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Hair & Beauty Hacks For The Ultimate Selfie

Three best friends taking selfie on the street

Selfies are the perfect way to capture a favourite look, memory or occasion in our lives, so looking our best in them is paramount! During the summer months there will be plenty of occasions you’ll want to capture. There are of course certain things that we’re less likely to have control over when taking pictures, such as pesky lighting levels, but at Additional Lengths we have some brilliant tips and tricks to help you get the ultimate summer selfie.

Glow Filter

Achieve that bronzed goddess glow by learning the most effective places on the face to highlight using illuminating beauty products. As a rule, the tops of cheeks, the eyebrow arch, a sweep down the bridge of the nose and a slight dusting on the Cupid’s bow all deserve some love from a quality brand highlighter that will add some subtle shimmer to your summer makeup look.

Mermaid Hair Don’t Care!

Effortless hair styling is what warm weather and lazy days are all about. Add some shine serum or Moroccan Oil treatment by to your hair extensions for a gorgeous shine you can see your smile in.
Make your hair stand out with colourful clip in hair extensions that compliment your eye colour perfectly, or add some extra volume and bounce with half-head hair extensions that are easy to use and remove. Play around with your look by opting for a clip-in fringe for a brand new image with none of the long-term commitment.

Elegant young blond woman in a sexy white suit standing texting on her mobile against a grey studio background with copyspace

Show off your beautiful face with the popular half-bun hair style; simply section a smaller top bit of hair, spray with products such as volume powder from Sexy Hair, and secure with a clip or hair tie for all day wear.

Know Your Best Side

Practice makes perfect, so take some time to get to know your best side. Getting ready for a big night out if the perfect time to practice your selfie poses in the mirror. The only issue is if your BFF has the same best side as you!

Stylish Surroundings & Props

Not only is the focus of one’s selfie important, but the background is also a chance to show off your surroundings. On holiday? Make sure you capture that cocktail and sunset. On a night out, show off the extravagant decor of the club. Most importantly, show off your dazzling personality!

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