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Hair Tips Trends


As the first of the festivals, Coachella, closes for another year after two long weekend of music, fun, celebs and of course hair inspiration!  we look at what lessons we can learn for the amazing festivals coming up this summer.

CHANGE IS GOOD FUN and we bow to style icon Kylie Jenner for her transformations throughout this year’s Coachella experience.
Kylie’s long dark tresses were morphed for the first weekend into the aqua blue, before removing her extensions for back to reality mid week life.    She was then spotted in pink hues to her lob at her second weekend at the music festival; before swapping to a braided style with white chalks painting her hair to appear on the grey hair trend.   This girls not afraid to have fun and change her hair as well as her outfits.

Kylie wasn’t the only celeb playing with hues as Jordan Dunn rocked a #grannyhair do and whilst Rihanna introduced her to her new red hue.  Have fun plating with some hair chalks to get these look.

The ombre look is here to stay too take a look at some of the shades available in our most popular Mini Tips hair extensions


That tricky second day hair can be saved with a braid.  Stealing the show was Kate Bosworth’s scalp parting plait.   We reckon we will be seeing a lot more of this and plaits in general.  Katy Perry sported super-long and very striking pigtail plaits.   For that evening look, follow Kendall Jenner’s look for undone  effortless waves.
Don’t forget our plaits competition closing on Wednesday to enter know with your RC Tresses in plaits to win a fabulous new brush to help care for your locks.

Dry shampoo’s are a kit bag essential for festivals and great with extensions.  Make sure you also have in your bag, the Remi Cachet Hair Oil to tame those tresses and lock in moisture in the sunshine as well as an Ultra Tangle Tamer to untangle even the most festival abused mane.  You can’t go wrong with hair accessories as one of the biggest trends for this summer and festivals are a great chance to go bigger and better with you hair adornment.  Again fun is the key here too!

Have fun at your festivals this year and remember to tag us in with your changing #RChairstyles.


GET THE LOOK: KIM SEARS (the new Mrs Murray)

Kim’s tresses have aced the stands of Wimbledon for many years not with her natural elegant style.   Her healthy locks have been admired for their perfect length & volume.   This is easily achieved with extensions and can help enhance your own hair and what better excuse than for your bridal hair.  Kim’s elegant style transferred to her hair on her wedding day too with a simple half-up do with her veil hiding a hair bow and a cascade of curls down her back hinting at her lighter hues.

To replicate this brunette with a little sun kissed caramels to compliment her tan; try Remi Cachet colours DD6/10 for an ombre feel or a mix of colours 6 and 22.  Extensions also offer the added, and little known, benefit of helping hold the style especially curls & waves.

Kim’s hair jewellery complimented her dress and if you want to look for more accessories try looking at Brides Uk choice and for more bridal hair celeb looks.

Hair Tips

Brush up on your hair care

You know your stylist covered how to care for your extensions and it was written on the packet of hair, and the consultation form and the aftercare leaflet.  But really how can I take really good care of my hair extensions?    Having just spent your well earned pennies on new hair & application you need to ensure you look after your tresses to keep them looking at their best and keep them for longer.

With all that extra hair, how many times do you brush your tresses each day?  We really recommend brushing regularly throughout the day to avoid tangles and this could mean as many as five times a day, especially if your hair has been blown about or if you have been playing with it – well, that’s only natural as it’s so gorgeous now!

First up you need to choose the right brush and we understand it can get complicated with so many to choose from but avoid those with bobbles on the ends as they catch on your bonds.  With different shaped brushes for different styling effects – it’s important to check the type of bristle used to offer the best brush for your locks.

It’s well timed then that our luxury sister brand, Remi Cachet, has got together with international brush manufacturer Denman, to create their ultimate extension care brush – the Ultra Tangle Tamer.  Perfect for long locks with soft nylon bristles to glide through the hair removing tangles & the air cushioned pad follows the contours of the head without pulling.  The hair extension brush can be used on bonded areas to detangle without  causing tension.  Available to buy right away so there’s no excuse for your hair not to look it’s best!

Spot the name – Ultra Tangle Tamer – a quick nod to our newly named Ultra Tips™  (unashamed plug we know but they are fab!)

So next question: do you brush your hair correctly?   You might think this is daft but there really is a correct way of brushing your hair to cause the least breakage and this is even more important when you wear extensions.   So take small sections at a time and holding securely, brush the lower lengths before moving up & working around the head.  Often we are all to quick to push a brush through our hair without supporting the hair.

Check out more simple Do’s & Don’ts here to care for your hair with specific information for different types of extensions.

RC Brush


A peek inside our Exclusive Showcase Event

Last week we held our first ever Showcase at the swanky Hoxton Hotel in London in the heart of London.   The exclusive event took guests through the complete range of products and shared their upcoming launch items – all very hush hush at this stage.

Journalists were shown the different application techniques and given an opportunity to try their hand at being an extensionist on a mannequin head.  Remi Cachet educators Abigail Nicholls & Phil Pybus were on hand to show the latest Hollywood Weave technique and the newly named Ultra Tips™ (formerly Fan) which was a favourite with the journalists for it’s simple application and ultra flat effect.   Read about how Creative Head’s Anna Samson took to  ‘Getting to grips with extensions’ here and Hair Magazine’s Josh Heff could see all four of Hair Award Finalist products  on hand and learn more about how to make the most of them.

RC Stylists from around the county made the trip down especially to see us for a hands on afternoon session.  Those chosen were a select few and based on their spend and promotion of the brand and couldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out in the bar for a selfie with a shy Jason Orange. Once through into the Living Room, the team loved the new colours and chatted more about what their client’s are asking for so Vicky has a big list to start working on and keep you all happy.   Sharing ideas and experiences they didn’t take long to get their hands on the UltraTips™ and practising the Hollywood Weave for themselves.   We can’t wait to see more transformations with these.

Your next chance to see the team and our products will be at Hair UK – so get yourself a FREE Ticket now.

Right Hand Side Image – Abigail Nicholls demonstrating Hot Fusion to Sarah George from Professional Hairdresser.

RC Showcase 2

Left – Rachel Gibson from HJ perfecting MiniTips watched by Tibu-te’s Lilly Cox.

RC Showcase 3

Left – Abigail demonstrating the Ultrasonic Machine for Josh, Lesley & Billy.

RC Showcase 4

Above – Goody Bags ready – L-R: Remi Cachet Educator Phil Pybus; Jess Jones of Endless Creations; Asya Cannur from Hair by Asya, Judi Kay of Judi Extensions; Lesley Guild of Guild Aesthetics; Vanessa Elliott of Dreamgirlz; Josh Smith of Rush;  Remi Cachet founder Victoria Lynch, Billy Prager of RedLime, Remi Cachet Educator Abigail Nicholls  & Helen Richardson of Butterfly Hair.