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What To Do With Old Hair Extensions

If you’re a long time hair extensions fan, there’s a good chance that you have a drawer full of clip in hair extensions that haven’t seen the light of day for a good while. Your older clip ins are banished to the drawer in favour of your new extensions, which seem shinier, happier and much preferred to your previously loved ones. However you also recognise that money has been invested in these older clip in extensions, so you’re left wondering: what can I do with my old hair extensions?

At Additional Lengths, we’ve done a bit of research on your behalf to find out some ways to use old clip in hair extensions to your advantage and give them a higher purpose than sitting idly in a drawer. Read on for some ways you never knew you could repurpose your clips in!

Revive and reinvent!

If you’re sitting on quite a few good quality human hair extensions that once worked well for providing extra volume and length, why not simply revive them?

Dye them back to life

With blonde tone clip in extensions we suggest getting creative with some colourful hair dye and giving them a new lease of life as colourful extensions can be a fun addition to a special occasion look. Human clip in hair extensions should take hair dye fairly well, and we recommend the funky colours from La Riche Directions or use colour hair chalks which can be easily washed out. For a dash of pastel blue, purple or pink without the commitment, this can be a great way of achieving that on-trend hairstyle. Festivals, gigs, or any other event that can bring out your inner unicorn – pop in some freshly dyed clip in extensions for a pop of temporary colour!

Create a hair accessory

Use your DIY skills to use the spare hair extensions to create a new hair accessory! We love the idea of simply braiding each clip in hair extension so you’ve got some effortless, pretty braids to add into your hair whenever you like. It’ll save on time whilst adding another dimension to wavy hair or straight hair that’s missing some bohemian style. The small braided hair extensions can be clipped into different areas on the head for subtle texture. For further creativity, you could attach a couple of braids to a headband to create a super easy braided crown – perfect for summer hairstyles!

A small hair donut can also be transformed using old clip in hair extensions by simply wrapping a single piece around the donut. The hair donut can then be used to finish off a ponytail, or if you’re after a messy hair bun look but can’t face the tangles – simply use your hair extensions as a faux messy bun!

If you’re feeling inspired by a certain Lady Gaga, why not create a hair bow out of your old clip in hair extensions? This requires two pieces of hair with one of the clip parts removed and an invisible elastic band. Fold both ends of one piece inwards and tie with the elastic to form the loops of the bow, then take the second hair piece and wrap around the centre until secure. Use the clip in from one of the extension pieces to secure to the hair for a simple pretty bow detail.

Sometimes an occasion calls for a sophisticated beehive, but the need to backcomb hair at the crown can put some people off due to possible hair damage and tangles that can come along with it. Combat this by utilising your old clip in extensions and packing them into a hair net, creating a lovingly referred to in the industry as a ‘hair rat’.

How to make a faux beehive out of hair extensions:

  1. Split your old hair extension weft into sections
  2. Use a brush to backcomb the sections until they become voluminous clouds of hair
  3. Roll up the backcombed hair pieces together until it forms an oval shape
  4. Pop the hair into a hair net so that it feels quite firm to squeeze
  5. With the hair rat ready, section your hair at the crown then use clips or hairpins to secure the faux beehive into place and comb your own locks over the top

It’s a fabulous way to get that extra volume at the crown, and can be used time and time again!

Storing your old hair extensions

If you’re reluctant to get rid of your old clip ins entirely, maybe because you’ve currently gone several shades darker or lighter so they don’t match your hair colour anymore, you can still keep them safe and rely on them later. If you no longer have the original packaging, there are many ways to store hair extensions in order to keep them on hand for future use.

To keep your clip in extensions in a good condition it’s a good idea to gently brush through them to disperse any tangles. Depending on their current condition, we would advise washing and drying them before storing away. Check our blog post on how best to wash your clip in extensions for some helpful tips! Always ensure that damp hair extensions are dried thoroughly though as you don’t want them to develop mold, mildew, or even a strange odour if stored when not completely dry.

We’ve found some genius ways to store your hair extensions to keep them in their best condition:

  • Coat hanger – Use the type of coat hanger with two clips attached and simply clip the material section onto the hanger. This will keep the hair tangle free and it’s easy to store – simply add to your wardrobe!
  • Plastic bag – Using a good size plastic packaging such as plastic food storage bags can keep hair safe and separate before popping into a plastic container. This is way of storing hair extensions definitely requires completely dry hair as the plastic material isn’t breathable.
  • Shoe box – A more breathable option to store hair extensions, a shoe box can be used as a way to keep them safe and can be easily stored on top of a wardrobe or under the bed.

We hope that you feel inspired by our suggested ways to use old clip in hair extensions, from hair accessories to completely transforming their look with hair dye. If you’re in the market for some brand new extensions, browse our excellent range of Remi Cachet clip in hair extensions for fabulous quality.

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