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Take A Break: Shorten Your Morning Hair Routine

We’d all love a few extra minutes in the morning to relax, have a cup of tea and prepare for the busy day ahead of us. Whether you’re beginning work, university or taking the kids on the school run, it can feel like you’re strapped for time. One solution to this would be to wake up earlier, but who wants to miss out on that all-important beauty sleep? Instead, follow our helpful guide to shorten your morning hair routine, giving you more time to chill out and ensure that you start the day right.

Wash your hair on a night – and not every day

Using brilliant contraptions like Save The Blow Dry can leave your hair feeling silky smooth the next day – even after a sleep. No longer do you have to worry about what time you need to wake up in order to dry your hair, and then style it. Instead, wash your hair on a night and dry it. If you think that your hair will be frizzy in the morning, use anti-frizz serum, shampoo and other products to ensure that it remains smooth. Over time, your hair will become accustomed to the new schedule.

Regular trims and cuts

For many of us, the morning is spent tackling unruly hairs and ensuring that it stays frizz free. No matter how many different products you use, the unruliness could simply be down to the fact that you don’t have enough trims, meaning that split ends are causing you havoc. Regularly visit your haircare professional every six weeks, or around that, to make sure that you keep your hair at its healthiest. Combing your hair when you have conditioner on in the shower can also shave off minutes trying to detangle when drying.

Use sleep-in rollers for bounce without effort

There are plenty of rollers designed for sleeping on the market, and here at Additional Lengths we offer a number of great solutions for all budgets. Take for instance the brand Sleep-In Rollers. They offer wonderful solutions that allow you to sleep comfortably in rollers without any disruptions, but wake up with wonderful and voluminous hair. Alternatively, you could use techniques like braids or pin curls to arise with effortless waves, saving a lot of time in the mornings.



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