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Hair Tips


Here at Additional Lengths we offer hair from various hair sources to be able to give more choice to our customers.  Whilst many of you rely on your stylists to choose the right hair for you, it’s not its a matter of hair colour but more to do with your own hair texture and how you like to style your hair.  Here’s our quick guide to help you decide which is best for you.

The volume lover
If oomph is what you crave then the Indian hair is your friend.   With a similar texture to European hair in terms of natural wave and texture; it has a strong core to help hold your style and big curls.   Remi Cachet’s sensational new Ultra Tips™  are a great example of pre-bonded hair extensions, evenly distributing the extension hair to great effects.

The sleek seekers
If you love smooth, sleek locks and straighten your hair a lot to achieve this then try looking for a Russian Mongolian hair like Remi Cachet’s Elegance range.  You won’t stop playing with your hair as it’s really super silky to the touch and can last up to 9 months with the same level of lustre with the correct maintenance.   It’s also a perfect match for those with fine straight hair, adding a little volume, and soft curls can still be created.

Straight up and down
Chinese hair is completely straight and slightly courser than the Russian Mongolian hair type.  This is perfect for those of us who might have abused out hair a little with over colouring, constant use of straighteners resulting in dry-damaged hair.  Extensions can add a little volume but are primarily for those who want to achieve super straight tresses.  Check out Remi Cachet’s Luxury Range with Chinese hair and includes the fast transformations using Tape Hair. Don’t get us wrong, you can still change your straight look with curls too for a change.

Always look at what type of hair you are buying and where it come’s from.  To find out more about Remi Cachet’s hair production and ethical stance check out their website and find your neatest #RCStylist for a consultation and let them choose which hair type is best for you.

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