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Top of the Cannes!


All the headlines have centred on Sienna Miller’s fantastic style changes.  With the Cannes judge under close scrutiny herself, she re-styled her hair numerous times to get applause.   Top of the looks has to be this plait.  Fiddly on such short hair and even though it was for an evening red carpet even this slightly messy style worked beautifully.      Another intricate and messy plait was pulled off by Poppy Delevigne.


There were more hair ups to help the celebrities keep their cool in the Mediterranean heat.  We loved this simple elegant pony and side sweeping fringe by Charlize Theron during the day.   For her evening glamour look she swapped parting sides and added waves to her fringe.


Essential kit bag supplies:  Don’t forget to use grab a bottle of Remi Cachet Hair Oil to help combat the frizz.

HJi have a great gallery of all the top tresses from Cannes as it happened so flick through their gallery over your lunch and let us know if you rate any others.

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