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Awaken your hair force

It’s THE film to see and THE must-have toys for this Christmas, Star Wars is all around us right now.  Even if you are not a fan you will know Princess Leia is one of the most iconic hairdo’s of all time so we thought we would have a look at some of the looks from the films and what you can take for your own hair to join in the fun.

We’ve harped on about plaits, braids and buns all year and Princess Leia combines all these beautifully.  There are many tutorials on You Tube to get the infamous ‘buns’ and you can also see a great How To for the halo braid by our friends at Layered here.  We also spotted these other great Princess Leia looks the high bun with plait wrapped around and bun with two looped plaits – both work perfectly with long hair.   For a slightly more modern twist, tease your hair around your face to create wispy bits and then your bun or plait to create an undone effect.

It looks like the new female lead, Rey aka Daisy Ridley, will soon be a hair icon too. Not only is her off-duty texture lob on point, but her funky looped small buns is very Rita Ora-ish so that get’s our thumbs up and an easy style to re-create for you casual days. However, Daisy is getting high praise for her red carpet hair do’s with this simple twisted chignon and well-placed kirby grips.  Christmas party or office day, this is definitely the new do for this week and beyond.

So you’re all set for the premier this week – may the force be with you and your hair do!  Don’t forget to share your snaps with us on social media we’d love to see them.

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