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Hair Tips

7 hair commandments you need to follow

We all want beautifully silky, smooth hair, but did you know that we’re all guilty of hair sins? Each day, we do things that we may not even realise could cause damage to our hair. Read on to discover what you should avoid to keep your locks in tip top condition, perfect for the new year!

1 – I shall not comb my hair when wet

Never, ever brush your hair when it is wet. When hair is wet, it stretches easily, meaning that if it gets caught up in a comb, you could break the fibres of the hair, leaving you with frizzy split ends. If you must comb out tangles, use a wide-tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer to gently ease out the knots, starting from the tips of your hair to the roots.

2 – I shall take breaks between washes

You should have heard it by now; never wash your hair on a daily basis. Doing this strips the hair of its natural essential oils, leaving it very brittle and dry. Aim to wash your hair every two to three days, and if you think it’s uncomfortable, try some dry shampoo in between washes. After a short while, you’ll find that your hair has adjusted and will feel smoother and sleeker.

3 – I shall always use heat protecting products

Using heat on unprotected hair is one of the quickest ways to get dry, unruly and easily breakable hair. Be sure to always use heat absorbing products such as sprays or oils to ensure full protection against damage. Some shampoos and conditioners even have these properties in them, so there’s no excuse!

4 – I shall not miss my hair appointment

We understand the demand to have long, luscious locks but if you have short hair, leaving it to grow for months on end isn’t the best thing to do. Yes, it will make it grow to the length you want, but what’s the point when you’ll probably need to have all of the split ends cut off in a month’s time? Instead, take it steady and make sure you have a quarter of an inch cut off every 1-2 months. This way your hair will grow steadily, but healthily, and you won’t have as many split ends. You can always use hair extensions in the meantime to gain body and length.

5 – I shall stop playing with my hair

Yes, we know, we all do it. Whether you’re bored at work with a creative blockade hanging over your head or talking to a certain someone that you’re interested in, we all have the temptation to play with our hair. Twirling, spinning and pulling at the ends or repositioning our fringes and bangs are quick fire ways to cause frizz and static hairs, as well as add dirt and grease to the hair. Try to resist the urge to play with your hair for better looking locks.

6 – I shall not apply shampoo to the ends of my hair

If you want soft, moisturised hair then try to keep shampoo to the roots of your hair and conditioner on the ends. This way you will not dry out the ends or add extra moisture to the roots where the natural oils are produced.

7 – I shall not ignore my diet

You can apply as much moisturising product to your hair as you’d like, but if it isn’t complemented with an enriched diet, you could have problems. Make sure that you consume a lot of foods that are rich in protein and vitamins such as vitamin C and omega-3. This will give your hair a boost from the inside and leave it fresh and silky.

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