searches in late 2018, showing a major increase in popularity. Those with blonde hair could experiment with wash in-wash out lilac hair dye colours, or pop into your favourite salon and ask for this daring colour update.

Which 2019 hair trend will you be adopting this year? Whether you’re looking to add some hair extensions for length so you can get celebrity inspired glossy locks, or if you want to try out a new colour, there will be something for you to play around with in our collection of hairstyle ideas.

Head over to the Additional Lengths Instagram to find hairstyles and colours we’re loving, and browse our collections of hair extensions and heat tools to see how we can help you achieve your dream hair!

Hair Tips Remi Cachet

Hair Extensions For Beginners

With a brand new year often comes the urge to change up a few things in our lives to reflect the fresh start. It may involve hitting the gym, clearing out our bulging wardrobes or dreaming of transforming our appearance with a new hairstyle. At Additional Lengths, we love the power hair extensions can have on completely reinventing your look. So if you’re considering hair extensions as part of your 2019 hair look, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide on hair extensions for beginners to help you choose the best type for you.

What are the different types of hair extensions?

We stock a fabulous range of hair extensions from leading brands such as Remi Cachet that offer temporary or more long term hair extension options to suit your preferences. A good place to start with when it comes to hair extensions for beginners is to familiarise yourself with the different types of extensions on the market, so you can hopefully find the right kind to suit your lifestyle and your hair.

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions: The perfect solution for those ladies looking for instant volume and length without the commitment! Securely attach the pieces of clip in hair extensions to transform your hair for a special occasion or for a bridal hairstyle, or as a cost-effective hair extensions option.
  • Tape Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension is ideal for those with fine hair. Easy to attach, tape hair extensions involve a strip of hair which is applied either side of a section of your own hair, with the adhering strip securing the hair near the root.
  • Weft Hair Extensions: Another more permanent hair extension type is weft hair extensions which involve a long section of hair which has been sewn into a lace weft strip that is then attached to your own hair by sewing, glueing or plaiting techniques. For a more natural finish, the weft can be cut into strips and applied where needed.
  • Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: Opt for pre-bonded hair extensions if you’re looking for a long term extension product to change up your look in 2019. Pre-bonded hair extensions can be safely applied to your hair in several different ways, including hot or cold fusion and micro ring method, and can last up to a year with maintenance appointments. At Additional Lengths we stock Flat Tips, Stick Tips, Nail Tips and micro ring hair extensions, like Remi Cachet Ultra Tips® and Mini Tips® hair extensions.

What are hair extensions made from?

Naturally, there are pros and cons of the various kinds of hair extensions and what they are made from. Synthetic hair extensions are a cheaper material, but you’re limited with styling as applying heat to synthetic hair extensions may result in damage. Human hair extensions and Remy hair extensions are a more costly but worthwhile option.

So, what is Remy hair?

Remy hair is human hair and it’s a popular hair extension choice for those looking for a natural look with their hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are smooth and less prone to tangling because the cuticles of the hair remain and they flow in the same direction from root to tip. Another benefit of human hair extensions is that they are easy to blend with your own hair due to the natural texture they provide. Human hair extensions are also great for those who love using heated stylers such as straighteners and curling wands, with the styles being easily washed out without damaging the hair.

Key points to consider:

  • Choose the right hair extensions for your needs: Whether you’re looking for something temporary for your dream bridal hair, or an everyday look you can rely on, you’ll need to consider either clip in hair extensions or permanent hair extensions accordingly. Consider the maintenance (cost and time) required with more permanent types of hair extensions, and what you’d prefer your new locks to be made from to get the best results.
  • Style of extensions: This is where you determine the length and thickness of the human hair extensions to suit your personal style.
  • Colour match: How to colour match hair extensions will depend on the different shades in your natural hair, as many of us have highlights or balayage to consider. Colour matching is the key to blending hair extensions seamlessly, with no giveaway differences in hair shades, so that it looks natural.
  • Maintenance: No matter the type of hair extensions, they are an investment and should be looked after so that they remain in top condition. Be sure to take the time to wash them with appropriate haircare products and take note of your hair extensions aftercare guide.

If you’re considering clip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions or weft extensions for 2019, be sure to take a look at our Additional Lengths Instagram page for beautiful hair inspiration.

For more info, take a look at our Hair Extensions FAQ post, or get in touch with the Additional Lengths hair extension experts for friendly advice on where to get started!