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2018 Hair Colour Trend Alert: Ultraviolet

Colouring our hair is a great way to express ourselves to the world, and if you’re feeling ready for a change or a temporary pop of colour in 2018, then explore the latest hair colour trend for a fashionable update – ultraviolet. We’ve heard of unexpected purple hair on bleached blondes when they’ve used a touch too much of purple toner shampoo, but why not try out the mystical colour intentionally? As Pantone have announced ‘Ultra Violet’ as their official Colour Of The Year 2018, we’re getting ready to embrace a whole new world of the visionary colour.

There many ways to incorporate this purple hair trend into your current look, including lightening the hair (if you’re a brunette) before diving in with a purple hair dye, adding coloured hair extensions or opting for semi permanent hair colouring products. A bright, rich colour such as purple has the tendency to fade quickly, so if you’re opting for the permanent dye, take into consideration the upkeep!

50 shades of purple

There’s a whole spectrum of the colour purple, and it can take a moment to figure out which shade you’re keen in trusting with your hair. From the aforementioned darker violet, to a sweet lavender, take into consideration your skin tone and hair type when deciding a shade of purple. While previously it’s been all about those lilac and pastel shades, this year we’ll be seeing darker purple hues come to the forefront of hair dying.

‘Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.’ – Pantone

An inspiring dark purple hair trend can be all you need to push the boundaries and get you out of that hair colour rut! You can also work in several shades of purple for a multi tonal finish, or stick to one hue and add it in one section for a subtle addition. If you have light coloured remy clip-in hair extensions and you’ve recently dyed your hair purple, then you can use a purple dye on the hair extensions to ensure that you match!

So, how bold would you dare to go?

How to get purple hair without using dye

Sometimes a special occasion will motivate us to consider something completely new with our regular style, but often times, we want it be a temporary thing. There are several non-permanent ways to add purple to your hair, and at Additional Lengths, we have a few products that may help you achieve those rich velvety purple hues!

Those with light coloured hair or with highlights could adopt the purple hair colour trend with the use of a wash in/wash out product such as the Color Rub in Pyro Purple from Hair Flairs. Kind to the hair, a coloured chalk can be rubbed directly onto the hair from root to tip in sections for a fun pop of colour for a party, then can be easily washed out with no colour residue remaining. Purple hair chalk can be just what you need to get the shade onto your hair in no time, with minimal commitment.

Get a flash of colour in your fringe or under section of hair with the Flip-In Hair colour flash clip-in extensions which are made using real human hair for extra quality. All bold shades are catered for with their range of colourful clip in hair extensions which can be used for a subtle or bold addition of colour, no matter your own hair colour. Choose the purple clip in and secure to your natural hair easily to enjoy a few hours of vibrant colour before removing at the end of the day!

Our last suggestion of a temporary way to add violet to your hair comes from our very own Additional Lengths collection of feather hair extensions. This type of hair extension is a playful way to introduce extra intrigue and dimension to your own hair, and the purple feathers combined with plain and grizzly feathers are ideal for a night out! This kind of extension product can be attached using micro or silicone rings, and can even be added to the hair securely with normal hair extension clips for an easy to remove fit.

Here at Additional Lengths, we are big fans of this latest hair colour trend and can’t wait to see more customers embrace the ultra violet shade. From a full head of permanent purple hair dye for a unique look, to temporary pops of colour using non-permanent products, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this popular hair colour this year.

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