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10 Problems Girls With Extensions Will Understand

additionallengthsThe choice to wear hair extensions can be a big commitment and by no means is it an easy journey! Whether you’re experimenting with clip-in hair extensions to change up your look temporarily, or you’re dedicating yourself to the life of human hair extensions and you’re in it for the long haul, at Additional Lengths we understand.

1. They can suck up your time and effort

Extensions really aren’t for those girls who seek a low maintenance life. Expect regular, lengthy trips to the hairdresser and time spent applying hair treatments to keep your tresses looking spectacular. You may be sat in the hairdressers chair a long time during the initial installation of your extensions.

2. Wash-and-go is a thing of the past

As mentioned in the first point, hair extensions can take time and patience to get them looking beaut. Forget your usual hair care routine – products designed specifically to treat hair extensions are vital to protecting your investment.

3. The cost

Hair extensions are costly; combined with the actual hair and the application process, you’re looking at a pricey investment, which is why it’s worth taking care of them!

4. Blending your natural hair with the extensions

Again, this will take some patience! The key is in the way you brush the hair to hide the bonds; use a lighter tension than usual so as not to pull or loosen them.

5. Difficulty of putting in clip-in extensions yourself

You can never make it look as seamless as your stylist made it look without giving yourself some serious arm ache and a wonky finish. Have no fear; simply watch some tutorials on how to easily attach clip-ins for some tips and tricks.

6. Washing your hair is no longer a simple task

More thought has to go into the washing of your hair – no scrubbing at the scalp or you may loosen the fittings. For synthetic hair extensions, be sure to use special products such as

7) Regrowth time

As your natural hair grows, you’ll need to go back to them done again before they become too noticeable. Which isn’t a great look.

8) Where Has My Hair Gone?!

And when they’ve been removed, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted and that you hair as thinned considerably. As long as you take a break between fittings once in awhile, your hair shouldn’t be damaged or thinned.

9) The Fear

There’s a constant fear lurking beneath the surface that your extensions may end up coming out; either pulled out accidentally or because they weren’t secured properly. Be confident with your locks!

10) Knowing when to have a break.

Extensions are applied right at the root, but when you allow the extension to grow out too much with your natural hair growth, the extension could weigh on the root and over time, your hair could be pulled out in places, leaving a bald spot.

If you’re experiencing any problems or issues with your human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, feel free to contact us for professional and friendly advice.

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