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How To Make Your Hair Colour Last

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Having bright, vibrant hair is a dream that most of us have, and achieving it takes time and effort. However, once it is over, you’ll finally have the hair you longed so much for. But as time progresses, you may notice that it becomes faded, sometimes even quicker than you had expected. While you may believe that you are taking all of the necessary precautions to prolong the life in your colour, Additional Lengths are here with facts about how to make the most of your vibrant hair colour, keeping it pristine and shiny until the next retouch. Here are some of ways you can prevent premature dullness, some of which may even surprise you!

  • Be careful when using styling products

    Certain styling products do not dry transparent, meaning that when you apply them to your hair – such as a leave in conditioner or wax – it can have a negative effect on your hair. Check before you use them to see whether they will leave any deposits on your hair by placing a small portion of the product on a sheet of paper and leave it to dry. If it doesn’t dry clear, maybe avoid it for now.
  • Get a bit cooler

    A big factor in how long your hair colour stays vibrant is temperature, as heat can make the cuticles of the hair swell, allowing the colour to come out of your hair. When washing your hair, be sure to turn down the temperature, opting for lukewarm to warm settings rather than hot. We promise that your colour will thank you!
  • Styling with heat

    As we have mentioned, applying heat to your hair can make the colour fade quicker than normal, but it doesn’t have to mean that you should avoid the straighteners and hair dryer. Hair dryers often come with a ‘cool’ setting that enables you to dry without the hot heat, and a good heat protecting spray should help to reduce the fade.
  • Every other day

    One important thing to consider is when you wash your hair, and whether you do it too often or not. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day, giving it time to produce its own natural oils, which can actually help to keep in the colour. Try some dry shampoo if your hair feels a little lacklustre.

  • According to the environment

    In the summer, the warm and dry air can be hazardous to your hair colour and in the winter, the weather can cause your hair to dry out. To combat this, you need to use products that compliment the time of year, such as shampoos with UV filters in them and moisturising masks. Doing this will help your colour last longer and be more vibrant.

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