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How Do I Colour Match My Hair Extensions?

The key to having fabulous looking hair with hair extensions is to properly match the colours between your own hair and the extensions, so that the finish is seamless and natural looking. So how do we colour match hair extensions? And how do you blend extensions with your own hair? When considering investing in pre bonded hair extensions, it can be question that many ladies ask their stylist as you don’t want the extension joins or colour difference to be obvious.

We’ve put together a helpful guide to outline the process of how our Remi Cachet and Additional Lengths hair stylists would colour match hair extensions, how they achieve the perfect colour blend to suit your hair and the best way to blend hair extensions.

How do stylists colour match hair extensions?

Firstly, going to have hair extensions put in professionally is a great way to ensure of a good colour match as hair stylists have a clear view of your hair from all angles. For example, it’s quite common for the root colour to be a different shade from the ends, especially if you’ve gone for a balayage look.

Colour rings are used to help match up hair shades as they allow us to compare shades easily with sample sizes of the hair extension. For the hair colours we match to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. With colour rings, stylists always match to the root colour and not the hair colour as this could stand out more visibly if a lighter ring was used. If the hair has a number of tones and shades then we can select a range of colours and mix them together to create a new colour blend other than what we already sell in our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions.

Most popular mixed colour tones are already made up and sold by us but in cases where three or four colours are needed, it’s great to add double tones together. This means that you’re getting a unique blend of various hair tones to perfectly match your own hair, whether it’s a natural or dyed colour. We can also create ombre and balayage hair colours using extensions without the need to colour clients hair at all as long as we get the length and blend correct.

The application type also makes a difference when it comes to colour matching, including to what rings you select to attach the mini/ultra or stick tips hair extension type. Each stylist will offer a fully customised hair extension application to ensure the best results for your new hair. So a customer with thin hair often has a lighter hair colour than what we would advise when it comes to colour matching, but this is normally just the front sections which are naturally lighter than the back, (which they don’t see). A professional would customise this to accommodate any differentiation that occurs with the colour of the hair or to apply the colour that replicates the overall shade, more than just the front.

How to blend hair with hair extensions

It goes without saying that the best way to blend your natural hair with hair extensions is to be properly colour matched to get the shades right. But if you’ve bought clip in hair extensions online for example, you’ll be required to seek out the perfect match on your own using a colour chart on a screen, which may prove difficult!

Avoid the tell-tale colour difference by considering the tones in your natural hair; are they cool or warm toned, and do you have multiple shades such as highlights running through the hair? The way your current hair is will affect the colour hair extensions you should go for. For example, if you’re an ash toned blonde, it makes sense to stick to those shades over a warm toned champagne blonde. For those who have dyed hair, a great way to get hair extensions to match perfectly is to purchase real human hair clip in extensions which can be dyed the exact same shade at home.

Ensure that your extensions are styled the same way as your natural hair in order for the two types of hair to blend together perfectly. Once attached, style the hair and extensions together, whether that’s using a curling wand to create luxurious waves or straightening the lengths for a sleek look. Also, whether going for pre bonded hair extensions or clip in, using the same or similar length hair with layers can be a good way to achieve a natural finish. For shorter hair though, it’s possible to go for blending weft extensions that can be attached to create layers so the difference in lengths is less obvious.

Colour matching at Additional Lengths

Take a look at the Colour Chart for a display of hair colours from Remi Cachet to match your Remi Cachet hair extensions with your current hair colour, whether natural or dyed. Multi tonal shades offer a beautifully natural look with these hair extensions, which also makes them easier to colour match. All brands produce a colour ring to enable stylists to carry out this colour matching service during the initial hair consultation. For our Remi Cachet brand we offer a super colour ring which is larger and more professional to achieve a more accurate colour match.

At Additional Lengths we offer a great colour matching service and all of our stylists are skilled in matching and applying hair extensions. The colour matching service at Additional Lengths ensures that you’re getting a perfect match.Get in touch with us today for friendly advice about hair extensions or pop into a store to have a full consultation.