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How To Make Curls Last Longer

There are many great mysteries in life and we’re sure that you’ll agree that keeping a good set of curls in all day is certainly one of them! You can walk out of the house on a morning with beautiful, perfectly formed curls or waves, only to meet midday with flat, lifeless hair. Dropped curls or frizzy curls can really ruin a girls day! However, there are steps that can be taken in order to save your favourite hairstyle. Today at Additional Lengths, we want to share with you our hair magic tips on how to get curls to last longer, and how to get them looking even better!

Whether you have naturally curly, textured hair, or straight and fine hair, the perfect curls can be achieved through following our helpful hair tips.

How to prepare the hair for curling

Just like with our makeup routine, the trick to ensuring our hairstyles stay in all day is to prepare and prime the hair first. Wash your hair with your usual shampoo, but go lightly with the conditioner as the conditioner product is designed to make hair smooth and can be too slippery for our curling needs. It’s also at the point in the process that you can let your natural hair texture work in your favour! If you normally straighten your thick, wavy hair, let it be natural as the texture can add to the curls.

Hair products to use before beginning to curl the hair can include applying hair mousse to towel dried hair which will bring a bouncy, soft touch to your finished curls, and even dry shampoo that can be used to add further texture to the hair. It’s also a good idea to spray a light spritz of heat protectant spray over the hair if you plan on using heat to curl your hair.

What do you use to curl hair?

The secret behind perfect curls and waves really begins with what tools you’re using to style the hair. A superstar hairstylist is only as good as her tools afterall! So, where do you start to look for the perfect heated hair styling tool?

An exceptional brand that offers premium quality heated hair tools and that we stock at Additional Lengths is Cloud Nine. Gaining popularity among the hair industry, it’s easy to see why many professional hairstylists love using Cloud Nine hair tools. Our range of Cloud Nine curling wands are just what you need to get various sized curls in your hair in no time. The Original Wand offers a tapered and super smooth barrel which allows you to create tight curls to tousled waves depending on your desired end result. The Cloud Nine Curling Wand is ideal for thicker hair as it has the same shaped barrel for the full length of the wand and can create smooth, glosser curls and waves. Simply section the hair and wrap each section hair around the barrel, holding for no longer than 6 seconds before carefully unravelling. With a smooth, mineral infused, coated barrel, the Cloud Nine curling wands are designed for kinder styling and lasting results.

Another well known brand who is celebrated for creating stunning hair looks is the classic GHD and their collection of heated hair tools. Not only can you get some fancy waves with their GHD straighteners, but their specialised range of wave wands and curling tongs are ideal for all kinds of hair types. Utilising tri-zone® technology, their ceramic coated curling tongs guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C and will give volume at the root and tumbling curls or waves throughout the mid lengths. The GHD curling wands are great for locking in that curl. Pinning curls can also help to keep the style – pin the curl after styling the section of hair by letting it coil against your head and pinning in place until it’s cool.

For those who wish to stay away from using heat on their hair, then that’s no problem either! There are several ways to curl hair without heat to save it from potential heat damage and further dryness. Try foam curl rollers which can be used to roll the hair around in sections and slept on, or if you’ve like soft curls which are more on the wavy side, simply plait your hair before bed and shake them out in the morning. We’ve even seen online tutorials of creative ladies using socks to roll their hair in to get gorgeous curls – whatever works best for you and your hair!

Adding a finishing touch

We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of a dropped curl; whether it’s due to unfortunate weather or simply because our stubborn hair decides to release it’s curl. The key to keeping your curls is to add a final hair product or two as a finishing touch. Once the curls have been done with a curling wand or your preferred method, simply run your fingers through the hair to soften and blend the curls before using a firm hold hairspray and lightly misting all over the hair. A texturising spray can also be used if you’re after ‘imperfect’ curls that look more lived in, or a product designed to define curls, such as the Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream.

So when it comes to ways to get the perfect curls, there are several actions you can undertake to ensure your hair looks fabulous with bouncy curls all day long. Using a good quality hair product before hand will prep the hair, before using a curling wand to carefully curl the hair using heat, and finishing with a firm hold hairspray to keep the style in place. We hope that our tips from Additional Lengths have given you some curling inspiration with our heated styling tools and hair product options!

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