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Autumn Hair Trends


Some styles show no sign of going out of fashion. At Additional Lengths we like to keep on top of the trends coming through and to help our customers achieve their perfect look.

Autumnal Hair Colours

Many people choose to go darker with their hair colour for the Autumn and Winter months, but a subtle way to keep some of that lighter shade from summer is to opt for balayage or ‘sombre’ – the new term coined by stylists for a ‘soft ombre’. A deep copper or auburn hair colour is the ideal autumnal shade for those who fancy something completely different. Blondes can experiment with different shades, with ash blonde being a popular hair trend and being enjoyed by many celebs.


It’s All About Textures

Experimenting with creating different hair textures is a great way to spice up a hair style. Your favourite 90’s trend crimping is back! Crimping all over or sections of hair provides that alternative texture, whilst using a curling wand, like the salon quality ones we stock from YOGI, to create voluminous waves works well to offer a sleek look. Run some mousse through the hair and a spritz of hairspray to keep it looking fresh. Straight hair with small, subtle plaits which show up through the hair is an intriguing style that is so simple to replicate; why not wrap a small braid around the base of a ponytail and gently backcomb the ends for a fashion-forward finish?


Styles & Hair Accessories

Braiding has become big news recently with endless celebrities sporting two feminine plaits, either during their downtime or for nights out. Do it yourself or teach yourself how if you’re unsure by watching tutorials – it doesn’t need to be perfect, a messy plait can still look cool!

If you haven’t seen the latest trend of using hair rings, where have you been?! Small metal rings that are inserted into French braids look delicate and eye-catching – a little bit of bling to brighten up darker days.

Looking for commitment free hairstyles for Autumn? No problem. Clip-in hair pieces are a great way to play with your look without permanent results. The perfect example for the upcoming months is the clip-in fringe; a way to completely alter your hairstyle with no awkward growing-out stages to battle through. Clip-in hair extensions or weaves which offer volume and length are popular all year round.

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