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The Short Hair Trend

Short hair is beautiful. There are many variations of shorter hair that helps to frame the face and enhance features – simply put, it looks great on so many people. With the latest designers sending their models onto the catwalk with faux bobs, it’s an upcoming hair trend that is about to be everywhere. Let’s take a look at the popular winter hair trend and discover how to get the perfect cut for you to help get the most out of your lovely locks, no matter your hair type.

As we’re a leading hair extensions supplier, it wouldn’t be an Additional Lengths hair trends post without some styling tips using hair extensions. If you’re looking for ways to update your short hair or wanting a temporary transformation to add length, read ahead to see how we can help you!

The cut

Whether we’re talking a simple trim to tidy up your already short hair, or taking multiple inches off the lengths for a whole new haircut, getting the cut right is important. So, if you’re thinking about making the leap, how can you tell if short hair will suit you?

Things to consider if you’re thinking of going for the chop include:

  • Face shape
  • Hair type
  • Fringe style
  • Layers

As with any haircut, a good hairstylist will take your face shape into consideration when they are planning how to do your cut. A long face should avoid a cut that will add height, such as a pixie cut, so a chin-length bob or a longer bob that sits above the shoulders will suit this face type best. A bob will exaggerate the roundness of the face, so opt for a longer bob if you have a round face for a more flattering haircut. Those with a heart-shape or oval face shape can easily rock the pixie cut and style out any length of hair.

A sweeping fringe or a blunt fringe with a bob both look stunning and will suit a range of different face shapes. A fringe with short hair just finishes the hairstyle off perfectly and is definitely worth considering.

Finally, layers will add texture to your hair cut but the way it looks will depend on your hair type. Ladies with curly hair should ideally stick with a one-length cut to help the hair sit better, but those with straight or wavy hair can work the layered look well.

How to style short hair

When it comes to styling short hair, there is a hairstyle suitable for every hair type and length. Play around with different partings and use heated stylers from Cloud Nine to straighten the hair or create glamorous waves. To keep the hair off your face, take the top section of hair and tie it up into a bobble for a cute short hair version of the top knot.

If your bob is looking a little lacklustre and flat, we recommend using a dry shampoo or a texturising spray to add some texture and volume at the roots. Using a brush to gently create volume at the crown by backcombing at the root with a hairbrush can also bring your hair to life. Alternatively, tame flyaways and create a sleek, sophisticated bob with hair serum or shine spray which will calm down any frizziness.

Hair extensions for short hair

Understandably, there are times where we will long for a brand new look to freshen up our appearance, and a shorter haircut can really provide that transformation. But whether you’re a committed short hair gal or new to the hairstyle, there are hair extension options which can act as a way to change your look completely – for just one night or for months at a time.


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We stock an array of fabulous hair extensions for short hair at Additional Lengths, such as the range of Remi Cachet Clip In Deluxe hair extensions which can be securely attached to the hair in separate pieces. The multiple pieces of the clip in hair extensions are designed in different sizes to ensure that you can blend your own hair with the extensions effortlessly. Clip in hair extensions are a great way to mix up your short hair with extra length for a special occasion or to try out a new ombre style.


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To add volume to a shorter hair cut, we sell 12” length hair extensions which work well to give your natural hair a boost. The addition of shorter length extensions can actually improve the look of your own hair and hold hairstyling better, such as waves and curls. A good set of human hair extensions can also be a wonderful way to help with the awkward growing out stage of short hair, bridging the gap between a short cut and longer lengths.

Get ready for the short hair trend this winter by considering which cut will suit you best and how to make this style work for you before getting the chop, and just know that we’ll always be here with our luxury human hair extensions to change up your look!

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