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How To Get Kylie Jenner Hair

With her long jet black flowing tresses Kylie Jenner always gets Hollywood tongues wagging. Model and social media queen, this Kardashian’s changing style is hard to keep up with but we picked two of her best looks for you to recreate.

Their SuperWeft is perfect for adding volume to your hair and with a range of shades finding the perfect match or new hue is easy.

You can get the King Kylie look using 20 inch Jet Black SuperWeft applied by a professionally trained extensionist using a special technique known as Hollywood Weave.

This technique, unlike sewn or glued in weaves, puts much less stress on your own hair and allows your natural locks to grow neatly underneath. It also lies so neatly to your head that you can’t even tell you are even wearing extensions.

Don’t worry about maintenance, re-fitting or removal as the Hollywood Weave technique is super simple for this and that’s great if you want to change your style like Kylie does for a special night out.

Once applied your SuperWeft can be easily styled with hot tools as it’s human hair and works the same as your own locks. Made from a mix of Russian and Mongolian hair it holds a curl well to recreate Kylie’s natural loose waves.

Using a little Hair Oil protects the hair from styling tools and adds shine. Try brushing them out for that extra natural look and party into the night.

Caring for your hair couldn’t be simpler with the Remi Cachet aftercare range helping to keep the extensions healthy and lock in moisture.

Take the look to the next level by changing colours. Kylie Jenner likes to have fun with colour and often swaps extensions to try out a new hue. Like the hugely on trend bronde she is sporting in the picture below – try a 6/22 chestnut brown and champagne.

Find your nearest #RCStylists here and book in for a consultation to find our more about getting your Kardashian look.

Hair Tips

6 ways to achieve the best hair of your life

For many of us, it can feel like a bad hair day lasts for longer than a day, resulting in dry and lacklustre locks. No matter what you do or what products you try, you may not be achieving the results you want. But have you ever thought about the small stuff? Simple things like your pillows and routine can affect your hair quality, and at Additional Lengths we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to rectify your situation. Read on to find out six different ways you can get the best hair of your life.

1) Don’t shampoo every day

A lot of us think that when our hair is oily, it must be washed. In fact, this is not always the case. When you wash your hair with shampoo, you strip it of its natural oils, meaning that the hair works harder and produces even more. This can actually result in your hair becoming greasier faster, which means you’ll probably wash it again. It’s a vicious cycle but one that’s simple to get out of. If you feel like your hair needs a wash, but it’s only been one day, try some dry shampoo. After a while, your hair will get used to this routine and will retain more vitamins and nourishment.

2) Change your pillowcase

Are you using a pillowcase made from cotton, or not washing it at least once a week? Research has shown that cotton is a very drying material, meaning that when you sleep on it at night, it dries out your hair. Avoid this by using a polyester, silk or satin pillowcase instead. These are much gentler on your hair and will avoid frizz in the morning. Not washing your pillowcase often enough is also a cause of greasy and flattened hair, so be sure to pop it into the washing machine and use light, sensitive detergents.

3) Follow up your shampoo with conditioner

Sometimes we all have those days where we think that we won’t need conditioner, but a good rule of thumb is to always use it regardless. Start by applying it to the middle of your hair and work it down to the ends – never apply it on the scalp as it can cause oil to produce more. Leave it on for a couple of minutes for it to do its trick and then wash off. It will leave your hair silky smooth, hydrated and shouldn’t cause excess grease.

4) Nourishing hairspray and dry shampoo

Hairspray can often be a very drying substance to put on your hair, which can mean that your hair becomes brittle and weak. Try looking for a hydrating and nourishing hairspray, rather than a generic one, and we’re certain that your hair will thank you. Better yet, try using dry shampoo as a substitute – it sounds strange but it definitely does the trick!

5) Started from the bottom now we’re here

The above is what your hair brush should be singing! Always brush your hair by starting at the bottom, working your way through the tangles and the frizz. After the ends have been sorted, you can start going higher and higher, until you finally reach your roots. Doing this will leave less split ends in your hair and will also make it smoother. Also, try not to brush your hair when it’s wet, but if you have to, ensure you use this method.

6) Don’t delay and go to the hairdressers

It’s easy for us to delay getting a haircut, as we all understand how life can get in the way. However, it’s very important to make time for a haircut as regular trims can do wonders for your hair.

Hair Tips Trends


Just for a bit of fun: do you know what your hair colour says about your personality?  Don’t worry if you don’t agree with the personality types as we’re all really unique and you could always just change your colour to one that suits you more.

RED HEADS are well know for being fiery but you’re creative too!  Passionate and outspoken are in there too.  This might be a rare natural hue around the world and so very revered, but actually on our UK shores we have a higher percentage in our average population.

Marsala is a deep plum hue and the Pantone colour of the year which is why we keep seeing this more – try Remi Cachet’s 99J to get this look.   Rose Gold is also on trend showcasing a little luxury.

BRUNETTE BABES are considered smarter than redheads and blondes but there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this.  They are however known to be hardworking and very responsible which is why they make good employees.  Try going for a darker hue to add some more mystery to your look.

BLONDES did have a bad rep as being dumb but this has been banished into the archives.  The claim that blondes have more fun is definitely still up there for debate!  Although blondes reportedly feel sexier and equally are seen as sexier too by men.   Platinum is the rarest type of blonde and therefore definitely a show-stopping hue.

OMBRE wearers are the carefree type on top of mixing personalities of the different hues.

Check out these celebs who change their hair colour from brown to blonde to red and back again here. Ever changing colour chameleon Kylie Jenner isn’t afraid to try a new hue and use extensions and wigs to get the effects she wants.  Check out her a few of her looks in our snap.

If you want to look to change your colour talk to your #RCStylist and check out our colour ring to see all our colours.  Don’t be afraid to just try a little colour, a plum to add some richness to your dark hues; highlights to your warm chocolate brown tresses to open up your face or even some flashes of something different.

Hair Tips


To support their Remi Cachet stylists Additional Lengths have launched a unique code to #RCStylists to share with their customers to be able to buy the aftercare range online.

For the client, they get to order day or night when they have run out of their favourite shampoo & conditioner and with FREE standard delivery they will never be caught short in keeping their long locks well cared for.

The Remi Cachet stylist also benefit, as they no longer need to keep large stocks of the range in salon, reducing their outlay, and also they receive a quarterly commission on their clients sales so they don’t miss out.

Each code is individual to the stylists and having trialed this with some of their Super Stylists already the feedback has been positive from both the customer and salon.

The aftercare range from Remi Cachet includes Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oils in a range of bottle sizes and the Ultra Tangle Tamer Brush made by leading brush manufacturer, Denman  A further new product is due to be launched shortly and will also be incorporated into the scheme.

“We want to encourage our extension wearers to care for their extensions as much as possible, and with the correct suitable products.  So we knew we needed to make it easy for them to get hold of the range and promote how gorgeous the hair is.   Extensionists are happy to share this easy ordering system with their clients as they know they will benefit from the sales.” revealed founder Victoria Lynch.

This is being rolled out across Remi Cachet stylists with Trade Accounts.  To apply, #RCStylists need to email richard@additionallengths.co.uk with their trade account name and a code will be issued for them to start using.



Time has marched on and we’ve seen Milan and Paris Fashion Week’s close.  We’ve seen the same trends as NYFW and LFW but with a few more gems to mention and give a go.

Quiffs!  Our two favourite are the 40’s vintage roll by Sam McKnight for Dries van Noten and Guido Palou for Roberto Cavalli. The side sweep emphasis the quiff so play with you hair to see which side suits you best and backcomb to hold it in place.  The side sweep is all over the red carpet and is a simple way to update your look in and instant and show off your long tresses.

Bunches or Pigtails are no longer just for the school play ground they’ve gone all grown up.  Well if it’s good enough for Chanel …  We also love the twisted ponytails from Marni. So simple and perfect for a casual look – maybe even that dress down Friday!

Parisians turned each and every hairstyle into standout looks with accessories.  From understated kirby grips and ribbons, through to jewels and tiara’s it’s time to make a statement and you can see more easy accessories at Vogue.  We also found some lovely accessories on www.notonthehighstreet.com so head over and treat yourself today.

Don’t forget to tag us in your #selfie hairstyles.
Hair Tips

How to properly clean your hair tools

One thing that we probably never think about is cleaning our hair tools, like our brushes and clips, but it is in fact one of the most important things to consider. The only way to make sure that your hair tools give you perfect looking hair is to take the utmost care with them, and this can’t be done when they are unclean. At Additional Lengths we’ve compiled a guide for you to examine and take a note of, helping you to achieve the finest hair possible.

Cleaning brushes and combs

We’ve all noticed that hair becomes trapped in brushes, and that’s probably the only thing that we remove. But the fact is that oils from your scalp, residue, thousands of germs, dust, hairspray and other particles are stuck in there, too. Do you really want to be brushing those across your hair everyday, especially if you’ve just washed it? No, of course not!

To properly clean your brushes and combs, we recommend taking a long and thin tool like a rat tail comb and tug gently at any hair in the brush to loosen it. Try to remove all of the hair before proceeding to the next step, which involves filling your sink up with warm water. Add some cleansing shampoo into the mix, and either let it soak or use a spare toothbrush to ease off the buildup. Once this is finished, let them air dry and use again! It’s recommended to do this at least once a month.

Cleaning your hair dryer

You can probably see lint and dirt in the hair dryer vent, which means it’s time for a clean! It’s a completely normal thing, but this buildup can prevent the hair dryer from working properly – and safely. Most hair dryers come with a removable filter for the vent which should easily twist off. If it doesn’t, take a look at your instruction manual for help. Once it’s off, clean it with a dry toothbrush to remove all of the grit and dirt and rinse it with warm water. It’s important to make sure that you air dry it completely before reattaching it and using it.

Cleaning hair accessories

You must remember accessories like scrunchies, hair ties and headbands as these can also have buildup. Similar to the hair brushes, pop them in the sink with a couple drops of shampoo and warm water, then leave them to dry or speed it up with a towel.

Cleaning heated applications

Sticky buildup on hair curlers, tongs and straighteners not only look unsightly, but can cause split ends and burns. Keep your hot tools in their best condition by cleaning off this residue. First, start by ensuring that they’re unplugged and completely cold before doing anything. Get a cloth and wet it with some water, rubbing off any residue as much as you possibly can. If this doesn’t work, try something like rubbing alcohol instead. Once removed, leave to dry before using again. This way your applicators will last longer without any worry.