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5 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Know

Red Hair

Red Hair

1. We are here to advise and to style – but we cannot perform miracles!

Want to go platinum blonde from box dye black in a one hour session? Nope. Brought in a picture of a celebrity with thin straight hair when you have voluminous, thick curls? Maybe not. Having realistic expectations can help us to give you the perfect cut or style, and understanding your own hair type and what it is capable of, is the best way to go. We can manipulate hair using professional haircare products and heated appliances for a short term fix, but it’s down to you to deal with the up-keep.

2. Cutting your hair to help it grow is not a myth.

Trust us, there is a science behind this. We all know how horrendous split ends can look; they weaken the hair, making the ends straggly and thin, so by cutting them off you’re left with much healthier looking hair. A small trim every 2 months will work wonders for maintenance and shouldn’t affect your desire for longer hair.

3. Tell us about your hair history, even your hair fails.

To get a good overall picture of your hair health and what products we should be using on your hair, we need to know about past treatments and colours. Bad dye jobs that you’ve tried to cover up and come into the salon wanting it correcting is definitely when you should come clean! This way we will provide a better service, and you’re more likely to love the end result because we’ve personally tailored the hair products and treatments.

4. Hair extensions are an investment.

Quality hair extensions, such as our range of human hair extensions here at Additional Lengths, are a great way to add length and volume. Opt for clip-in hair extensions for a quick hairstyle update, or invest in the look by opting for professionally fitted extensions for a longer-term finish. Invest in quality and you’ll reap the benefits! We have a helpful beginner’s guide to hair extensions video which displays the different options available. Be aware of the upkeep they require before making the leap; you’ll want to protect your investment. If you’re considering them, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice – we’re the best people to ask!

5. We won’t be offended if you aren’t happy with the end result.

Please tell us if you’re unhappy! We would much rather try to fix the issue and have you leaving the salon feeling happy than having a bruised ego. We enjoy spending time and effort on getting a client’s hair just right – if it isn’t just right then we won’t be happy either. Communication with your hairstylist is key, at every stage, not just the moment you walk in.

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