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The Hazards of Holidays

With the sun finally breaking through, we all start to think about holidays and fun in the sun.   But do you really know what happens to your hair when abroad?

We recently had a client get in touch as she had unfortunately had her extensions change colour on her.   She had been on holiday and from her description she had really tried to take good care of her extensions whilst she was away but unfortunately she had still experienced a colour change.    There can be lots of reasons that can affect the hair and we thought it was important to explain some more.

So the packaging states ‘Not advisable for wear in chlorinated water or for use in hotter climates than accustomed to as damage can occur’.  In the processing stage of the hair extensions the colouring process locks colour in but in hotter climates with sun exposure and water, which abroad is treated differently to our standard filtration systems in our homes, along with ironised water in old filtration systems can cause de-colourisation. Whilst also abroad be careful of the chlorinated and sea water as this can also have an effect on the extensions by createing a chemical reaction on the hair. This isn’t only for hair extension wearers but for anyone who colours there hair.

The main reason for the change of colour is the level of iron & copper found in foreign water – this often has the effect of changing the hair colour to be a more ‘brassy orange’ or green respectively.   Even if you avoid the swimming pool; the water filtration systems & pipework can hold oxidised minerals too, which means that every time you shower and wash your hair you are affecting your colour.

If you do want to enjoy your hair extensions in the sun here are our top tips for helping keep your locks luscious:
1) Use Remi Cachet Shampoo & Conditioner and try not to wash your hair daily if possible. Aim for a maximum of 3 times a week.
2) Cover your hair with a hat from the sun’s glare
3) The old wives tale of lemon juice on the hair can help reduce the ‘orange’
4) Keep your hair tied up out of the way of swimming pool water or sea and it would we wise to pre-treat your hair with watered-down conditioner before heading into the water but be careful not to get any on the bonded areas!

If you do experience any colour change, get back in touch with your #RCStylist when you are home and they can help with colour correction.

To get more tips on how to care for your extensions please check out this helpful guide from Remi Cachet for Summer Care.

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