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Hair Tips

Hair Resolutions for 2017

You may have fallen into some bad habits this year with your hair care or usual beauty routine, but worry not! A new year is upon us and we are free to start again with the best intentions. We’ve put together some resolutions we’ll be attempting to stick to in 2017.

Regular Visits To The Hairdressers

Keep things healthy by keeping on top of your trims. The dead ends accrued throughout this year need clearing away so you’re left with a sharper cut, and much healthier looking hair. If you’ve got hair extensions, get them refreshed to avoid the regrowth tugging at your roots and causing damage – not to mention, you’ll feel so much better with new hair.


Take Better Care of Hair Extensions

It’s so easy to be lazy about the care of your hair extensions; whether you’re treating them to simple washes or leaving clip-in extensions leaving prone to damage and tangles, there’s bound to be a more effective way to care for them. They’re an investment after all! We’ve got some great hair treatments from the likes of Moroccan Oil, and our own special Additional Lengths hair extension treatments that you can use to keep your hair nourished and looking it’s best. Which leads onto…

Always Use (Heat) Protection!

If you’re a slave to the hair dryer and electric hair stylers, you’ll need a quality heat protector in order to avoid damaging the hair. Try to go a few days without applying heat to your hair to lessen the damage and give it a chance to recover. Experiment with braids as a way of styling minus the heat.

Invest In Quality Hair Tools

If your curling wand or straighteners have been struggling throughout 2016, then the new year is the ideal time to invest in something new. Browse our range of beautiful GHD’s for professional hair straighteners you can rely on with their ceramic and contoured plates which help hair glide through effortlessly, with no stress on the hair.


Ask A Professional!

If you’re unsure about going for a new look or would like some hair extension advice, please contact us at Additional Lengths for some friendly, professional advice to help you achieve your dream look.

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