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Hair Tips

Festival Hair & Camping Extension Care

Achieving the perfect festival look can often include hair extensions, both synthetic and human. You can plait them overnight for a boho-chic look and add a flower crown, create a complex up-do hairstyle and even cover unwashed hair with a strategic clip-in. However, as extensions should be an investment to receive true quality and value for money, you’ll need to look after them properly.

As we know, festivals aren’t known for offering quick and simple shower facilities, meaning that you’ll often have to wait in queues for hours on end to feel some water on your skin. But with no running water, how do you make sure that you keep your extensions in the best shape throughout your stay? Follow our helpful guide to festival human hair extension care and there should be nothing to worry about.

Hot Weather

Most festivals are held in fields and when you pair hot weather with dry mud and high foot traffic, it spells dust. You’ll often find that your shoes can become covered with mud dust and other dry resources, and this can cling to your extensions too, resulting in a lack of moisture and requiring extra effort to style them. There’s not much that can be done to avoid this, but there are a few options that you have to look after your extensions, even at least until you get home.

  • Moroccan Oil: Moroccan Oil should be considered a saviour for anyone with damaged hair or dry extensions as it adds moisture and smoothness. Simply rub a small droplet into your hands and run it through your extensions lightly to rectify your hair. The Moroccan Oil Repair & Style Travel Kit is perfect to take with you. If you have the time, you can also use the campsite water to shampoo, condition and then air dry your extensions with this kit.
  • Vitamin Spray: At Additional Lengths, we have our own range of beautiful hair extension aftercare products and our hair Hair Extension Vitamin Spray should be a staple part of your festival beauty bag. Containing an array of vitamins including D-Panthenol Vitamin E, this leave-in treatment will help you revitalise hair that’s tired and in distress. You can use it either before you set off on your journey or take it with you for a refresh without running water.

Cool Weather

It’s not unusual for the British summertime to bring us cooler days, especially when at festivals. For this reason, we’ll also be taking a look at how to keep your extensions in top condition when it may be raining or windy. Use the following tips as a guide.

  • Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray: If the weather is cool, it may mean that it’s also windy too. Wind can not only ruin a hairstyle but can make it feel dry and coarse too. That’s why we recommend that if you take one hairspray with you to a festival, it should be the Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray. Infused with the enriching oil that leaves hair silky smooth, this hairspray adds shine and moisture to hair without any build up to keep your hair in place, whatever the weather.
  • Jenoris Pistachio Hair Mask: If it’s unfortunately raining, you may want to skip using extensions for the day as it could cause more hassle than you need and get in the way of your poncho. Instead, give your extensions a well-needed rest with the Jenoris Pistachio Hair Mask. Wet the hair and lightly cover the extensions with the mask. Leave it on for the recommended time and then wash it off, placing your extensions up to dry. After this, they should feel nourished and smoother, ready to place back in when the weather lets you.

With our handy guide, you should be well-equipped for all weathers and ready to face the festival season with confidence. If you have any questions regarding or products or would like more advice on how to care for your human hair extensions, please get in touch and we’ll be able to help.

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