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Brush up on your hair care

You know your stylist covered how to care for your extensions and it was written on the packet of hair, and the consultation form and the aftercare leaflet.  But really how can I take really good care of my hair extensions?    Having just spent your well earned pennies on new hair & application you need to ensure you look after your tresses to keep them looking at their best and keep them for longer.

With all that extra hair, how many times do you brush your tresses each day?  We really recommend brushing regularly throughout the day to avoid tangles and this could mean as many as five times a day, especially if your hair has been blown about or if you have been playing with it – well, that’s only natural as it’s so gorgeous now!

First up you need to choose the right brush and we understand it can get complicated with so many to choose from but avoid those with bobbles on the ends as they catch on your bonds.  With different shaped brushes for different styling effects – it’s important to check the type of bristle used to offer the best brush for your locks.

It’s well timed then that our luxury sister brand, Remi Cachet, has got together with international brush manufacturer Denman, to create their ultimate extension care brush – the Ultra Tangle Tamer.  Perfect for long locks with soft nylon bristles to glide through the hair removing tangles & the air cushioned pad follows the contours of the head without pulling.  The hair extension brush can be used on bonded areas to detangle without  causing tension.  Available to buy right away so there’s no excuse for your hair not to look it’s best!

Spot the name – Ultra Tangle Tamer – a quick nod to our newly named Ultra Tips™  (unashamed plug we know but they are fab!)

So next question: do you brush your hair correctly?   You might think this is daft but there really is a correct way of brushing your hair to cause the least breakage and this is even more important when you wear extensions.   So take small sections at a time and holding securely, brush the lower lengths before moving up & working around the head.  Often we are all to quick to push a brush through our hair without supporting the hair.

Check out more simple Do’s & Don’ts here to care for your hair with specific information for different types of extensions.

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