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Hair Tips Summer

June Favourites: Products For The Summer

Hopefully, summer means long days at the beach, dipping in and out of pools and long, adventurous walks. These activities can sometimes take its toll on our hair, so today we’re sharing products that make our hair look amazing when it’s warm, but keep it healthy too.

Let’s begin with the whole washing process. We don’t want to be applying too much product in our hair at this time, something that will keep it refreshed and in the best condition possible. By using Sexy Hair’s Silk Shampoo and Conditioner Lite, it helps in indulging your hair in luxury whilst giving it a weightless, smooth effect, because heat often means frizz! The duo allows for a clean, soft head of hair, which is the perfect base for some super styling. Before blow-drying, a little 5 pence amount of Moroccan Oil Light into the ends of the hair ensures that your locks are nourished and conditioned to perfection. Giving you a tangle-free and faster hair drying session.


As we are expecting it to be hot-hot-hot over the next few months, the Sexy Hair Humidity Resistant Mousse is ideal for keeping your chosen style big and beautiful with extra given hold. Yet this tends to not give that tacky feeling that mousses often leave in their hair, it leaves it to feel soft and shiny and ready for the day. But if you are worried about your hair changing throughout the day, and becoming a bit of a lifeless mess, you can always carry a bottle of Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray in your bag. This little beauty has multiple benefits, which make it the perfect handbag companion. It reflects light to give a certain shine to the hair, whilst keeping it refreshed as it helps in the control of static as we don’t want any fly-a-ways when creating our summer style.


For hair extensions, we have a great range of specialist products for you to keep your tresses looking in tip top condition over the summer months. Treat your extensions to a good conditioner and hair oil from Remi Cachet which work to protect the hair whilst avoiding adding any weight. We also have our own branded conditioning products for hair extensions at Additional Lengths which also provides excellent treatment.



Let us know in the comments your summer hair favourites – we’d love to know!


Hair Strobing: Instant Glamour

A trend that we’ve heard the name of repeatedly over the past few months is that of hair strobing – it is a word taken from its makeup counterpart. Many in the industry believe that this is the next big trend for 2016, so we’re going to explore the concept a bit further in today’s blog.

What is hair strobing?

Hair strobing is a hair process that works in the same way that contouring your face does; it accentuates and highlights areas of the hair where, naturally, light would hit it. This gives a beautiful focal point to the hair, bringing attention to the best parts of the hair. The method uses contrasting colours, either two shades lighter or darker, lifting the face and bringing more colour to it. With hair strobing, you look fresher, more awake and highlighted.

Which celebrities have strobed hair?

 classic example of hair strobing can be witnessed on Cara Delevingne, who has highlights in her hair in all the right places. Additionally, celebrity stylists for people such as Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid have also been known to apply this to their client’s hair.

How do I get strobed hair?

We’d recommend using a stylist or salon that has experience with strobing and who can work with you on a personal level, assessing the areas where you need highlights. Aftercare is an important aspect of strobing too, as you must make sure that the longevity of the colour is high. Evo Fabuloso offers hair colour specific conditioners to help keep the intensity of your hair, add shine and tone.

Hair Tips

Your 2016 Festival Checklist

Last month, the popular US music festival Coachella wrapped up, officially marking the start of the festival season. Yes, it’s time to grab your flower crowns and flowing gowns and head off to a festival. Whether you’re going to V Festival, Leeds and Reading or T in the Park, there are a few essentials that you should take with you. To help, Additional Lengths have put together a helpful checklist of items to make the weekend easier.


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair brush, ties and accessories
  • Dry shampoo and nourishing hair oil
  • Makeup and moisturisers
  • Sun tan lotion and SPF lip balm
  • Baby wipes/facial wipes/tissues
  • Feminine hygiene products/medicine

As they’re toiletries, many shops already have travel size versions of many of these products, so take a look out for those to make your trip to the campsite that even bit lighter. It’s important to pack light as you’ll have to haul all of your items through the car park into the campsite, which can sometimes take over an hour. The weather can be dry and warm, especially if you are applying dry shampoo, so love your hair and take some Moroccan Oil to give it a bit of moisture. If you plan to have showers at the festival, you should also take soap and regular shampoo/conditioner.


  • Enough outfits for each day you are there, including warm PJs.
  • Two extra outfits (just in case)
  • Something warm and waterproof, including a few pairs of socks.
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Wellies and a pair of comfortable shoes
  • A spare pair of shoes and an outfit in your car

Festival weather is extremely unpredictable, and regardless of if it is forecast to be sunny all weekend, it’s best to prepare for the worst. Keeping an emergency poncho in your bag with you at all times is a good way to stay dry, at least until you make it back to the tent to get your waterproof jacket. Always bring spare clothing, even if you keep it in the car, as you never know when it can pour down.

Camping Equipment

  • Waterproof tent, pegs and any other accessories
  • A camping chair to keep yourself off the ground
  • Sleeping bag, pillow and a roll mat or blow up mattress
  • Torch or head torch and spare batteries
  • Collapsible/empty bottle of water
  • A spare towel for leaks or showers

If you want to cook your own food, we recommend that you take a hexi burner, fuel, a light source and a collapsible pan set. Then of course you will need your tinned food and a tin opener, and something to wash the pots after with. There are water facilities at all festival campsites so this shouldn’t be an issue. Remember that a lot of campsites no longer allow gas canisters, meaning it needs to be hexi.

Food and other accessories

  • Snacks such as cereal bars, crisps, bananas etc.
  • Drinks and beverages
  • Mobile phone and portable charger
  • Cash, tickets and form of I.D
  • Something with stage times
  • First aid kit

Festival food is notoriously expensive – save time and money by eating breakfast and snacking on food that you bring. Obviously you’ll need a few cans of cider to help you get to the music arena, but also remember to keep hydrated with water and stay safe. We recommend a first aid kit with things such as paracetamol, plasters and other necessities.


We hope that this has helped all of you who are going to festivals this year, whether you’re a veteran or new to the whole experience. Enjoy your time and have fun – you’ve earned it.

Hair Tips Trends

MET GALA Highlights

The theme for this year’s benefitFashion in an Age of Technology’ and the star’s creativity didn’t disappoint with elaborate gowns and their hair & makeup equally relishing the opportunity to generally show off.    We’ve scoured the snaps to find our favorite five.


Gigi Hadid hit the red carpet with a certain ex-boy band member, but we only had eyes for this super long, sleek pony.  We then spotted the detail of glitter parting and metallic band holding on the clip on pony with plenty of volume.

We saw so many more high ponies with sleeked back hair including Kendall jenner, Zoe Salander and Selena Gomez.


Taylor’snew platinum hue is HOT – try our colour 60 Platinum Blonde to get this look, whilst Jordan Dunn sported a silver-tinted bob and Ciara took Silver to a new level.   We also loved her modern take on a vintage 20’s hairstyle.   We could see this working for bride.


Kate Bosworth looks like she came straight off the Rodarte catwalk her her hair adornments and the Haim girls managed to coordinate theirs!  Hair icon & Brit babe Rita Ora had diamonds of metal leaf tattooing to add detail on one side to her sleeked back tresses.

Do you agree?   Check out the Daily Mail’s gallery of hundreds to find your favourite and take it to your RC Stylist for hairspiration next time you see them.

Hair Tips

Get The Look: Effortless Sea Beach Waves

We’ve all seen movies and television shows where someone emerges from the sea in slow motion, looking positively gorgeous, and wanted to replicate that for ourselves. Well, luckily with the help of Additional Lengths, you can get all of the tips and tricks you need to perfect effortless sea beach waves.

Preparing the hair

Before you do anything, you should make sure that your hair is clean, but for this look to work the best, you need to apply products to day old hair, or even longer. This will give it volume and more maneuverability. However, depending on your hair type, you may want to try it on freshly cleaned hair instead – it’s best just to find what works for you.

Using the correct products

As this look is quite effortless, you don’t need to apply many hair products. If you want, you can add some mousse or hairspray to keep it in place, but the main thing that will be your best friend throughout this look is a quality salt spray, whether you buy it or make it yourself.

To make a simple salt spray for your hair, mix a bit of conditioner, sea salt and coconut oil (oil is optional). Place this into a spray bottle and you have nourishing and texture giving spray.  You can add some water to make the spray easier to apply.

Creating the curls

One important thing about effortless beach waves is the curls – they need to be subtle, yet noticeable. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you have nothing to do except ensure that your curls are looking gorgeous as usual, so follow your regular routine. Then simply apply some salt spray, scrunch and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, the process is still simple. You can either curl your hair using electric curlers or use a heatless application, which is what we recommend the most.

  • Heatless method

    Start with slightly damp hair and spray with a generous amount of salt spray. Then, take one inch sections of your hair and twist them, and tieing it into a small bun. Repeat this until your entire head is put into twisted buns. Then you can either sleep on it or wait until it is dry, depending on how damp it was when you started. Once completely dry, take out the buns, scrunch and apply a small amount of hairspray.

  • Heated method

    If you’re in a rush, you may want to try to use a heated method instead. There are few ways in which you can do this, one being by simply curling your hair and applying salt spray – scrunching where necessary – or by following the steps in the heatless method, but using a hair dryer to dry it.

Once you have finished curling and applying salt spray, simply apply a small amount of hairspray to your hair to make sure that it stays in place all day. Remember that with this look, it needs to look effortless, like you’ve just walked out of the sea, so don’t worry if your wave curls fall during the day; it will look more natural this way.

If you’ve attempted this look, send us a photo on social media to show off your fantastic new hairdo!