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Beauty Hair Tips Summer

Essential Hair & Beauty Travel Items

If you’ve yet to go on your summer holiday or you’re planning on jetting off again before the summer season ends, we’ve put together an essential list of hair and beauty travel items that are absolute must-haves when enjoying a tropical holiday.

Beach beauty

It goes without saying that the number one product that should be on the top of your holiday packing list is a good SPF sunscreen. Preventative measures are better than dealing with the sun damage, sore burnt skin and peeling that comes with sunburn! There’s so many different types of sun protecting products on the market available in various forms, such as lotions, sprays and oils. You can even get a scalp protecting products with SPF in to keep your delicate scalp from burning during a day in the sun (or you can invest in a stylish hat!).

To be sure to purchase the SPF factor suitable for your skin type it’s worth considering the sun’s effect on your skin, so take note of the following points:

  • Fair skin that burns easily will need the highest SPF available – factor 50.
  • Medium skin complexions that burn minimally and tans well should go for factor 15-30.
  • Darker skin which never burns and tans readily can consider factor 2-10.

Another item worth having in your beach bag is a lip balm with SPF in. Not only will it keep your lips nourished, it will offer than extra bit of protection in the sun on a place often missed when applying sunscreen to the face. Every little helps.

Summer makeup tips

We all know how difficult it can be to keep a full face of makeup on during the heat; slipping and sliding, our favourite foundation can quickly become the enemy! If you’re not feeling the makeup free look but just want some light coverage, then why not opt for a BB cream? Enjoy the lightweight formula that will smooth over the complexion perfectly, giving your skin the freedom to breathe in the sunshine.

The impact of a bright lip cannot be underestimated, and a holiday is the perfect time to experiment with different summer lipstick shades. We love a classic red or playful pink for an evening of mojitos, and a tropical coral toned lipstick to brighten up the face during the day.

Again, sometimes the heat means skipping steps in your usual makeup routine. Another summer makeup tip is to skip the eyeshadow (which, let’s face it, in the heat could turn into a creasey mess!) and aim straight for a good few coats of mascara. Always opt for a waterproof mascara for holidays due to the sweat and water exposure. On an evening, elevate the mascara look with a flick of waterproof eyeliner to bring the look together. A simple makeup look for a holiday that is quick and easy – meaning more time to spend at the poolside bar.

Hot hair

Whether it’s for natural hair or your human hair extensions, a gentle brush should definitely be on your packing list. This is why we love the infamous Tangle Teezer which will ‘tease’ out any tangles acquired during a day at the beach and smooth down the hair after a dip in the pool. Tangle Teezers are compact enough to slip into a beach bag for taming hair on the go, and it’s the ideal brush choice for human hair extensions because they’re so gentle and won’t pull on the joins.

Hair treatments on-the-go

Looking after your hair whilst on holiday needn’t mean adding lots of extra products to your suitcase, taking up precious baggage allowance! When it comes to replenishing and nourishing the hair after a day of sun exposure and sea salt, at Additional Lengths we highly recommend the range of hair treatments by Malibu C. Conveniently packaged in 12ml sachets that are perfect for travel, these hair treatments are packed with goodness that includes gluten-free plant proteins and vitamins. Pop on the Malibu C Miracle Repair deep conditioning hair treatment for it’s mega moisturising power – just what your dried out hair will need on holiday.

Blondes can rejoice and face the swimming pool with vigour safe in the knowledge that any discolouration and damage can be soothed afterwards with a Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Remedy hair treatment. This must-have treatment will kick crunchy, lifeless swimming pool affected hair into shape to reveal it’s usual softness and shine. Pack a few of these Malibu C hair treatments and apply regularly over the course of your trip for beautiful hair. When you’re home, your scalp may feel drier than usual due to the sun exposure, so turn to the Malibu C Scalp Therapy treatment to relieve any dryness or itching with it’s soothing botanicals and essential oils infused ingredients.

Another brand we can’t get enough of come summertime is Moroccan Oil and their fabulous range of hydrating, restoring and moisturising hair products that are suitable for use on hair extensions. Here at Additional Lengths we stock a great collection of the Moroccan Oil sets and kits which include travel sized products – ideal for your summer holiday!

Holiday hair care tips for hair extensions

A summer getaway may be a time to relax but it doesn’t necessarily give you time off from keeping your hair extensions looking their best. We’ve got some simple tips to help care for your hair extensions whilst on holiday:

  • Avoid overexposure to chlorine and seawater by fixing your hair into a topknot or plait – The chemicals and metals in seawater can affect the colour and texture of extensions, as well as create tangles. Look for anti-tension hair ties that won’t damage the hair.
  • Regularly brush the hair – Use a Tangle Teezer or a brush with flexible bristles and regularly brush your hair extensions throughout the day for manageable hair.
  • Take your hair extension aftercare products with you – If you forget your hair extension friendly shampoo and conditioner, you may have to rely on hotel products which won’t be as suitable.

Take a look at our special guide on pool safety for your hair for more tips on how to enjoy your holiday with fabulous looking hair extensions that will look their best the entire length of your trip!

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