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Hair Tips

Hair Hacks: Easy Cheats You Should Know

If you think that you’ve been spending too much time in the mornings ‘doing your do’, or simply just want to find quicker ways to get ready, then we are here for you. We’ve put together a collection of the best hair hacks we can offer to help you make styling easier. Read below to learn more:

Relaxed curls without a wand

Relaxed beach waves are hard to achieve if you don’t have the right tools (i.e a curling wand), but with our hack, it’s doable with a straight iron. Separate and plait your hair in two sections. Once this is done, go over the plaits with a straightener – make sure to do this a few times and use a heat protectant. When your hair is completely cool, untie your plaits and style as usual. Quick, simple and easy waves!

Conceal your roots

Hair regrowth is possibly one of the worst annoyances of coloured hair, but there is a solution! If you want to invest, Color Wow is the perfect product to help you combat that pesky regrowth. All you need to do is simply apply it to the roots for an instant, yet temporary fix. If you’ve run out, you can try using a small amount of eyeshadow. Dab the product on lightly, and built it up if needed.

Save time in the shower

Shorten the amount of time spent in the shower washing your hair by shampooing and conditioning at the same time. Apply a small dollop of shampoo to your hands and lather them, then apply them carefully to the roots. Rather than rinsing and then applying your conditioner, simply add the conditioner to the ends of your hair. Wait a few minutes, as you would usually, and then rinse out. Doing this eliminates having to repeat the process over again, saving time and product!

Tame the flyaways

No matter how much care you apply, you’ll always find yourself with the annoying flyaway hair; hairs that are shorter than the rest and stick out. Some may have just accepted this in the past, but we recommend using a toothbrush with a spritz of hairspray on it to keep flyaways at bay.

On the go refresh

Between washes, the ends of your hair can become dull, dry and lifeless. On the go, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any hair products with you, especially those to add moisture and life to the ends of your hair, so why not try hand lotion? Most lotions have similar formulas to that of hair cream, so if you desperately need to smoothen your hair and you don’t have anything, add a small pea sized dollop of lotion to your hands, rub your hands together and then run them through your ends.

Defeat the oil

If you often find that the roots of your hair become too oily too quickly, even after sorting out a proper washing schedule, there are a few things that you can try. Firstly, try to leave a one inch gap between your moisturiser and your hairline, to prevent them from mixing. Try dry shampoo, baking soda or talcum powder to cover oil in between washes.

Natural refreshment

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you regarding your hair is to keep it hydrated, not just with products, but by drinking water. Your hair will be easier to manage, shinier and look healthier! Discover the range of hair care products and accessories here at Additional Lengths to find easier solutions to doing your hair.

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