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TREND ALERT: Fringe Fakery

Fancy a new look but not sure where to start?  Well TOWIE Lucy Mecklenburgh sported her new look last night before heading out on the town.  This fringe fakery let’s you try out the look without the commitment.  If you love it you can keep trying it, and if you don’t there’s nothing to worry about and try something else.   Other celebs such as Kendall Jenner tricked us last summer and Perrie Edwards recently fooled us in an on-tour selfie too.

We particularly love this look as it embraces the current top knot trend as well as give you a soft fringe using the lengths as they fall to create an uneven edge.  Kendall definitely wore this well and it’s worth giving it a try for a night out.

For those of us with long locks you can watch this great YouTube video from vblogger KlumsyClosset so you can nail this look!

If your hair length isn’t quite there, then why not try our clip in fringes with a classic look or elegant side sweep.

See some more A list fringe-spiration, then check out these beautiful bangs from Glamour Magazine.

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