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Hair Tips

How To Make Your Hair Colour Last

Having bright, vibrant hair is a dream that most of us have, and achieving it takes time and effort. However, once it is over, you’ll finally have the hair you longed so much for. But as time progresses, you may notice that it becomes faded, sometimes even quicker than you had expected. While you may believe that you are taking all of the necessary precautions to prolong the life in your colour, Additional Lengths are here with facts about how to make the most of your vibrant hair colour, keeping it pristine and shiny until the next retouch. Here are some of ways you can prevent premature dullness, some of which may even surprise you!

  • Be careful when using styling products

    Certain styling products do not dry transparent, meaning that when you apply them to your hair – such as a leave in conditioner or wax – it can have a negative effect on your hair. Check before you use them to see whether they will leave any deposits on your hair by placing a small portion of the product on a sheet of paper and leave it to dry. If it doesn’t dry clear, maybe avoid it for now.
  • Get a bit cooler

    A big factor in how long your hair colour stays vibrant is temperature, as heat can make the cuticles of the hair swell, allowing the colour to come out of your hair. When washing your hair, be sure to turn down the temperature, opting for lukewarm to warm settings rather than hot. We promise that your colour will thank you!
  • Styling with heat

    As we have mentioned, applying heat to your hair can make the colour fade quicker than normal, but it doesn’t have to mean that you should avoid the straighteners and hair dryer. Hair dryers often come with a ‘cool’ setting that enables you to dry without the hot heat, and a good heat protecting spray should help to reduce the fade.
  • Every other day

    One important thing to consider is when you wash your hair, and whether you do it too often or not. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day, giving it time to produce its own natural oils, which can actually help to keep in the colour. Try some dry shampoo if your hair feels a little lacklustre.

  • According to the environment

    In the summer, the warm and dry air can be hazardous to your hair colour and in the winter, the weather can cause your hair to dry out. To combat this, you need to use products that compliment the time of year, such as shampoos with UV filters in them and moisturising masks. Doing this will help your colour last longer and be more vibrant.

New Remi Cachet Hair Products

We’re planning another belter of a year and our sister brand Remi Cachet is kicking us off with three new products which is getting us and our stylists giddy already.

First up and due in very soon is their first Clip In. This deluxe clip in is 100% human hair and available in a wide range of over 20 shades including our popular mix shades and Dip Dye’s.  Available in 16” and 20” the 150g clip in comes in three separate pieces to create a full head of hair extensions to give your that extra volume boost before you head out.  The clips snap open and closed to stay securely in your head or remove safety without any damage to your own hair.  If you’ve never tried extensions this is a great way to see how they will feel, or maybe you just want to add create some big hair for a night out and add to your existing hair extensions.   Prices start from £93.99 and will be available soon so keep checking in on our Facebook to see when they have landed.

Also imminent is the popular Ultra Tips™ in a different hair source – the Russian/Mongolian of their Elegance Range.  This has many stylists really giddy with excitement as they simply love the ultra flat, ultra light, ultra coverage and volume and ultra discreet UltraTips™ which are easy to apply, maintain and remove. Currently sourced from Indian temple hair, the Russian/Mongolian hair is slightly less wavy and sleeker.  Introducing this different hair type means that you can now match perfectly to your own natural hair.  Again stick to our Facebook page to see when this is available or head to your nearest #RCStylist to book a consultation now and be one of the first to try this new hair.

They’ve also been busy to create a Miracle Mist styling product to add to their aftercare range.   More on this to come …

Our #RCStylists can also come and see us at Pro Hair Manchester, Hair UK in Birmingham and Salon International in London this year and not forgetting our training across the year.

Keep in touch on social media with us to find out what’s new here first.

Hair Tips

7 hair commandments you need to follow

We all want beautifully silky, smooth hair, but did you know that we’re all guilty of hair sins? Each day, we do things that we may not even realise could cause damage to our hair. Read on to discover what you should avoid to keep your locks in tip top condition, perfect for the new year!

1 – I shall not comb my hair when wet

Never, ever brush your hair when it is wet. When hair is wet, it stretches easily, meaning that if it gets caught up in a comb, you could break the fibres of the hair, leaving you with frizzy split ends. If you must comb out tangles, use a wide-tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer to gently ease out the knots, starting from the tips of your hair to the roots.

2 – I shall take breaks between washes

You should have heard it by now; never wash your hair on a daily basis. Doing this strips the hair of its natural essential oils, leaving it very brittle and dry. Aim to wash your hair every two to three days, and if you think it’s uncomfortable, try some dry shampoo in between washes. After a short while, you’ll find that your hair has adjusted and will feel smoother and sleeker.

3 – I shall always use heat protecting products

Using heat on unprotected hair is one of the quickest ways to get dry, unruly and easily breakable hair. Be sure to always use heat absorbing products such as sprays or oils to ensure full protection against damage. Some shampoos and conditioners even have these properties in them, so there’s no excuse!

4 – I shall not miss my hair appointment

We understand the demand to have long, luscious locks but if you have short hair, leaving it to grow for months on end isn’t the best thing to do. Yes, it will make it grow to the length you want, but what’s the point when you’ll probably need to have all of the split ends cut off in a month’s time? Instead, take it steady and make sure you have a quarter of an inch cut off every 1-2 months. This way your hair will grow steadily, but healthily, and you won’t have as many split ends. You can always use hair extensions in the meantime to gain body and length.

5 – I shall stop playing with my hair

Yes, we know, we all do it. Whether you’re bored at work with a creative blockade hanging over your head or talking to a certain someone that you’re interested in, we all have the temptation to play with our hair. Twirling, spinning and pulling at the ends or repositioning our fringes and bangs are quick fire ways to cause frizz and static hairs, as well as add dirt and grease to the hair. Try to resist the urge to play with your hair for better looking locks.

6 – I shall not apply shampoo to the ends of my hair

If you want soft, moisturised hair then try to keep shampoo to the roots of your hair and conditioner on the ends. This way you will not dry out the ends or add extra moisture to the roots where the natural oils are produced.

7 – I shall not ignore my diet

You can apply as much moisturising product to your hair as you’d like, but if it isn’t complemented with an enriched diet, you could have problems. Make sure that you consume a lot of foods that are rich in protein and vitamins such as vitamin C and omega-3. This will give your hair a boost from the inside and leave it fresh and silky.


Hair resolutions to keep this New Year

Made your new year’s resolutions in a hurry?  Make sure you don’t miss out on adding some really simple hair resolutions and our tips to help you keep them all through the year.

1) Transform your look now & your confidence to get you started on your other resolutions.   Getting the hairstyle that really suits you is a quest we all know.  But having fun along the way and trying new styles has got to be part of the fun.  So head to your nearest #RCStylist to talk more about your new look & how hair extensions can help achieve this.  So whether you want to try a new hue without the commitment of damaging colour, or dream of unachievable length or volume – hair extensions can help in lots of ways.  Your stylist can also talk you through the myths and all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

2) Take more care of your hair.  2016 is set to be the start of a trend in luxury healthy hair.  First of all give your hair some TLC with a treatment like Moroccan Oil Treatment and then continue the care regime with Remi Cachet’s Shampoo & Conditioner.

3) Brush your locks more to keep them tangle free!   To keep your extensions at their best and prolong the life of your extensions, regularly brush you hair at least four times a day and separate your bonds.  Remi Cachet Ultra Tangle Tamer is perfect for this and easy to find in your handbag as it’s pink of course!   Your stylist will definitely notice the extra effort you are putting in when you go for your check ups.

4) Book in for regular maintenance sessions with your #RCStylist to help you have #GorgeousHair and for more tips of styling and care.

Not forgetting our amazing #RCStylists … January is a great time to get a few bits of admin sorted to benefit more from the support offered by Additional Lengths:

1)  Book on training – either improve your own skills with the latest techniques such as Hollywood Weave, or train up another member of the team and grow your extension business.   Either way get in touch to find out about either in salon training or availability on any of our in centre course dates.

2) Clear out your retail area – It’s amazing how much stock you have and use these as goody bags or social media giveaways this January.  To save you holding too much stock, get in touch with the team to ask about getting a unique code where you earn commission on sales of Remi Cachet aftercare products.

3) Apply for your Trade Account – reward yourself for being a professional hair extensionist and earn up to 20% discount on your orders.  It’s simply one quick form.

4) Aim to become one of our SuperStylists to get more exclusive opportunities.