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Easy Bridal Hairstyles

When it comes to wedding hair ideas, there’s an abundance of inspiration that can be taken from celebrities, bridal magazines and the many glamorous images online. For those brides-to-be this summer who are looking for bridal hair ideas, it can feel overwhelming with so much choice! You’ll no doubt want a bridal hairstyle that can withstand a ceremony and a night time reception, with minimal maintenance throughout the day, and yet perhaps be looking for something a bit different from your usual style.

At Additional Lengths, we understand that many brides will be wanting some simple yet beautiful hairstyle inspiration for their big day, so we’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite easy bridal hairstyles. Our wedding hair ideas range from chic looks that you can do yourself or with the help of a bridesmaid, or a bridal hairstyle look that you can ask your stylist to replicate. So read ahead for DIY wedding hairstyles and looks that you can rock on your big day!

Luxurious Waves

A simple wedding hairstyle has to be the classic wavy hair which can add a wonderful feminine touch to any wedding dress and veil ensemble. Waves are so easy to achieve yourself by using a good quality curling wand from Cloud Nine, which will create various sized curls and soft waves with a long lasting glossy finish. From short hair to long hair, you can create a kind of wave to the hair using a Cloud Nine curling wand to add extra dimension to your hair on your wedding day.

For thick, long hair that will last from the ceremony til after the honeymoon, why not consider some Remi Cachet weft hair extensions? With the human hair extensions from Remi Cachet you can use heated tools on them to style them however you want, so you’re free to explore the luxurious waves look as a simple bridal hairstyle.

Classic Updo

For the ladies searching for wedding hair ideas that involves keeping the hair up and off the face and neck, there’s plenty of hairstyles that brides can opt for. Many brides choose the classic bun or beehive look for their wedding day hair, and with some additional hair accessories these styles can be easily achieved with minimal effort. We love the gorgeous bridal up do by stylist Nicola Orlando with additional embellishments!

To create the perfect large bun, we would recommend using a bun ring which you can wrap your hair around for a smooth, perfectly shaped bun that can be placed neatly at the back of the head for a sophisticated finish. You can choose a bun ring which is the same colour as your own hair to ensure a subtle look, and secure the hair with hair grips and a generous spritz of firm hold hairspray such as the Moroccan Oil Strong Hold Hairspray.

Feminine Braids & Twists

After your hair is bouncing with waves, you now have a great base for building upon the hairstyle as the volume is now already there! We love the look of traditional braids or twists taken from the front sections of hair and brought to the back of the head and secured, with the bottom section of the hair left wavy. This simple bridal hairstyle is so pretty and can be made as unique as you like, with straight, curly, wavy hair of all lengths.

Fuse two styles together by trying out a plaited updo which involves a French braid taken from the top or crown of the head into a full braid and then the lengths tucked underneath at the nape of the neck. You could do different braid styles including fishtail to create more interest and to make it look like a more complicated hairstyle than it actually is. This is a wonderful bridal hairstyle for those with fine hair or long hair looking for a flattering wedding updo.

Bridal Hair Accessories

The traditional veil will always take centre-stage when it comes to bridal hair accessories, but there are other finishing touches that can be made to add to your wedding hair. As seen on many catwalks this fashion season, the hair barrette has recently made a comeback due to its ability to add extra detail to the hair without interfering with the hairstyle itself. A bridal barrette should fit in with the wedding theme, whether it’s diamante encrusted or a matching metal with your bridal jewellery. One barrette on a side parting or two pinned at the side of the head on either side of a parting is a wonderful way to add a bridal hair accessory for summer. We love the statement bridal hair accessory added by stylist Tracey Roche to a shorter hairstyle.

If you’re a summer bride looking for hair inspiration, we’ll have the right tools to help you get your dream wedding hair! From beautifully luxurious human hair extensions and styling tools to easy bridal hairstyles with clip in hair pieces, choose Additional Lengths for your big day.

Summer Trends

2018 Festival Hair & Make Up Ideas

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and try new hair and makeup looks in the name of embracing creativity and experimentation outside of your usual hair and beauty routine. Whether you’re planning on dancing in the DJ tent until the early hours, or sipping a cold pint whilst listening to your favourite band on the main stage, get to know our favourite festival hair and makeup ideas and try them out for yourself!

Long gone are the days of ditching the makeup and tying your unwashed hair up in a bun for the long weekend (although that is perfectly fine too!) – festival hair and makeup are all about pushing the boundaries. Go as daring as you like with our Additional Lengths festival hair trends and playful makeup ideas.

Get Nostalgic With Space Buns

A hairstyle that really does have a place in festival hair trends year after year has to be the classic set of space buns. With the playful look of space buns that give us serious Spice Girls nostalgia, it’s a festival hairstyle that can be worn on any day and has some great variations that you can try. Whether you want to rock a half head of space buns with two buns and the rest of the hair left down, or you’re looking to keep your hair up completely with the buns taking all of your hair, we love the look of this classic festival hairstyle! Check out beauty blogger Anna Zeller and her fabulous Coachella hairstyles.

As one of the most easy festival hair ideas, to create your space buns simply part the hair in two sections and apply some Moroccan Oil dry shampoo to add extra texture and hold. Next, take one side of the hair and secure in a high ponytail, then twist the hair before wrapping it around the hair bobble on top of your head to create a bun. Secure with a hair tie or hair grips before doing the same on the other side. This technique can also be used to create smaller buns with half of the hair, leaving the rest of the hair down, which is a great way to add more impact with your festival hairstyle by using clip in hair extensions!

Party Braids

A braided hairstyle for a festival can be as easy or complex as you’d like, depending on time and skill. French braids are a fabulous idea for the second or third day of the festival when your hair isn’t freshly washed and has more texture. This type of braid can look great all most hair lengths. A French braid starts from the top of the scalp, in either two or one plaits, and continues down to the nape of the neck. It may be worthwhile asking a camp mate to do this for you!

Pack some hair grips and a travel sized hairspray in your backpack for this next one – ultra cute milkmaid braids. This bohemian style look can be the perfect way to keep mid-length hair off your neck and face, whilst giving the hair extra dimension with the crossed over plaits. To get milkmaid braids, simply create two loose plaits at either side of your head, and take one at a time, bringing them over to the other side of your head before securing with hair grips. Pull out any sections of fringe to frame the face for a softened finish.

Finally, the bonus of wearing braids is that when you take them out the next day you’ve got wonderfully crimped hair! Depending on your hair type and how tightly your hair was braided, you’ll have beautiful loose waves or bouncy waves that can be freshened up with a spritz of dry shampoo.

Glitter Makeup

Where better place to experiment with glitter makeup than at your favourite summer festival? You certainly won’t be alone in the experimental makeup department that’s for sure! Invest in some different sized glitter, from shiny specs of gold to larger shimmer stars, and bring along a pot of Vaseline as a way to adhere the glitter to your face. Apply Vaseline to wherever you’d like the glitter to stay put on your face – we suggest along the apples of the cheeks and brow bones as a playful highlighter. Take the glitter up into the hair by sprinkling in your hair parting for extra glam.

Festival makeup calls for lots of colour, and if there’s something you definitely need to have in your paired back festival makeup bag, it’s coloured eyeliner. A bright blue or purple hued eyeliner can look gorgeous on brown or hazel eye colours, whilst a shiny gold or copper will really make blue and green eyes pop. Take inspiration from the latest catwalk beauty trends by going for two coloured eyeliners that can be applied to the top and bottom lashes for a splash of colour to waken up your complexion.

So whether you’re partying it up on a campsite or treating yourself to the VIP area of a festival this summer, you can do it in style by trying out our easy festival hair and makeup looks. Browse our collections of hair pieces, clip in hair extensions and hair brushes to get ready for festival season 2018!