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Four Ways To Style Your Hair Extensions

You’ve got your hair extensions for length, volume or both, but now what? Hair extensions needn’t just hang there lifeless, there’s plenty of styles to be experimented with! Here at Additional Lengths, we love seeing different hairstyles created with hair extensions.

The positive of having human hair extensions, like the luxurious ranges from the brand Remi Cachet, is that you’re free to use heated stylers on the hair to create different looks. The looks, such as waves or curls, can then be washed out and you can start again with a new look! You’re also able to use an array of hair products as you don’t have to worry about them damaging the synthetic materials of non-human hair extensions. From texturising spray to shine serum, hair products can really add to the finished style.

Half up, half down

This is such a popular hairstyle because it allows you to have the full length of the underneath hair, whilst keeping the top layer up and off the face. It’s a great look for hair extensions, but be warned that it may show the application joins depending on whether you have clip-in extensions or not. The top part can be tied into a topknot, or left as a partial pony tail.

Image: Stefan Stefancik

Luxurious waves

Make like the Kardashian clan and embrace the luxurious long waves trend. Prep the hair with a heat protectant and use a curling wand on small sections of the hair to create loose waves from the mid-lengths of the hair with extra shine. This is a great way to get more volume and texture into your hair extensions.

Pretty plaits

Plaits are totally having a moment in the hair world lately but they don’t have to give a school girl vibe. Divide the hair into two sections and start your plait high up on the scalp of French braids, or complete two plaits and wrap around the front of the head for a pretty crown style.

Ponytail extensions

We all know the struggle of growing out hair, waiting for it to reach a length that we’re happy with. Or maybe you’ve grown tired of your bob cut and long for lengthier locks. Perhaps for a special occasion you want to completely transform your look. For this, we recommend the ponytail extension. Every girl should have a ready-made high quality ponytail extension ready to attach to your own hair at a minutes notice for an effortlessly sleek look.
Simply use some shine spray or serum to smooth down any flyaways from the crown and sides of the head and attach the hair piece to your own ponytail, while blending with the natural hair. Take a piece of the hair and wrap it around the base to conceal any clips, and secure in place with a hair grip. Just make sure you get the perfect colour match or it won’t look natural!

A pop of colour

Why not mix things up with your hair and experiment with a new colour? Maybe not an entirely new colour, but hints of it throughout the hair. This may be an acquired taste but injecting a pop of colour to your hair using the Additional Lengths clip-in instant colour streaks can be a fabulous way to jazz up a hair style. Opt for contrasting colours, such as turquoise or blue for dark hair, and pink for lighter hair. You could leave the hair down for the most colour, or tie it up or braid the hair so only small sections of colour will be visible.

Image: Alice Moore

There’s so many styles you can create with your human hair extensions, from textured waves to top knots. With Additional Lengths you can achieve your hair goals with the help of high quality extensions.

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