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Hair Tips Trends

Baby it’s cold outside

As the frost starts to bite, we steal some celeb style to help keep us and our tresses protected against the cold.  Our long locks are great at keeping us warm, but we need to make sure they don’t dry out with the central heating and fight frizz as we step outside into the cold air.

With the big freeze now in full effect we’ve seen some great celeb style to try yourselves from the Dakota Johnson big fur hat – we feel warmer just looking at this.   Or maybe opt for Jennifer Lawrence’s wide brimmed Fedora or the casual over-sized beanie Chrissy Teigen look.   Don’t forget to take your hat’s on and off slowly so not to tug on your bonds and cause matting.  We really recommend having your brush ready to combat the inevitable hat hair.

If you still want to show off your locks and are happy to brave the cold, then opt for Abbey Clancy’s hair tuck or Fearne Cotton’s big wrap to keep the ends safe from drying out and keep you warm too.

Our top tip is to leave your conditioner on a few minutes longer whilst washing your hair to help lock in more moisture.   Try Remi Cachet’s Shampoo & Conditioner as they have been tested to work on any bond type and also leave the hair shiny and healthy.  Don’t forget to add some Hair Oil too before heading out to help fight static and frizz.  It will also make your hair look healthier and protect it from the icy chills.  It also comes in a handy travel sized bottle to fit in your handbag so you can add some to your drying ends when out and about.

Talk to your #RCStylist for more style and hair care tips this winter.

The biggest winter hair trends of 2015

With personal style and uniqueness all the rage, fewer people stick to the guidelines of what’s trending, instead only using it as inspiration to complete their overall look. Whether you follow fashion with an open eye, it’s all you can think about or you simply want to compare with what others are doing, at Additional Lengths we have put together a number of styles that are trending this season. Get ready for the snow, cold and winter weather by looking your best. Below are just a few of our favourite selections.

Full fringe

A full fringe is usually on the list every year. It’s classic and even helps to keep you warm, offering an array of different styles to choose from. You can part your hair in the middle and add some natural waves for an effortless and relaxed look, or sweep it all to one side and look more 60’s. Whatever it is, it’s doable with a full fringe. Ask your salon professional today for a full fringe and they’ll suggest the best one for you. There are a few types such as shaggy, straight and jagged – each of which are in style.

Experiment with colour

When we say experiment with colour, we don’t simply mean try a new shade of brunette that you’ve never had before. A big trend this winter is to try experimenting with colour – in ways that no one has before. For instance, at a recent runaway event headed by Gucci, one of the models had ice blonde hair that faded into pastel pink at the end, which is a unique colour to have. Don’t want the commitment of dye? Choose a crazy hair extension colour or purchase platinum clip-ins, using La Riche Directions to add the all-important colour. Be wild and don’t be afraid of something crazy.

Blunt midi-cut

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Elizabeth Banks are currently sporting this look, which removes all layers from the hair. Texture may be trending, but this is an option that more and more people are turning to – with just a little bit of feathering at the ends. This look works best on those with oval faces, but ask your salon professional for the best cut to help frame the face and give it dimension. A worry for many is that hair without layers will not have volume, but learning to blow dry your hair at home and using a good quality mousse whilst your hair is damp can achieve the right amount of bounce. Paired with a Save The Blow Dry shower cap, your hair shine and volume will be saved.

Change it up with clip-ins

One of the best features that clip-in extensions, like buns and fringes, have is that you can change your style in an instant. This means that, if you don’t want to commit to dying your hair a colour you’re unsure of, you can test it out first with extensions. What’s better is that if you buy real human hair extensions and dislike their colour, you can change them with dye if you choose to. Here at Additional Lengths we have everything you’ll ever need to transform your look, from extensions to all of their necessary accents. Explore our range today and get ready for the winter.

Hair Tips Trends


Last week’s blog gave some essential tips for winter brides to consider when looking at hair extensions.  This week, we want to look more at the trends for our wedding belles this winter.

There is only one big trend and that’s the accessory.  Where summer sports flowers; winter adds sparkle.  We loved this alternative modern veil from the AW15 Bridal catwalks with embroidery clipped to the hair.  There is some amazing ‘hair wear’ available just check out this collection of over 800 to browse from Brides Magazine.

Style wise, the ballerina bun is still very popular and with plaits trending for the past year we spotted this really long plait showing off the back and the dress beautifully.  This would work equally well for any long haired bridesmaids and glitz up with beads and sequins to complement the dress.

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at a recent Hunger Games premier with these subtle crystals in her hair and they went down a storm.  You can find our hair tinsel will give this effect. We headed back in her style file and grabbed another great look with an intricate gold ribbon weaved through her locks.  We think this is a great look to steal for your wedding inspiration.

Bridesmaids can get plenty of inspiration from these A list updo’s.

If you are a wedding guest this winter, it’s a great excuse to get the hair extensions you’ve always wanted.  You can use the extra hair to keep warm and with all those Christmas and New Year parties you will feel you’ve had your money’s worth. Try the Remi Cachet SuperWeft for plenty of volume and length.  Most importantly you will look Gorgeous – just ask your #RCStylist

Hair Tips

Winter hair care: Keep it healthy in the cold

We all know that winter can be hard on our hair, and as the seasons change, so do our routines. To ensure that your hair – and extensions – stay in their best condition throughout the cold months, follow our tips to achieve the perfect winter hair care regime.

Use nourishing hair products

During the summer, you may have different hair products than in winter, simply due to the fact that the weather is different. Cold winter weather is known to be very dry, whereas it’s more humid in the summer, meaning that your hair care products should be a lot more nourishing and moisturising. Try using a leave-in conditioning mask once a week to regain some strength and essential nutrients. View our range of nourishing extension and hair care products here.

Keep it nourished from the inside

When people think of nourishing their hair, they often only think about deep conditioning treatments and other products on the market, when in fact they should be thinking about what they are eating, too! During the winter, it’s highly recommended to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, ensuring that you get at least your five a day, to provide the hair with enough minerals and vitamins. Sometimes it may be helpful to take a multivitamin tablet, but it may not be necessary to take every day. Check with your doctor first if you are unsure. Staying hydrated by drinking two litres of water a day is also a great way to ensure that your hair is moisturised naturally.

Be kind and gentle to your hair

Instead of pulling at your hair with a comb and trying to manipulate it into a ponytail, be gentle and kind to your hair. The weather will make your hair dry, meaning that it’s easier to break, and so a soft touch should be applied. Try a wide bristled brush in order to give your hair less of a strain and wear it in a loose bun to avoid having to use heat each day, further drying out the ends. A Tangle Teezer is great for this.

Regular trims

The recommended amount of time that you should leave in between haircuts and trims is around 6-8 weeks, as any longer than this could develop split ends. If you want to keep your length, try asking your hairdresser for a skim, which will remove the dry ends without compromising the length of your hair. Make sure that you don’t have this done too often though.

Sticking to these tips should help you to have great hair through the cold. If you have any questions about the products we’ve mentioned or would like more hair care help, get in touch with us.

Hair Tips


It’s definitely a magical time of year, but add a wedding into the mix, and we’re just giddy!   So if you are looking for volumous and fuller tresses for your big day, hair extensions are the best way of achieving this and a treat every bride deserves.

Here’s our top tips to consider when looking at your bridal hair.

– Do your research about hair extensions and if you want permanent bonds, or something less such as a tape hair.  Remi Cachet has a whole range of extensions to match hair types, different budgets and  different application types so have a look on their website to find out more or go and meet one of our #RCStylist for a full consultation.

– If going for the pre-bonded application, we would recommend you have your application at least a month before your big day.  This will allow the bonds to settle and you get use to them, so you can also have some practise hair trials and make tweaks if you want.  You can then have a maintenance appointment with your other pre-wedding treatments to make sure your hair is in it’s very best condition.

– Keeping your hair in good condition takes good aftercare and the Remi Cachet range has been developed specifically for their hair extensions.  Not only will their shampoo and conditioner care for the hair and bonds, but the Hair Oil will be essential through winter and your big day for shine and frizz-free protection.

– As for your final look, don’t think about going too different from your normal look and think about whether you want your hair up or down.   Your dress might be a crucial factor in this decision and also your veil and accessories.  If you are considering hair up, make sure you talk to your #RCStylist about this so they can make sure the bonds are well away from any hairlines and your bonds remain discreet.

– Honeymooning abroad will mean additional hair care for your extensions so get the best advise from your extensionist and read more on our blog here.

Here’s 70 gorgeous styles for you and your bridesmaids to go though and choose the perfect look for you all.

Make sure you follow us on social media too as we share more #hairinspo images and come back next week as we talk Bridal hair trends.

Hair Tips Trends


Whilst the fog is rolling in we thought we would warm things up with some warm hair colours for some hairspiration for your winter looks and instantly feel warmer.

Birthday girl Kendal Jenner turned 20 yesterday and her locks are very enviable. Her hue not lonely matches her olive skin but her eyes too. With her high topknot you can see the ends of her hair are slightly lighter so maybe look to try some Remi Cachet DipDyes like DD2/6. Make sure you use Remi Cachet’s Hair Oil to keep your tresses healthy & shiny too.

If strawberry is more your hue; then try colour 14. Think Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain for this light golden shade that would brighten any dull day and give you stand out hair.

Not convinced to go red all over then look to mix your colours.   Similarly to the DipDye range, you can also use the extensions to create highlights, lowlights or even babylights. Just a few strands of the popular 99J amongst dark brown extensions can be really effective and thaw any freeze.

Need more colour inspiration? We’ve got 3 great suggestions for you browse:
1) Head to the Remi Cachet Twitter feed to see some amazing real life transformations form our talented #RCStylists

2) Flick through Glamours ‘Why being brunette is totally awesome’ for a feast of chocolate, caramel and coffee tones.

3) Find your neatest #RCStylist or even #SuperStylist and play with their colour rings with over 40 samples to try against your hair and skin and find the perfect new hue.