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CSI has nothing on us …

We have been busy this summer testing our hair to learn more about the adverse effects.   Earlier this summer we wrote about the hazards of holidays on your hair and we wanted to learn more to support those of you who have suffered with discolouration or dry hair as a result of water filtration systems, swimming pools and other factors causing a reaction on your hair; you are going to love what we’ve found out.

So here’s the science:
Your hair will only change colour (green or orange) due to a chemical reaction.   This chemical reaction is caused when your hair comes into contact with the minerals in water, and we don’t just mean chlorine in swimming pools or the salt from the sea.  There’s the water filtration systems in hotels where you wash your hair but more disturbingly there are other chemicals your hair come in to contact with.   The whole reaction process is speeded up when you’re in the sun – with the heat fuelling the reaction.

The real culprit is a chemical called Avobenzone.  It’s an ingredient used in most sunscreen products for its UVA absorbtion but just like your clothes that get discoloured by the cream so too can you hair when it comes in to contact with the cream.  It is also used in lots of products such as perfume and hair perfume so all extension lovers need to check their product ingredients carefully.  Because of the nature of these products and hair coming into contact with them, wearers may only notice a patch of discolouration and naturally the issue can occur here as well as away on holiday.   So time to read those product labels in more detail!    There are lots of derivatives so it can also occur with other similar products.

Our MD Victoria Lynch was keen to get to the bottom of the whole issue for clients:
“Firstly, it’s really important that the hair extension wearer understands that the colour change is a chemical reaction to something that has happened to the hair.  We have been testing our hair across the ranges and colours, alongside other brands with sun cream, the affects of water and sun.  We were amazed at the effects and also to learn other household products that have the same chemicals in and which we bring our hair in contact with.”

Check out our snaps to see for yourself.

We are keen to share this information to teach our lovely hair extension wearers more about the products they bring their hair into contact with and understand it’s not the hair extensions themselves – but a reaction when water (with minerals) mixes with everyday chemicals we use on our bodies and hair.  In forearming our customers, we can help keep our hair tresses perfect for longer.

Want to know a quick fix …it’s a miracle in a sachet Malibu C product and we tell you more in our next blog.

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