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Hair Tips


Here at Additional Lengths we offer hair from various hair sources to be able to give more choice to our customers.  Whilst many of you rely on your stylists to choose the right hair for you, it’s not its a matter of hair colour but more to do with your own hair texture and how you like to style your hair.  Here’s our quick guide to help you decide which is best for you.

The volume lover
If oomph is what you crave then the Indian hair is your friend.   With a similar texture to European hair in terms of natural wave and texture; it has a strong core to help hold your style and big curls.   Remi Cachet’s sensational new Ultra Tips™  are a great example of pre-bonded hair extensions, evenly distributing the extension hair to great effects.

The sleek seekers
If you love smooth, sleek locks and straighten your hair a lot to achieve this then try looking for a Russian Mongolian hair like Remi Cachet’s Elegance range.  You won’t stop playing with your hair as it’s really super silky to the touch and can last up to 9 months with the same level of lustre with the correct maintenance.   It’s also a perfect match for those with fine straight hair, adding a little volume, and soft curls can still be created.

Straight up and down
Chinese hair is completely straight and slightly courser than the Russian Mongolian hair type.  This is perfect for those of us who might have abused out hair a little with over colouring, constant use of straighteners resulting in dry-damaged hair.  Extensions can add a little volume but are primarily for those who want to achieve super straight tresses.  Check out Remi Cachet’s Luxury Range with Chinese hair and includes the fast transformations using Tape Hair. Don’t get us wrong, you can still change your straight look with curls too for a change.

Always look at what type of hair you are buying and where it come’s from.  To find out more about Remi Cachet’s hair production and ethical stance check out their website and find your neatest #RCStylist for a consultation and let them choose which hair type is best for you.

Hair Tips

Super Size Me!


Remi Cachet have gone large and released a 1 Litre bottle of their amazing Shampoo & Conditioner.  Essential haircare for Remi Cachet extension wearers, these have been formulated to work with any bond type and were finalists for the recent Hair Awards.  Proud to be paraben and sulphate free, these products are lightly fragranced with vanilla and if you need to know how you should really be using them properly then check out this short tutorial to set you straight.


So whether you are a #RCStylist going through lots of product at your back wash through to the extension devotee who wants to keep their extensions looking their best; you will both save your pennies with these super sized bottles.   With MultiPack and Twin Pack purchase options offering great savings, as well as the smaller 250ml and handy travel sized 100ml, there is absolutely no reason your hair can’t be cared for.


So super size your hair care and buy online here or at your local #RCStylists salon.

Hair Tips Trends

Festival Trends 2015

Festival season kicks off this weekend with the Isle of Wight festival so it’s another chance to help you get your hair right for the weekend.   First up re-refresh yourself on our earlier blog Festival Lessons as we reviewed the looks from Coachella back in April.   Here’s our update for colour, haircare and style to get your festival ready.
Colour while the granny hair grey is still rocking just like our very own Remi Cachet devote Sophie Kasaei. If you don’t see what you like on the Remi Cachet colour range of over 40 shades then don’t forget your professional #RCStylist can always custom colour them for you just like the well know paint ads!

Haircare is still key at a festival even if you don’t intend to wash your hair whilst your are glamping.  Make sure you have your UltraTamer brush handy to keep brushing your hair regularly to prevent knots and help brush out any dirt.    A dry shampoo might be useful after a couple of days but keep it away from your bonds.  Don’t forget to tie your hair up at bedtime to prevent matting.

Styles: Beachy waves are great for day 1 when you can prep your hair in the comfort of your own home with your wands and straighteners all powered up.  Day two you can add some texture and create an undone messy do like Gigi.

We know we keep harping on about plaits and braids for 2015 but as always these are a festival staple, especially for Day 2 and 3 or festivals. Here’s a great video How to create a simple boho pony braid – get practising now!  If you don’t fancy your hairdressing skills, cheat with a lovely plaited headband great for keeping your hair off your face.

If all fails accessorize!   A few simple pins with a pretty summer feel can add femininity or go all out for with a flower petal garland.  Don’t forget our hair feathers too which went down a storm at our Hair UK show last month.

Still undecided?  Then see more Festival hair tips, style inspiration and amazing A-list ‘dos are right this way!

If you need to find you local #RCStylist to get your add some length and volume to your hair this summer then find them here.

Hair Tips News

The Hazards of Holidays

With the sun finally breaking through, we all start to think about holidays and fun in the sun.   But do you really know what happens to your hair when abroad?

We recently had a client get in touch as she had unfortunately had her extensions change colour on her.   She had been on holiday and from her description she had really tried to take good care of her extensions whilst she was away but unfortunately she had still experienced a colour change.    There can be lots of reasons that can affect the hair and we thought it was important to explain some more.

So the packaging states ‘Not advisable for wear in chlorinated water or for use in hotter climates than accustomed to as damage can occur’.  In the processing stage of the hair extensions the colouring process locks colour in but in hotter climates with sun exposure and water, which abroad is treated differently to our standard filtration systems in our homes, along with ironised water in old filtration systems can cause de-colourisation. Whilst also abroad be careful of the chlorinated and sea water as this can also have an effect on the extensions by createing a chemical reaction on the hair. This isn’t only for hair extension wearers but for anyone who colours there hair.

The main reason for the change of colour is the level of iron & copper found in foreign water – this often has the effect of changing the hair colour to be a more ‘brassy orange’ or green respectively.   Even if you avoid the swimming pool; the water filtration systems & pipework can hold oxidised minerals too, which means that every time you shower and wash your hair you are affecting your colour.

If you do want to enjoy your hair extensions in the sun here are our top tips for helping keep your locks luscious:
1) Use Remi Cachet Shampoo & Conditioner and try not to wash your hair daily if possible. Aim for a maximum of 3 times a week.
2) Cover your hair with a hat from the sun’s glare
3) The old wives tale of lemon juice on the hair can help reduce the ‘orange’
4) Keep your hair tied up out of the way of swimming pool water or sea and it would we wise to pre-treat your hair with watered-down conditioner before heading into the water but be careful not to get any on the bonded areas!

If you do experience any colour change, get back in touch with your #RCStylist when you are home and they can help with colour correction.

To get more tips on how to care for your extensions please check out this helpful guide from Remi Cachet for Summer Care.