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Girls on Tour: Hit Cosmoprof Vegas

RC Blog Girls on Tour CosmoprofAll in the name of research our founder, Victoria Lynch, and Educator Abigail Nicholls, headed to Vegas and the biggest hair show in the world – Cosmoprof.    It didn’t disappoint one little bit and the four day trip was packed full of Vegas fun, testing, walking and the wonderful world of hair & beauty.

Well it was off to a good start celeb spotting Ronan Keeting in the Exec Lounge at Heathrow before the long haul flight and a cheeky glass of bubbles if only to steady our Victoria’s flying nerves.

If you’ve never been to a Cosmoprof like Bologna in Italy, they are big.  But when it get’s to Vegas it is super sized – just check out the map below!   Where to start?    Well naturally the girls were more interested in all things hair extension related but its also a great chance to catch up with friends and a stop by fellow Brits Tangle Teezer.  “The Hair Show was ENORMOUS- we walked miles”  Abigail.

The girls were reportedly up bright and early to be testing their hair extension bundles for the effects of chlorine, sun and hotel filtered water.  We have some great results to report back but that’s be for another blog now!

Sight seeing was a must when they were all the way in Vegas – the usual tourist trail of the Little White Chapel, the revolving Stratosphere cocktail lounge, a shooting range (Yep you read the right and don’t ask!) as well as a spot of Louis Vuitton window shopping just for Abigail!

Whilst it was a great experience Abigail and Victoria, they were happy to be home and looking forward to a British hair event – Salon International is up next.

See you there!

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