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Hair Strobing: Instant Glamour

A trend that we’ve heard the name of repeatedly over the past few months is that of hair strobing – it is a word taken from its makeup counterpart. Many in the industry believe that this is the next big trend for 2016, so we’re going to explore the concept a bit further in today’s blog.

What is hair strobing?

Hair strobing is a hair process that works in the same way that contouring your face does; it accentuates and highlights areas of the hair where, naturally, light would hit it. This gives a beautiful focal point to the hair, bringing attention to the best parts of the hair. The method uses contrasting colours, either two shades lighter or darker, lifting the face and bringing more colour to it. With hair strobing, you look fresher, more awake and highlighted.

Which celebrities have strobed hair?

 classic example of hair strobing can be witnessed on Cara Delevingne, who has highlights in her hair in all the right places. Additionally, celebrity stylists for people such as Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid have also been known to apply this to their client’s hair.

How do I get strobed hair?

We’d recommend using a stylist or salon that has experience with strobing and who can work with you on a personal level, assessing the areas where you need highlights. Aftercare is an important aspect of strobing too, as you must make sure that the longevity of the colour is high. Evo Fabuloso offers hair colour specific conditioners to help keep the intensity of your hair, add shine and tone.

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