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4 Romantic Hairstyles Ideas For Valentines Day

Here at Additional Lengths we’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day the best way we can, by focusing on our most favourite romantic hairstyles.

Whatever your usual style, whether you want to shake it up completely for the day of love, or wish to remain true to your roots (ahem!), let’s chat about our top 3 romantic hairstyle ideas for Valentine’s Day that are simple to replicate at home. So if you plan on spending the day with your best girl friends, or are secretly hoping to be whisked away by your other half, there will be a hair look to suit your plans.

A classy chignon bun

This go-to hairstyle is perfect for a feminine, classic look that can be a sophisticated alternative to the much loved messy bun. A chignon bun can be created at any height on the head, from the back of the crown to the nape of the neck, and be as elaborate or simple as you like; it’s really up to you!

Back view of young woman applying makeup

So, how do you do a chignon bun? This hairstyle is so simple to accomplish on yourself, and requires a handful of bobby pins or hair pins and firm hold hairspray to keep the bun in place. Do this with unwashed or day old hair, as freshly washed hair may be too ‘slippy’.

  • Firstly, take a comb and part your hair down the middle, smoothing it behind your hairs and gathering at the nape of the neck using both hands, so a section of hair is in each hand.
  • Next, it’s time to twist the two hair sections together and start to coil the hair in a counterclockwise circle. It can help to use your index finger in the centre to hold the bun shape in place!
  • Using your bobby pins or hair pins, secure either side of the bun before gently pulling on the hair to loosen up the knot.
  • Finally, pin the hair around the bun to keep its shape and hold, and create as much volume as you like by using a tail comb end to pull outwards the hair in the bun. Finish with firm hold hairspray, et voila!

Add some shine to a chignon Valentine’s hairstyle by smoothing the hair with a serum or shine spray such as the Smooth & Finish Serum from GHD, which will also work to keep flyaways at bay.

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If a sleek, pulled back look simply isn’t your bag, just opt for a messy chignon bun with sections of hair pulled out of the bun to frame the face. Margot Robbie nailed this look with her loosely styled hair and wavy front sections, giving her the ideal hairstyle to show off a pair of drop earrings. Show off a special pair of statement earrings with this hairstyle like Margot and rock a red lip for an understated yet chic date night look for Valentine’s Day.

Sleek down ‘do

For those gals who are super low maintenance when it comes to their locks, but want to do something a little bit different for Valentine’s Day night, we recommend this on-trend evening hairstyle. Leaving your hair down, but combed straight back from your face and held in place with product, you’ve got a hairstyle straight from the catwalk! Also referred to as ‘the wet look’ this is an easy style that is also ideal for when your hair’s on it’s second or even third day.

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Taking hair pointers from Rihanna is always a good move, and we simply love the slicked back hairstyle on her as it shows off the whole face beautifully. To achieve this look without looking like you’ve borrowed your little brothers hair gel, the professionals advise you to use a leave-in conditioner to get the ‘wet’ slick look. Just be sure to keep the product to the roots and half way through the mid lengths to avoid looking like you’ve just taken a dip in a swimming pool!

Luxurious waves

This hairstyle doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion as it looks fabulous every day of the week. No matter your hair length, you can achieve a full head of pretty waves for an ultra feminine hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’d love some loose waves or more compact waves with plenty of volume, there will be some heated hair stylers out there to give you the desired wave. For extra length and volume, we recommend adding some clip-in hair extensions from Remi Cachet to give your hair a boost before using a curling wand such as one from our Cloud Nine range to create luxurious bouncy waves.

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Coming from a family of good hair, Khloe Kardashian nails the luxurious waves hair look like a queen. Opting for a side parting, you’ve got more volume to one side for an old style Hollywood feel to the look, and it’s a great move if you’ve got stretched roots or balayage in your hair as it shows the depths of the tones in your hair. This hairstyle can be created for a seamless day to night look on Valentine’s Day for a truly versatile hairstyle option.

Fairytale braids

For a whimsical, uber feminine Valentine’s Day hairstyle, we adore braids as a way to introduce more texture and dimension to your hair. Again, this can be done with practically all hair lengths and types, making it a great option for everyone! If you’ve got plenty of time, plaits can even be combined with the above hairstyles; double braids taken from either side of the hair brought together over wavy hair, or smaller plaits leading to a chignon, can all work wonderfully well.

A perfect example of how to do Valentine’s Day hair on shorter hair can be taken from model Ashley James who rocks a loose side braid taken from her temple back towards the crown. Loose braids or fishtail plaits are a fashionable alternative to the traditional schoolgirl braids for a more grown up look. Add a texturising spray or a dry shampoo to your hair before braiding to ensure more grip and hold for the hair and secure with a bobby pin.

There you have our favourite four Valentine’s Day hairstyles, all relatively easy to replicate and suitable for all hair types and lengths. Tag us in your Valentine’s Day looks via the Additional Lengths Instagram so we can see your beautiful romantic hair creations!

Hair Tips

How To Make Curls Last Longer

There are many great mysteries in life and we’re sure that you’ll agree that keeping a good set of curls in all day is certainly one of them! You can walk out of the house on a morning with beautiful, perfectly formed curls or waves, only to meet midday with flat, lifeless hair. Dropped curls or frizzy curls can really ruin a girls day! However, there are steps that can be taken in order to save your favourite hairstyle. Today at Additional Lengths, we want to share with you our hair magic tips on how to get curls to last longer, and how to get them looking even better!

Whether you have naturally curly, textured hair, or straight and fine hair, the perfect curls can be achieved through following our helpful hair tips.

How to prepare the hair for curling

Just like with our makeup routine, the trick to ensuring our hairstyles stay in all day is to prepare and prime the hair first. Wash your hair with your usual shampoo, but go lightly with the conditioner as the conditioner product is designed to make hair smooth and can be too slippery for our curling needs. It’s also at the point in the process that you can let your natural hair texture work in your favour! If you normally straighten your thick, wavy hair, let it be natural as the texture can add to the curls.

Hair products to use before beginning to curl the hair can include applying hair mousse to towel dried hair which will bring a bouncy, soft touch to your finished curls, and even dry shampoo that can be used to add further texture to the hair. It’s also a good idea to spray a light spritz of heat protectant spray over the hair if you plan on using heat to curl your hair.

What do you use to curl hair?

The secret behind perfect curls and waves really begins with what tools you’re using to style the hair. A superstar hairstylist is only as good as her tools afterall! So, where do you start to look for the perfect heated hair styling tool?

An exceptional brand that offers premium quality heated hair tools and that we stock at Additional Lengths is Cloud Nine. Gaining popularity among the hair industry, it’s easy to see why many professional hairstylists love using Cloud Nine hair tools. Our range of Cloud Nine curling wands are just what you need to get various sized curls in your hair in no time. The Original Wand offers a tapered and super smooth barrel which allows you to create tight curls to tousled waves depending on your desired end result. The Cloud Nine Curling Wand is ideal for thicker hair as it has the same shaped barrel for the full length of the wand and can create smooth, glosser curls and waves. Simply section the hair and wrap each section hair around the barrel, holding for no longer than 6 seconds before carefully unravelling. With a smooth, mineral infused, coated barrel, the Cloud Nine curling wands are designed for kinder styling and lasting results.

Another well known brand who is celebrated for creating stunning hair looks is the classic GHD and their collection of heated hair tools. Not only can you get some fancy waves with their GHD straighteners, but their specialised range of wave wands and curling tongs are ideal for all kinds of hair types. Utilising tri-zone® technology, their ceramic coated curling tongs guarantees the right curling temperature of 185°C and will give volume at the root and tumbling curls or waves throughout the mid lengths. The GHD curling wands are great for locking in that curl. Pinning curls can also help to keep the style – pin the curl after styling the section of hair by letting it coil against your head and pinning in place until it’s cool.

For those who wish to stay away from using heat on their hair, then that’s no problem either! There are several ways to curl hair without heat to save it from potential heat damage and further dryness. Try foam curl rollers which can be used to roll the hair around in sections and slept on, or if you’ve like soft curls which are more on the wavy side, simply plait your hair before bed and shake them out in the morning. We’ve even seen online tutorials of creative ladies using socks to roll their hair in to get gorgeous curls – whatever works best for you and your hair!

Adding a finishing touch

We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of a dropped curl; whether it’s due to unfortunate weather or simply because our stubborn hair decides to release it’s curl. The key to keeping your curls is to add a final hair product or two as a finishing touch. Once the curls have been done with a curling wand or your preferred method, simply run your fingers through the hair to soften and blend the curls before using a firm hold hairspray and lightly misting all over the hair. A texturising spray can also be used if you’re after ‘imperfect’ curls that look more lived in, or a product designed to define curls, such as the Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream.

So when it comes to ways to get the perfect curls, there are several actions you can undertake to ensure your hair looks fabulous with bouncy curls all day long. Using a good quality hair product before hand will prep the hair, before using a curling wand to carefully curl the hair using heat, and finishing with a firm hold hairspray to keep the style in place. We hope that our tips from Additional Lengths have given you some curling inspiration with our heated styling tools and hair product options!


2018 Hair Colour Trend Alert: Ultraviolet

Colouring our hair is a great way to express ourselves to the world, and if you’re feeling ready for a change or a temporary pop of colour in 2018, then explore the latest hair colour trend for a fashionable update – ultraviolet. We’ve heard of unexpected purple hair on bleached blondes when they’ve used a touch too much of purple toner shampoo, but why not try out the mystical colour intentionally? As Pantone have announced ‘Ultra Violet’ as their official Colour Of The Year 2018, we’re getting ready to embrace a whole new world of the visionary colour.

There many ways to incorporate this purple hair trend into your current look, including lightening the hair (if you’re a brunette) before diving in with a purple hair dye, adding coloured hair extensions or opting for semi permanent hair colouring products. A bright, rich colour such as purple has the tendency to fade quickly, so if you’re opting for the permanent dye, take into consideration the upkeep!

50 shades of purple

There’s a whole spectrum of the colour purple, and it can take a moment to figure out which shade you’re keen in trusting with your hair. From the aforementioned darker violet, to a sweet lavender, take into consideration your skin tone and hair type when deciding a shade of purple. While previously it’s been all about those lilac and pastel shades, this year we’ll be seeing darker purple hues come to the forefront of hair dying.

‘Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.’ – Pantone

An inspiring dark purple hair trend can be all you need to push the boundaries and get you out of that hair colour rut! You can also work in several shades of purple for a multi tonal finish, or stick to one hue and add it in one section for a subtle addition. If you have light coloured remy clip-in hair extensions and you’ve recently dyed your hair purple, then you can use a purple dye on the hair extensions to ensure that you match!

So, how bold would you dare to go?

How to get purple hair without using dye

Sometimes a special occasion will motivate us to consider something completely new with our regular style, but often times, we want it be a temporary thing. There are several non-permanent ways to add purple to your hair, and at Additional Lengths, we have a few products that may help you achieve those rich velvety purple hues!

Those with light coloured hair or with highlights could adopt the purple hair colour trend with the use of a wash in/wash out product such as the Color Rub in Pyro Purple from Hair Flairs. Kind to the hair, a coloured chalk can be rubbed directly onto the hair from root to tip in sections for a fun pop of colour for a party, then can be easily washed out with no colour residue remaining. Purple hair chalk can be just what you need to get the shade onto your hair in no time, with minimal commitment.

Get a flash of colour in your fringe or under section of hair with the Flip-In Hair colour flash clip-in extensions which are made using real human hair for extra quality. All bold shades are catered for with their range of colourful clip in hair extensions which can be used for a subtle or bold addition of colour, no matter your own hair colour. Choose the purple clip in and secure to your natural hair easily to enjoy a few hours of vibrant colour before removing at the end of the day!

Our last suggestion of a temporary way to add violet to your hair comes from our very own Additional Lengths collection of feather hair extensions. This type of hair extension is a playful way to introduce extra intrigue and dimension to your own hair, and the purple feathers combined with plain and grizzly feathers are ideal for a night out! This kind of extension product can be attached using micro or silicone rings, and can even be added to the hair securely with normal hair extension clips for an easy to remove fit.

Here at Additional Lengths, we are big fans of this latest hair colour trend and can’t wait to see more customers embrace the ultra violet shade. From a full head of permanent purple hair dye for a unique look, to temporary pops of colour using non-permanent products, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this popular hair colour this year.