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The Best Celebrity Hair Looks From 2017

The omnipresence of the celebrity world means that we are all influenced by our favourite celebs in some way, and more often than not, it’s their envious hair and beauty that gets us talking. With makeup gurus and professional stylists at their daily disposal, celebrity hair and makeup for the red carpet or other promotional events are always on point. If you’ve ever taken a picture of a celebrity into a hair salon with hopes of having the same hairstyle (who hasn’t?), then this Additional Lengths list of the best celebrity hair looks from 2017 is for you.

We’re taking a look at some of the most talked about celebrities of 2017 and focusing on their most beautiful external quality – their hair!

Kylie Jenner

We’re sure that you’ll agree with us when we say that Kylie is queen of changing up her hair looks, and 2017 has been full of amazing hairstyles and colours. The makeup mastermind Kylie Jenner is no stranger to using wigs to switch up her hairstyles, going from her natural, dark long bob to long blonde tresses in the space of one day. Her ice blonde locks for Halloween was a key look, whilst her Kylie Jenner Cosmetics collaboration video with her older sister Khloe Kardashian saw her with stunning ash blonde long hair. However, her trademark look has got to be her beautifully dark brunette hair which she often accentuates with matching hair extensions for even more length and volume. Kylie even embraced the pastel hair colour trend in September by giving her own take on trend with a gorgeous rosé colour.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Mirror the Kylie Jenner hairstyles by investing in a high quality human hair wig or hair on a wire product from our ranges here at Additional Lengths. Not only do they provide extra length at a moments notice, they also provide volume to lacklustre hair. Minimal commitment is required for our hair on a wire pieces – simply allow the halo of wire to fit over the head, adjust the wire to the shape of your head, and pull your own hair over the wire for a natural finish. Our Halo Hair Extensions come in various lengths and shades, so you can have Kylie Jenner hair in no time.

Ashley Graham

Flying the flag for the plus size modelling industry, American model Ashley Graham has had a great hair year. Racking up magazine covers at Vogue and Grazia, multiple fashion shows and designing her own line of beautiful lingerie, Ms Graham is inspirational in many aspects. Her go-to hairstyle that she adopts with her luxurious brunette locks is old Hollywood waves, parted at the side. Focusing on high shine, Ashley Graham’s hair looks healthy and full of life – exactly what we all hope for our own hair!

The famous model is also a fan of bohemian beachy waves that offer a low maintenance finish without compromising on the overall look. So, how do you do the perfect beachy waves? Luckily here at Additional Lengths we stock a great range of electric hair stylers to help you get those fresh off the beach loose waves. Use a Cloud Nine curling wand to create waves in the hair and let them drop naturally so the curl isn’t too tight. Muss up the hair with a texturising sea salt spray for Ashley Graham inspired hair.

Cara Delevingne

Not one to shy away from attention, this attention grabbing starlet shocked many fans with her drastic hair change in 2017. The Cara Delevingne hair crop saw her say goodbye to her infamous long dark blonde hair, and opt for a shaved head – a look that she totally pulled off effortlessly. In her 2017 Burberry campaign Cara displayed a punky bleached blonde cropped hair in a short pixie cut which showed off her signature dark brows perfectly. Our obsession with Cara Delevingne’s hair has really been taken up a step up this year, and has got to be one of our favourite celebrity hairstyles of 2017.

Ariana Grande

This superstar has really left her mark on this year, and her distinctive ponytail hairstyle is undeniably influenced 2017 hair trends. The Ariana Grande high ponytail is a classic look that she wears wonderfully, with her long thick hair tied up at the crown, and left straight or delicately curled for flattering flowing waves. Towards the end of the year, she treated her usually dark hair to a blonde transformation, though the darker locks will always be synonymous with her trademark hairstyle!


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Get your own Ariana Grande long ponytail by smoothing your hair upwards and securing with a hair tie, and taking a small section of hair to wrap around the ponytail at the base for extra texture. We recommend using a clip on ponytail to achieve the extreme length Ariana is famous for, and with the slight curl at the end, it will look super natural to boot. An easy celebrity hairstyle to emulate, and a great way to look on trend without much effort – perfect!


Which celebrity hairstyle from 2017 was your favourite? We love flicking through Instagram and finding our hairstyle crushes – check out the Additional Lengths blog post on 2018 hair trends to see what to expect for the coming year.

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