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Remi Cachet in Dubai! Beautyworld Event 2017

Earlier this month, we took our Remi Cachet hair extensions to exhibit at the international Beautyworld event in Dubai. The Middle Eastern trade fair incorporated hair, beauty, fragrances, and wellbeing products with talks, exhibits and live demonstrations provided by companies from 59 countries. We met so many wonderful people who visited our stand, from fellow beauty business exhibitors and hair stylists, to prominent beauty industry figures. It was such an amazing networking experience for the brand, and we can’t wait to go back in 2018!

Our fabulous Remi Cachet stand displayed our sleek signature style, with the main focus on our hair extension samples and demonstration area. We took along some of our bestselling hair extension products, including the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips® and Indian Flat Tips, plus hair extension application tools to do some live demonstrations, which certainly attracted a lot of attention from visitors!

The Remi Cachet team; Victoria and her team of talented stylists ready for a day of exhibiting and networking

Victoria being interviewed for a beauty TV channel, showcasing the impressive range of hair extension shades available from Remi Cachet.

Victoria with super-stylist, Guy Tang

Phenomenal hair stylist and colourist Guy Tang, was also at the Dubai event and we couldn’t resist getting a picture and having a chat with him. Known for his stunning pastel-inspired hair shades (and his 2m Instagram followers!), he was at Beautyworld with the fantastic Olaplex brand. There truly were so many inspirational hair industry exhibits and talks that we were lucky enough to experience.

“Dubai was such an amazing event for the company and leading UK brand, Remi Cachet. Our aim was to make an impact and we certainly did that. Our stand and display made a huge impression on industry professionals, we got tongues wagging which resulted in us being selected for a video and interview for a beauty TV channel. It was truly amazing and we can’t wait until 2018. We’re taking over the Middle East!”
– Victoria Lynch, owner of Additional Lengths and Remi Cachet

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Next month, the Remi Cachet team is packing up its best tips and tricks again, along with the premium range of RC hair extensions, and heading across the pond to exhibit at the prolific Premiere Orlando international beauty event in Florida, USA. Not only that, we also have the lovely Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey working with us at what will be a truly amazing event!

Hair Tips

Homemade & Natural Hair Care Techniques

We have put together a selection of homemade natural hair care treatments for you to make and use at home. If you are all about the organic lifestyle, we think this will suit you and your hair, right down to the root!

It’s as simple as A, B, C

Your hair craves the vitamins and nutrients that you put into your body, but there is more than one way of giving your hair those vital vitamins. Whilst we do not condone completely ignoring dietary recommendations, we understand that we cannot always be in control of what nutrients our body is getting, so how can we ensure our hair is always looking its best without that guarantee? The trick is to use topical treatments on the hair itself, nourishing the hair and scalp from the outside in. Here are a few natural hair treatments you can make at home.

Argan Oil: from seed to root

Seeds and nuts are healthy due to their high impact nutrients. We often use almond butter or almond oil in our food, but what about hair products? Argan oil, from the seeds of the Argan tree native to Morocco, was originally used for cooking. Now, the benefits of Argan oil have been given new fame in the beauty industry. The natural and eco-friendly production process makes it ideal for those of us who struggle with heavily fragranced or chemical based products.

It is a natural moisturiser, for both skin and hair, so grab some today and get mixing up this deep conditioner:


  • 1tsp Argan Oil
  • 2tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 3 drops Essential Oil (Any)
  • 1tbsp Shea butter

Apply to hair, combing through to the tip. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse before washing with shampoo and conditioner. Use our Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner pack after this deep conditioning treatment to get the most long lasting results.

Get yourself an Avoca-do!

If you think you have stretched the imagination with all the ways you can use avocado in the kitchen, then get ready for a whole new green remedy. This time it’s for your hair! As we already know, avocado is full of good fats, which help rebuild moisture in our hair, helping us achieve those shiny locks we’ve always dreamed of.

Check out this moisturising DIY hair mask:


  • 1/2 Avocado (pureed)
  • 1tsp Olive Oil
  • 3 drops Rosemary Oil

Work into damp hair, from root to tip. Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing. Follow with Sexy Hair Soy Milk Shampoo and Conditioner for both coloured and normal hair.

Go Coco-Nuts

Coconuts bring the exotic into our homes, but they don’t just go well in a cocktail. As an oil, it gives brilliant results on both body and hair. It helps rebuild protein in the hair, whilst nourishing your scalp, both preventing dandruff and regulating oil production, which promotes growth and shine.

Here’s a double duty coconut conditioner that will give you a full head of health:


  • 1 Banana (sliced)
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Milk
  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Coconut Oil

After washing hair with shampoo, blend ingredients together and thickly apply home made coconut conditioner to hair and scalp. Leave on for 30 mins – 2 hours depending on preference, then rinse with a further application of shampoo. Try Jenoris Hair Care Keratin Shampoo to really lock in the moisture.

Head of Roses

Rose water is a ancient toner, containing properties that help restore the hair’s strength and stimulate follicles for healthy growth. It is not only easily accessible, but can be made at home at very little cost. Simply remove petals from roses (6-8 roses), pour 2 cups of boiling water over petals and cover for 30 minutes (until petals have lost colour), then strain and store.

Here’s how to use it as a hair mist for frizzy and dry hair:

(Note: you’ll need empty spray bottle)


  • 2 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
  • 4 tbsp Rose Water
  • 3-5 drops Orange Oil

Pour rose water into spray bottle, add aloe vera gel and shake until mixed. Then add orange oil before shaking until combined. Spray onto hair after washing whilst still damp. Use the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Brush when drying hair for a smooth finish.

Health From Root to Tip

Want to know more about how to get a healthy head of hair? Check out the Additional Lengths guide on what you can do for healthy hair and scalp and give your scalp some love today.

Hair Tips Remi Cachet Trends

Say ‘I Do’ To Summer Wedding Hair Inspiration

Wedding bells are ringing as the spring season gets underway, and brides-to-be are counting down the days ‘til they tie the knot. With the venue, dress and guestlist sorted, what’s left for the bride to do than consider her hair for the big day? At Additional Lengths, we’ve seen some absolutely perfect bridal hair looks and want to share a few of our favourite wedding hairstyles with you.

From fashion runway to the aisle

Taking inspiration from hairstyles seen on the catwalk can be a great way to freshen up your bridal hair Pinterest boards. Bridal Fashion Week showcased some of the latest creations from many well known fashion designers’ bridal ranges, but of course, we showed a lot more interest in what was happening with the hair!

Here are some of the top styles showcased at Bridal Fashion Week 2017:

  • A 1920s’, flapper girl inspired bob with side parting and waves.
  • Natural waves with plenty of texture, pinned to one side with embellished hair clip.
  • Low ponytail tied with bow, loose tendrils of hair framing the face.

An elegant up-do

Such a classic wedding hairstyle, the up-do can be created in so many visually pleasing ways! Embrace the braid hair trend of 2017 and work several braids into one up-do, working in plenty of different textures for that casual finish. If you prefer a more sleek wedding up-do, a chic chignon or bun can work wonders to elongate the neck, show off earrings and just generally look fabulous. With hairspray, pins and creativity, a traditional up-do can be refreshed and updated for a more personalised finish. We love the volume of loosely pinning up curled or waved hair, allowing some bits to fall around the face.

Remi Cachet hair extensions can be worn up or down effortlessly to create a bridal hair look

A popular wedding hair look is the half-up-half-down hairstyle which keeps hair off the face, while also having some length at the back. The top section of hair can be twisted and braided for extra texture, and the bottom half treated to loose waves for a whimsical finish.

Long locks for a special day

Walk down the aisle with a completely special look, different from your usual hair, with hair extensions. A day with long locks can transform and elevate your personal style. We have an exceptional range of Remi Cachet hair extensions available at Additional Lengths that come in an array of beautiful shades and tones to perfectly match your natural hair colour, and with different application method options. The tape in hair extensions can provide a temporary look, providing volume, thickness and length for the duration of your special day, while more permanent extensions, such as the Remi Cachet Ultra Tips, offer a longer lasting option that can be easily styled for your perfect wedding hair look.

An example of the beautiful long blonde Remi Cachet hair extensions styled in loose waves

Bridesmaid hairstyles

Whether you’re having a sister, a close best friend or a whole fleet of them, bridesmaids can rock a special ‘do for your special day, too. At Additional Lengths, we absolutely love the on-trend loose waves look; it’s ultra feminine and works really well on all hair lengths. With the GHD Classic Wave Wand the ladies can even do their own hair to perfection, with the easy-to-use curling wand which creates consistent waves. GHD are renowned for high-quality heated stylers, which provide professional results. By using the GHD Classic Wave Wand (and a spritz of hairspray), your bridesmaids hairstyles will remain in place all day and night!

Hair accessories

The classic veil has so much traditional appeal, but sometimes a little refresh can be a good thing. Show off your hair by leaving the veil alone and opting for hair accessories that will bring additional embellishment to the hair for your special day. Even going for a tiara will still be in keeping with the timeless bridal hair accessory look, but will offer a bit more sparkle than a full veil. Beads and diamantes can look beautiful with the right placement, and offer just the right amount of sparkle to be subtle and tasteful. This bridal hair accessory option would look exquisite with brunette or auburn hair as the contract between the hair shade and the embellishment would make for a stand out look. Better still, wind the beads into the hair through a plait for a stunning hair adornment every bride would love.

Take it back to your childhood with a pretty hair band which can provide a bohemian look if decorated with flowers, or why not go full flower power with a floral crown? They can match your bouquet for a co-ordinated look.

We hope that you’re willing to say ‘I do’ to our beautiful wedding hair ideas for your big day. With so many bridal hairstyle options to ponder over, from Remi Cachet hair extensions to accessories, you’ll find that the perfect wedding day hairstyle for you is just waiting to be tried out! Whether you’re working with a professional hairstylist for the day, or doing your own hair, it’s amazing what you can achieve when it comes to your wedding hair dreams!

Hair Tips Summer

Hair Damage Prevention 101: Pool Safety For Your Hair

Holiday season is upon us and you’ve already picked out your perfect new bikini to wear on the beach and around the pool. Maybe you’ve just got your beach towel and bag sorted for lazy days at the beach, and you’re raring to go. So don’t allow your hair let you down this summer by lowering your style with discoloured or damaged hair!

There are plenty of ways to prevent hair discolouration and how to treat hair discolouration once it’s already occured. Whether you’re hitting the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, it’s a good idea to learn how to avoid hair damage on holiday.

Water babies take note and get clued up on simple ways on how to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible whilst you’re away on your jollies this year with our five helpful tips below.

1. Secure Your Hair

By braiding your hair or putting it into a high bun on the crown of your head, this will minimise the exposure the hair has to the water. Use a soft scrunchie to avoid any painful pulling and breakage. Of course, this will only work if you don’t intend on going under water! It’s especially important to try this if you have long hair extensions as it will keep them in better condition in the long term. Tuck in the ends of your hair to prevent sun damage to these more vulnerable areas, whilst will result in frazzled locks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2. Alternatively, Wear A Cap

It may not be the look your envisaged for your summer holiday this year, but by wearing a cap it will successfully prevent your hair from becoming the dreaded tangled mess after swimming, whilst also keeping it dry. Admittedly not the most fashionable of solutions but you will be feeling glad you chose this option when you reveal your perfectly dried hair underneath it post-dip. It also protects the hair from harmful rays of sunshine, which are admittedly a lot stronger in more tropical climes than here in the UK…!

3. Oil Up

Use some natural oil or Argan Oil to protect your hair from the chlorine. Argan oil provides an effective barrier sealing the hair from water due to its molecular properties (science!). It also means your hair can receive a lovely, enriching treatment whilst you’re free to swim in the sunshine. Healthy hair all through summer thanks to the amazingly rich Argan oil products available here at Additional Lengths.

4. Wet Hair First 

According to seasoned swimmers, wetting hair with tap water (or taking a shower beforehand) slows down the absorption of pool chemicals, as dry hair will soak up more water, increasing the exposure to chlorine and other nasties lurking in the sea. A top tip on how to avoid hair discolouration from swimming pools from the experts!

5. Condition, Condition, Condition!

If you do get your hair wet, either in the salty sea or chlorine filled pool, have no fear. Simply make sure you’ve packed some heavy duty conditioner in your suitcase, such as the Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner or the Sexy Hair conditioning treatment, which aim to smooth and repair natural hair. Conditioning will work to help to reduce summertime hair damage by fusing the hair with vital moisturising and replenishing nutrients. 

We have three excellent hair conditioners suitable for hair extensions at Additional Lengths from Malibu C to choose from:

  • Miracle Repair to rebuild the hair to leave it nourished and healthy. Perfect for straightener-addicts whose hair may need a little more TLC.
  • Hard Water Wellness Remedy is specifically formulated to rectify the harmful effects of hard water minerals changing your hair. If you have suffered discolouration or dry hair then use this after shampooing once a week and your hair will be back to it’s original hue and health.
  • Swimmers Wellness Remedy is a holiday essential for summertime mermaids. Restoring your locks and scalp after spa, chlorine pools and sea water visits to prevent dryness, itching and “swimmers green hair” (copper buildup, which is the culprit behind green discoloration).

The small packet sizes and affordable price point make these Malibu C hair treatments absolutely perfect for adding to your suitcase before jetting off on holiday! Why not throw in a couple of each to cover all bases and treat your hair at the end of each day.


Reduce the chance of hair damage by following the tips above and using specialist hair products, and successfully keep your hair healthy this summer with Additional Lengths.


News Remi Cachet

Remi Cachet & Teresa Giudice | Premiere Orlando Beauty Event

In June we have an exciting show organised at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event in Orlando, USA! The event will take place 3rd-5th June with the dedicated Remi Cachet team displaying their best hair extension techniques with the Remi Cachet hair extensions range with a very special guest indeed – Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! We’re huge fans of the stunning businesswoman and mum of four Teresa, so we’re looking forward to what we can get up to with her by our side at the Premiere beauty event.

Premiere Orlando is an international beauty event which aims to provide a fantastic educational show over three days, with a diverse selection of hair and beauty related presentations, training demonstrations, talks and special events on offer. Along with hair focused brands demonstrating colour techniques and barbering, to name but a few, plus live talks. Also taking the stage and exhibition spaces will be artistic nail design businesses and cosmetic dermatologists. Beauty advice and inspiration certainly will be flowing!

This trade show will no doubt benefit us as a brand due to the exceptional programme of educational events, forum discussions and opportunities to meet with other expert stylists and hair brands from our fast-moving and innovative industry. We’re excited to be bringing our beautiful hair extensions along for the ride and to display their styling possibilities.

The Remi Cachet team are heading to the sunshine state of Florida to showcase our high quality remy hair extensions, and pick up some inspiration from the event to bring back for our customers. We are delighted to be working with Teresa Giudice and cannot wait to meet everyone at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty event!