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Our 5 Point Plan For Building A Brilliant Extensions Business

We met lots of fabulous salons at last month’s Pro Hair Live exhibition looking to take on a new hair extension brand so we thought we would share out top five tips for choosing a brand to work with.

1) Choosing the right hair extension brand for your business:
Exhibitions are great to walk around and see several brands up close and person to compare like for like all in one go.   But don’t be afraid to walk away and do some more research.   Look closely at the hair and different application methods which suit you and your clients.   Check out the brands website, how easy it is to buy, the terms of payment and even if they offer trade accounts.   The single most important research is probably to find out what your fellow extensionists think from examples of their work with the hair, how they rate the company to deal with and how the hair performs after application.

TOP TIP: Get in touch with fellow extensionists on social media to ask more questions.  Don’t forget to ask about the choice of application methods and hair quality.

2) Getting trained
Training with a professional extension brand recognised by HABIA gives the stylist the knowledge they are working to the latest and highest standards. Even if an extensionist has trained with a reputable brand in one application method, it may be worth looking at retraining with the new brand to ensure they have the latest techniques and understand everything about the brand.   learning a new application method is always good fun too.

Remi Cachet hair extension training covers not only the core application techniques, but how to conduct a thorough and personalised consultation service as well as salon marketing ideas.  So whether they want to simply want to update their skills, learn a new application method or are new to extensions entirely they will learn everything they need to be successful professional extensionists confident that their work will create ‘Gorgeous Hair’ for their clients.

TOP TIP:  Don’t forget to show off your certificate to customers on social media and in your salon, so they know you are professional.

3) Promoting extension services to new & existing clients
“Every client is a walking talking advert” says our educator Abigail Nicholls.  It’s great if you can get Remi Cachet extensions in yourself or a member of the team, but it’s important to remember most of your clients are your walking advertisement for your skills.  Recommendation and word of mouth brings in most of the business for Abigail, as does social media so get savvy with this.

TOP TIP:  Speculate to accumulate by offering you client’s special rates to build up your portfolio with your new brand.

4) Selling aftercare
Following on from the point above, if the client doesn’t understand how to care for their hair they are not going to make the best of it, value their investment and potential give you a headache when they come back for maintenance or removal.  Correct aftercare is one of the most common questions for new clients looking into extensions.   The Remi Cachet range not only covers the essential haircare items such as shampoo & conditioner, but also hair styling with hair oil & brush.  Selling aftercare can be daunting to most stylists, so we recommend including the Remi Cachet aftercare range in your original service price.  This way they feel they are getting a treat and are more likely to use the product when they know it’s specifically formulated to their hair they have just invested in.   You don’t even need to keep stock of them as we offer a Unique Code so your clients can order their aftercare with FREE delivery and you get a commission!

TOP TIP: Share our Aftercare Tutorial on your social media.

5) Enticing clip ins
A great way to start off using hair extensions is by using a hair piece such as Remi Cachet’s new Clip In Deluxe.   Clients become familiar with how to care for the extensions and fall in love with the volume that they are encouraged to use extensions more and more and are confident enough to look to more permanent application methods so they are never without their look.

TOP TIP: Fitting the clip in yourself can personalise the service so they come back to you again and again.

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