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Hello Sunshine! Summer Holiday Hairstyles

Whether you’re jetting off to some tropical island with the girls or planning a romantic city break with your other half, let us take the stress out of hairstyling for you by offering some gorgeous holiday hairstyles examples. Take inspiration from your favourite models and performers to find create your perfect go-to summer holiday hairstyle this season with the help of the team at Additional Lengths.

The new classic top knot

A relatively safe option it may be, but the top knot has seen a rise in it’s popularity outside of the gym lately. Not only is the top knot a fashionable hairstyle, it’s extremely practical due to it keeping hair off your face and neck, a totally great move during the heat.

better talk nice

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Whether you’re down for a messy top knot like Kendall Jenner or prefer to mix up textures with smooth hair towards the crown, using products such as dry shampoo and texturising sprays can add to the finished hairstyle. Perfect for hitting the beach or a day chilling by the pool.

A low maintenance low bun

Sometimes when you’re on holiday all you want is something quick and low maintenance for your hair to cut down on time spent getting ready. Plus, if your hair condition isn’t the best after a day of swimming in chlorine infused pools, this look will pull the hair out of the way so you can deal with it later! This is why we can’t get enough of the super simple, slicked back low bun. It’s a totally different vibe to the above top knot with it’s underrated finish, so think of it as the messy bun’s slick sister. Style queen Rihanna is also a fan of this classic hairstyle that is a beautiful evening holiday hair option to keep things cool.

Rihanna ❤ @Chopard

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A quick and easy guide on how to do a chic low bun:

  • Brush hair thoroughly – After a day at the beach, sand and wind can prevent this look being as smooth as you’d like so be sure to tease out any knots.
  • Bring hair together at the nape of your neck – You can twist it here and secure afterwards, or tie a hair elastic to create a ponytail first for extra security before twisting into a bun and securing with pins or another elastic.
  • Smooth down any flyaways – This look calls for a smooth finish with no extra hair showing up in bumps or knots around the head. Use a hair oil such as Moroccan Oil to get that high shine, then spritz with hairspray to seal the goodness.

Feminine fishtail crown

Fishtail braids are all the rage due to their unique look and more sophisticated take on the traditional three section plait. We’re loving the depth and different textures involved in a fishtail crown, with tendrils of hair perfectly framing the face. It’s just perfect for a summer hairstyle suitable for a day at the beach! For a low maintenance version, simply go for one single fishtail braid pulled to the side for a Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games look.

Experiment with temporary colour

With the sun shining we often get a natural boost to our hair colour, especially blondes who can be treated to an extra lightness in their hair tone. Whilst summer highlights can come in the form of light caramels, icy blondes or even red tones, why not throw caution to the wind (or gentle breeze) and go for a totally different hair colour? Take the plunge this summer!

So what colours are we talking about for summer? There’s been a real interest in pastel hair colours that has spilled over from the popular hair trends of 2016, and it’s a hair trend that shows no sign of disappearing for summer! Opt for a beautiful candy inspired pastel tone such as light pink, seafoam green or a light lilac shade for ultimate mermaid hair vibes, like one of our dream hair gal Jesy Nelson from Little Mix.

Today’s candy dream 🍧 by my fairy godfathers @adamburrell @aaroncarlohair

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For those who prefer to edge on the side of colour and want something even more temporary or subtle, then go for coloured clip in hair extensions which can be popped in and removed just as quickly.

Long hair in the sun

If you’re currently struggling with growing your hair or just wanting to add some extra length to help you get those model off-duty waves in time for the beach, consider opting for some Remi Cachet hair extensions. The human hair extensions from Remi Cachet are available in various beautifully toned colours and application methods. Opt for a clip in weave for a temporary boost to your tresses, or opt for Remi Cachet Indian Flat Tips for a longer lasting length to get you through the post-holiday blues. With human hair extensions you’re free to use heated stylers on them, so on day one of your holiday you could be rocking the straight look, and day four partying with bohemian waves!

If you’re considering hair extensions for your summer holiday, contact us at Additional Lengths for a friendly chat and professional consultation to ensure you get the right extensions for you.

Summer haircare tips

The hotter climate can be hell for already damaged hair, so summer calls for sun protecting hair products and hairstyles that will prevent any further damage occurring whilst you’re enjoying the sunshine.

  • Go for hairstyles that protect the ends of the hair – The ends of our locks are the most vulnerable parts due to split ends, dryness and damage from heat or chemicals. This is why certain hairstyles, such as buns or top knots with the ends of the hair safely tucked in, will protect the hair from sun damage.
  • Protect your scalp – Invest in a cute straw hat with a wide brim to protect your scalp and roots from sun exposure. There are even SPF products specially formulated for use on the scalp available on the market.
  • Put the heated stylers down – Along with the UV rays and general heat from the sun, our hair can have a tough time during our holidays! Add to that daily straightening or regular use with a curling wand and our locks will struggle with the extra heat, so leave them alone as much as possible to save hair the extra stress.
  • Take time for treatments – Pre and post-holiday (and even during if you’ve got time) hair treatments can really help keep hair in the best condition. At Additional Lengths we love the nourishing properties of Malibu C hair treatments which include Swimmers Wellness Remedy and Miracle Repair treatments that will restore shine and softness.

For specialist advice on how to take care of your hair after a dip in the pool, take a look at our Hair Damage Prevention 101: Pool Safety For Your Hair post.

From top knots to low buns and fishtail braids, there’s so many holiday hairstyles to experiment with this summer, and a week or two in the sun is the perfect time to showcase them! Browse our range of Remi Cachet hair extensions and hair care products to get your hair prepped this holiday season.

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