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Valentine’s Day Pamper & Prep

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Whether you’re getting yourself date ready or preparing for a night out with the girls, Additional Lengths have a useful pamper guide to get your started.

The day before

The evening before the big day is the prime time to do any beauty housekeeping which will give yourself more time the following day. It also helps create the perfect base look to build upon with hair and make up in the hours leading up to your Valentine’s plans.

Fresh nails

Get your claws ready for some love by visiting your favourite salon to get a fresh set of acrylics or gels done. Book your manicure appointment in advance to avoid disappointment! Stick to the romantic theme by requesting pale pink or purple shades, or go for the vampy look with merlot red with a high shine. For ladies who prefer natural nails, give them a quick file and a dash of classic red nail varnish to get yourself in the Valentine’s mood. Pamper yourself with a pedicure in a matching shade.


Get that bronzed look

Prep your body for self tan by jumping in the shower for some exfoliation; use exfoliating gloves and a body scrub for optimum results. Dead skin cells removed, you’ll be left with clean, smooth skin – the ideal base for your fake tan product. With no rough, dry skin, the product should apply evenly with no stubborn patches! At Additional Lengths, we love the Lauren’s Way self tanning products. Choose your preference of a mousse or lotion. The Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Mousse Kit includes everything you need to achieve that desired glow; body polish, tan enhancing moisturiser and self tanning medium bronzing mousse. As all pro tanners know, applying with a mitt gives a flawless finish with no streaks in sight.

Any mistakes can be rectified with a morning shower and more exfoliation.


Valentine’s Day

Depending on how long your beauty routine takes, we have some tricks up our sleeve to help you get the most out of your hair and make up rituals.

Make Up

If ever there was an event which called for a beautiful smokey eye, it is a Valentine’s date. A hot make up trend for this year is the bronze and orange eyeshadow look which is a contemporary take on the traditional brown shades we usually see for a sultry smokey eye.

Follow these steps:

  • Take a light orange over the lid, blending into the socket
  • Create some dimension with a brown eyeshadow on the outer edges of the eye
  • Gently pack a metallic bronze onto the centre of the lid
  • Dab a champagne colour shadow on the inner corners of the eye to brighten
  • Blend, blend, blend!
  • Curl lashes with eyelash curler & apply two coats of your favourite black mascara


As the beauty industry denotes – an eye is not complete without a cat eye flick of eyeliner. This simple trick outlines the eye and brings the whole look together. Fill in your brows and slick on a nude lipstick as a final touch.


Whether you’re keen to add a volume boost to your barnet or seeking some extra length, we’ve got the perfect hair extensions to help you achieve your hair dreams. Our Remi Cachet clip-in hair extensions are created with the highest quality 100% human hair with beautiful blends of colour for completely natural looking hair. Opt for the Remi Cachet clip-in deluxe extensions which are available in a huge range of colours, and can be styled with curling wands or straighteners as desired. These clip-in extensions are designed to give you super thick, luxurious hair in minutes and are so easy to apply to your own hair:

  • Simply part your hair
  • Gently backcomb the root area
  • Snap the clips in place
  • Blend well with natural hair using fingers


We want you to feel and look amazing with your choice of Remi Cachet hair extensions, so feel free to contact us for professional salon advice to ensure you’re getting the right product and shade for you.


Bring all of this together with your planned outfit, a spritz of your favourite scent and you’re Valentine’s ready.

We want to see your final look! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @additional_lengths and tag us in your Valentine’s selfies. Happy Valentine’s day from all at Additional Lengths!

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