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Five Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions


At Additional Lengths, we may be slightly biased but we believe that there are some excellent reasons why you should explore the world of quality hair extensions with us. We work closely with one of the UK’s leading hair extensions brand, Remi Cachet, to provide our customers with excellent human hair extensions. So, why wear them?

1. Texture

Firstly, extensions allow you to play around with different hair textures. If you have naturally straight hair which won’t hold a curl or wave, then you have the option to invest in a quality hairpiece or hair extensions which provide immediate luxurious waves. Curly haired ladies can experiment with poker straight tresses for a completely fresh look, avoiding any damage caused by chemically treating the hair in order to straighten. Plus, with the high quality human hair used to create some extensions, you’re free to use heated stylers to fashion your own texture.

2. Thicken up thin locks

We all know that simply having some extra hair can really make a difference to the overall feel and look of your hairstyle. Thin hair often struggles to hold a style or volume, and goes through a regular damaging process of backcombing and heat in an attempt to achieve the desired thicker finish. Whether you’d love a more permanent thickness, or want to give your hair a boost for a special occasion, there are hair thickening solutions available here at Additional Lengths.

Beautiful Blonde Girl. Healthy Long Curly Hair.

3. Volume

The benefit of extra volume definitely ties in with the hair thickening point mentioned above. The placement of clip-in extensions can affect the appearance of volume to your hair. Careful placement around the crown area and blended in with the natural hair can really lift the hair and give it an extra dimension. High ponytails are very much in vogue this year, so why not add some extensions to add some extra oomph to the ponytail? We love the instant results you can achieve with our Remi Cachet 100% human hair extensions.

4. Length

Perhaps you’ve discovered that short hair just isn’t for you, or you have a hard time growing your hair to a length you’d be more happy with. This is wear the instant results of hair extensions come in to solve your hair woes. Our most popular hair extension product offers clean and easy application as well as removal, so you can get the hairstyle you want in no time at all, and remove them effortlessly. With the excellent hair quality of the Elegance Range, the Mini Tips™ are designed to work with the Mini Locks™. The German Keratin bond is softer to work better as a cushion inside the Mini Lock™ to create tiny flat bonds to ensure that they are comfortable to wear, and conveniently discreet so no one would know you have extensions. Et voila!


5. Temporarily transforms your look

If you’re looking to make a big change to impress at an upcoming event or party but don’t want to commit to a specific hair colour or cut, then clip-in human hair extensions are definitely for you. They are so easy to apply to your natural hair and simple to remove, with minimal stress or damage to your hair or scalp.

Sometimes we just want to experiment with a new look by injecting some colour into our hair – without the commitment of permanent hair dye. Coloured hair extensions can provide an opportunity to inject a little colour without the permanency or waiting for the colour to grow out. A vibrant shade of red or subtle tones of pink clip-ins would look great peeking through waves. For blondes, perhaps you’d like to try out some lowlights, and for brunettes the option of highlights would take your look to a different dimension. Clip-in hair extensions cause zero damage to the hair, and can be applied and removed with minimum fuss.


Browse through our collection of clip-in hair extensions or human hair extensions to find the right colour and style for you. We have some fabulous products on offer with various styles including popular dip dye and ombres, as well as shiny base colours. We understand that it’s crucial that we take good care of our hair to keep it looking it’s best. We stock a selection of specialised Additional Lengths hair extension care products with treatments, shampoo and conditioners specially designed to care for extensions.

If you’re considering investing in hair extensions, or you’d simply like some styling tips, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our friendly professionals for some expert advice.

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