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Hair Trend Focus: SS16

Now that we’re into SS16, we’re seeing the latest hair trends hit the runways! This season, it’s all about embracing the natural texture that your hair has, experimental fringes and hair accessories that stun. Below are just a few of the biggest trends for spring and summer.


In summer, one thing that’s a given is that you’ll have flowers in your hair – and they don’t have to be real. This season is loving hair accessories of all kinds, from charms and beads to head crowns and more. Embrace your individuality and choose options that suit you.

Beautiful plaits

Time to experiment with plaits again, whether that’s as an updo or a mix of up and down. Why not try adding a plait as a headband (you can buy them separately if your hair isn’t long enough) or creating a twisted updo?

Elegant Twists

Buns with a twist – in both the senses! Fashionistas and celebrities have been spotted sporting a bun that elegantly twists around, sometimes leaving the ends of the hair exposed. This takes us back to the 90’s and is a style that we’re loving. It’s great to see some putting a ‘messy’ spin on it too, and truly making the look their own.

Celebrate your individuality

One thing that we’ve noticed on the runways is the natural hair textures coming back into play. Forget the straighteners, curlers and wands; this season is rocking the au natural. Plus, it’ll save you a load of time getting ready in the morning!

Bangs are back

That’s right! Get one cut in or fake it with a clip-in, bangs are in for the season. Relive your youth and try a new style; it’s a new year after all!

Hair Tips News

Our 5 Point Plan For Building A Brilliant Extensions Business

We met lots of fabulous salons at last month’s Pro Hair Live exhibition looking to take on a new hair extension brand so we thought we would share out top five tips for choosing a brand to work with.

1) Choosing the right hair extension brand for your business:
Exhibitions are great to walk around and see several brands up close and person to compare like for like all in one go.   But don’t be afraid to walk away and do some more research.   Look closely at the hair and different application methods which suit you and your clients.   Check out the brands website, how easy it is to buy, the terms of payment and even if they offer trade accounts.   The single most important research is probably to find out what your fellow extensionists think from examples of their work with the hair, how they rate the company to deal with and how the hair performs after application.

TOP TIP: Get in touch with fellow extensionists on social media to ask more questions.  Don’t forget to ask about the choice of application methods and hair quality.

2) Getting trained
Training with a professional extension brand recognised by HABIA gives the stylist the knowledge they are working to the latest and highest standards. Even if an extensionist has trained with a reputable brand in one application method, it may be worth looking at retraining with the new brand to ensure they have the latest techniques and understand everything about the brand.   learning a new application method is always good fun too.

Remi Cachet hair extension training covers not only the core application techniques, but how to conduct a thorough and personalised consultation service as well as salon marketing ideas.  So whether they want to simply want to update their skills, learn a new application method or are new to extensions entirely they will learn everything they need to be successful professional extensionists confident that their work will create ‘Gorgeous Hair’ for their clients.

TOP TIP:  Don’t forget to show off your certificate to customers on social media and in your salon, so they know you are professional.

3) Promoting extension services to new & existing clients
“Every client is a walking talking advert” says our educator Abigail Nicholls.  It’s great if you can get Remi Cachet extensions in yourself or a member of the team, but it’s important to remember most of your clients are your walking advertisement for your skills.  Recommendation and word of mouth brings in most of the business for Abigail, as does social media so get savvy with this.

TOP TIP:  Speculate to accumulate by offering you client’s special rates to build up your portfolio with your new brand.

4) Selling aftercare
Following on from the point above, if the client doesn’t understand how to care for their hair they are not going to make the best of it, value their investment and potential give you a headache when they come back for maintenance or removal.  Correct aftercare is one of the most common questions for new clients looking into extensions.   The Remi Cachet range not only covers the essential haircare items such as shampoo & conditioner, but also hair styling with hair oil & brush.  Selling aftercare can be daunting to most stylists, so we recommend including the Remi Cachet aftercare range in your original service price.  This way they feel they are getting a treat and are more likely to use the product when they know it’s specifically formulated to their hair they have just invested in.   You don’t even need to keep stock of them as we offer a Unique Code so your clients can order their aftercare with FREE delivery and you get a commission!

TOP TIP: Share our Aftercare Tutorial on your social media.

5) Enticing clip ins
A great way to start off using hair extensions is by using a hair piece such as Remi Cachet’s new Clip In Deluxe.   Clients become familiar with how to care for the extensions and fall in love with the volume that they are encouraged to use extensions more and more and are confident enough to look to more permanent application methods so they are never without their look.

TOP TIP: Fitting the clip in yourself can personalise the service so they come back to you again and again.
Hair Tips

Hair Hacks: Easy Cheats You Should Know

If you think that you’ve been spending too much time in the mornings ‘doing your do’, or simply just want to find quicker ways to get ready, then we are here for you. We’ve put together a collection of the best hair hacks we can offer to help you make styling easier. Read below to learn more:

Relaxed curls without a wand

Relaxed beach waves are hard to achieve if you don’t have the right tools (i.e a curling wand), but with our hack, it’s doable with a straight iron. Separate and plait your hair in two sections. Once this is done, go over the plaits with a straightener – make sure to do this a few times and use a heat protectant. When your hair is completely cool, untie your plaits and style as usual. Quick, simple and easy waves!

Conceal your roots

Hair regrowth is possibly one of the worst annoyances of coloured hair, but there is a solution! If you want to invest, Color Wow is the perfect product to help you combat that pesky regrowth. All you need to do is simply apply it to the roots for an instant, yet temporary fix. If you’ve run out, you can try using a small amount of eyeshadow. Dab the product on lightly, and built it up if needed.

Save time in the shower

Shorten the amount of time spent in the shower washing your hair by shampooing and conditioning at the same time. Apply a small dollop of shampoo to your hands and lather them, then apply them carefully to the roots. Rather than rinsing and then applying your conditioner, simply add the conditioner to the ends of your hair. Wait a few minutes, as you would usually, and then rinse out. Doing this eliminates having to repeat the process over again, saving time and product!

Tame the flyaways

No matter how much care you apply, you’ll always find yourself with the annoying flyaway hair; hairs that are shorter than the rest and stick out. Some may have just accepted this in the past, but we recommend using a toothbrush with a spritz of hairspray on it to keep flyaways at bay.

On the go refresh

Between washes, the ends of your hair can become dull, dry and lifeless. On the go, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any hair products with you, especially those to add moisture and life to the ends of your hair, so why not try hand lotion? Most lotions have similar formulas to that of hair cream, so if you desperately need to smoothen your hair and you don’t have anything, add a small pea sized dollop of lotion to your hands, rub your hands together and then run them through your ends.

Defeat the oil

If you often find that the roots of your hair become too oily too quickly, even after sorting out a proper washing schedule, there are a few things that you can try. Firstly, try to leave a one inch gap between your moisturiser and your hairline, to prevent them from mixing. Try dry shampoo, baking soda or talcum powder to cover oil in between washes.

Natural refreshment

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you regarding your hair is to keep it hydrated, not just with products, but by drinking water. Your hair will be easier to manage, shinier and look healthier! Discover the range of hair care products and accessories here at Additional Lengths to find easier solutions to doing your hair.


Take A Break: Shorten Your Morning Hair Routine

We’d all love a few extra minutes in the morning to relax, have a cup of tea and prepare for the busy day ahead of us. Whether you’re beginning work, university or taking the kids on the school run, it can feel like you’re strapped for time. One solution to this would be to wake up earlier, but who wants to miss out on that all-important beauty sleep? Instead, follow our helpful guide to shorten your morning hair routine, giving you more time to chill out and ensure that you start the day right.

Wash your hair on a night – and not every day

Using brilliant contraptions like Save The Blow Dry can leave your hair feeling silky smooth the next day – even after a sleep. No longer do you have to worry about what time you need to wake up in order to dry your hair, and then style it. Instead, wash your hair on a night and dry it. If you think that your hair will be frizzy in the morning, use anti-frizz serum, shampoo and other products to ensure that it remains smooth. Over time, your hair will become accustomed to the new schedule.

Regular trims and cuts

For many of us, the morning is spent tackling unruly hairs and ensuring that it stays frizz free. No matter how many different products you use, the unruliness could simply be down to the fact that you don’t have enough trims, meaning that split ends are causing you havoc. Regularly visit your haircare professional every six weeks, or around that, to make sure that you keep your hair at its healthiest. Combing your hair when you have conditioner on in the shower can also shave off minutes trying to detangle when drying.

Use sleep-in rollers for bounce without effort

There are plenty of rollers designed for sleeping on the market, and here at Additional Lengths we offer a number of great solutions for all budgets. Take for instance the brand Sleep-In Rollers. They offer wonderful solutions that allow you to sleep comfortably in rollers without any disruptions, but wake up with wonderful and voluminous hair. Alternatively, you could use techniques like braids or pin curls to arise with effortless waves, saving a lot of time in the mornings.



Hair Tips Trends

TREND ALERT: Fringe Fakery

Fancy a new look but not sure where to start?  Well TOWIE Lucy Mecklenburgh sported her new look last night before heading out on the town.  This fringe fakery let’s you try out the look without the commitment.  If you love it you can keep trying it, and if you don’t there’s nothing to worry about and try something else.   Other celebs such as Kendall Jenner tricked us last summer and Perrie Edwards recently fooled us in an on-tour selfie too.

We particularly love this look as it embraces the current top knot trend as well as give you a soft fringe using the lengths as they fall to create an uneven edge.  Kendall definitely wore this well and it’s worth giving it a try for a night out.

For those of us with long locks you can watch this great YouTube video from vblogger KlumsyClosset so you can nail this look!

If your hair length isn’t quite there, then why not try our clip in fringes with a classic look or elegant side sweep.

See some more A list fringe-spiration, then check out these beautiful bangs from Glamour Magazine.

Hair Tips

Year of The Selfie: Tips To Taking That Perfect Snap

Kim Kardashian is famously known as the Queen of Selfies, with every snap considered a masterpiece. The lighting, the pose and the makeup all seems to be on point, but did you know that it’s possible for you to achieve the same effects using these tips? At Additional Lengths we have put together a helpful guide with advice on how to take the perfect selfie. Follow the steps below:

Lighting: This step is quite self explanatory, but mandatory if you want a flawless finish, you need to have sufficient lighting. It’s an essential part of any photograph and natural light is the most flattering, so when possible, try to take your selfies outdoors or near to a window. Keep the light source in front of you, just slightly above your eye level, for the best results. Doing this will eliminate any harsh shadows and soften your face. Try to avoid the flash on your camera as well – your lighting should be enough.

Pose: In order to take the best selfie, you need to pose correctly, in a way that flatters your figure to give off the best look. You have a variety of options to choose from here; face shot, mirror selfie and more. Whatever you decide, make sure you feel comfortable doing it, because if you feel comfortable, you will look natural. Smile and be happy, or raise your eyebrow for a more sultry look – you may need to take a few test photos first before you find what works for you.

Expression: For your picture, you need to select a mood that you want to show. Avoid frowning as this can make you look older. Instead, lift your eyebrows slightly to show that you’re happy or intrigued, and try to ensure that your expression matches what you want to put across.

Angle: If you take your picture from below your waist, it’s not going to be a flattering look, with strange shadows and double chins. As a rule of thumb, you should have your camera tilted towards you at a 45 degree angle, positioned just above your eyes.

Retouching: As you’re most likely taking photos on your phone, you’ll have access to filters and retouching applications. Try a few app trials to see which one you like the most, and retouch photos. Remember – a little goes a long way, so be sure not to change it completely, only so that minor imperfections are resolved. If you don’t want to go into too much detail, filters are available on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, which will automatically touch up photographs for you.

And there you have it! With our tips, you should be able to conquer the camera and come out reigning supreme. To look your best, discover the range of weft hair extensions and other beauty products here at Additional Lengths.


Hair Awards Finalists – For A Third Year Running!

We are super excited at AL HQ as we’ve just heard our Remi Cachet brand has made it as a finalist for the coveted Hair Awards for the third year in a row.   Not bad hey!   So this year we are finalists for two categories Best European Hair Extensions for our Ultra Tips™ and Best Hairpiece for our Wavy Wrap. And it’s not the first time our Wavy Wrap has been short listed by the judges.  We know they are great products, you know they are great but it’s now over to the readers of Hair Magazine at the Hair Awards to see if we can clinch it.

The Hair Awards are celebrating their 10th year this year and are run by the renowned Hair Magazine.  They are the only consumer and industry tested hair product awards of its kind in the UK who showcase the very best talent in hairdressing in their Cut category and the essential products your hair needs from extensions to aftercare in their Super60 (literally the top 60 products in the UK right now).

See our name in the roll of honour for the Super 60 finalists here. Fingers crossed for the June edition of the magazine and the big reveal of who has won.   Wish us luck!

Hair Tips

Fabulous Curls: How To Style Your Natural Locks

Naturally curly hair is a beautiful thing to have, but sometimes often a high maintenance thing too. Anyone with waves knows that brushing can have frizzy consequences, leading you to believe that you are limited with your styling. Well, no longer do you have to worry; here at Additional Lengths we have compiled a list of the best ways to style your luscious locks without the worry.


Before attempting to style or even dry your hair, we recommend that you use some foolproof products on your hair to ensure a silky smooth application. Brands like Moroccan Oil and Jenoris Hair Care provide wonderful products that can be used before drying and styling, not only to offer heat protection but smoothness too.


When drying, we recommend that you use a hair mousse on top of any other products and oils you have to ensure that your curls stay in place all day long, as often they can become deflated and lacklustre. If you have natural curls, you should use an air diffuser extension on your hair dryer to make the most of your waves, and set them properly. Apply a slight spinning motion when drying for extra volume.


Beautiful Curly Updo

Hair and Makeup by Steph shows us a beautiful video tutorial on how to achieve a natural looking curly updo that is simple yet elegant.

Half up, half down braid

This stunning style, shown to us by MaddieCuan, is something that can be worn on a daily basis, as well as styled up for special occasions.

Bouncy and voluminous

TrinaDuhra is here to show us your new go-to look for everyday that is simple, yet effective and oozing with volume. Be proud of your curls and flaunt what you’ve got!