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The biggest winter hair trends of 2015

With personal style and uniqueness all the rage, fewer people stick to the guidelines of what’s trending, instead only using it as inspiration to complete their overall look. Whether you follow fashion with an open eye, it’s all you can think about or you simply want to compare with what others are doing, at Additional Lengths we have put together a number of styles that are trending this season. Get ready for the snow, cold and winter weather by looking your best. Below are just a few of our favourite selections.

Full fringe

A full fringe is usually on the list every year. It’s classic and even helps to keep you warm, offering an array of different styles to choose from. You can part your hair in the middle and add some natural waves for an effortless and relaxed look, or sweep it all to one side and look more 60’s. Whatever it is, it’s doable with a full fringe. Ask your salon professional today for a full fringe and they’ll suggest the best one for you. There are a few types such as shaggy, straight and jagged – each of which are in style.

Experiment with colour

When we say experiment with colour, we don’t simply mean try a new shade of brunette that you’ve never had before. A big trend this winter is to try experimenting with colour – in ways that no one has before. For instance, at a recent runaway event headed by Gucci, one of the models had ice blonde hair that faded into pastel pink at the end, which is a unique colour to have. Don’t want the commitment of dye? Choose a crazy hair extension colour or purchase platinum clip-ins, using La Riche Directions to add the all-important colour. Be wild and don’t be afraid of something crazy.

Blunt midi-cut

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Elizabeth Banks are currently sporting this look, which removes all layers from the hair. Texture may be trending, but this is an option that more and more people are turning to – with just a little bit of feathering at the ends. This look works best on those with oval faces, but ask your salon professional for the best cut to help frame the face and give it dimension. A worry for many is that hair without layers will not have volume, but learning to blow dry your hair at home and using a good quality mousse whilst your hair is damp can achieve the right amount of bounce. Paired with a Save The Blow Dry shower cap, your hair shine and volume will be saved.

Change it up with clip-ins

One of the best features that clip-in extensions, like buns and fringes, have is that you can change your style in an instant. This means that, if you don’t want to commit to dying your hair a colour you’re unsure of, you can test it out first with extensions. What’s better is that if you buy real human hair extensions and dislike their colour, you can change them with dye if you choose to. Here at Additional Lengths we have everything you’ll ever need to transform your look, from extensions to all of their necessary accents. Explore our range today and get ready for the winter.

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